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It’s now effectively illegal to leave the UK. We are living on Prison Island. Supposedly, this is because of a ‘deadly virus’ and its ever changing ‘new variants’. It is to ‘protect us’. No, it is not, it is the dictatorial, fascist, globalist, Communist – call it what you will – UK government flexing its authoritarian muscles over us all using a flu like respiratory virus as a convenient excuse to crush our civil liberties and in particular our freedom to travel.

Why would the UK government want us to stop travelling and seeing the world? Because the peasantry have had it too good for too long and they have become enlightened and knowledgeable, freedom-loving, outward-looking, globe-trotting individuals who must be put back in their box if the Great Reset is to work.

Essential to the Great Reset of course is the destruction of society and the economy as we…

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  1. Thanks for this Geoff. As we edge painfully slowly out of the ‘Covid crisis’ and back into the climate crisis ahead of COP26 in November, I’m sure there will be much to write about again with respect to the climate fanatics’ attempts to sell us their CAGW snake oil.

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  2. Saying that a climate assembly is a valid proxy for public opinion is even worse than saying that upside down lake sediments and bristlecone pines are a proxy for world temperatures.

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