The Climate Jamboree Comes To The UK

The Graun reports that the next ‘critical’ summit on the ‘climate crisis’ is to be held in the UK. Apparently, we beat the Italians to it. We are indeed truly blessed. The world will be watching.

The UK is to host a critical global summit on the climate crisis at the end of 2020, at which the world’s 190 nations must commit to deep cuts in emissions.

It will be the most significant UN climate summit since the Paris deal was struck in 2015, when countries made pledges to curb emissions. But these pledges would only keep global heating to a 3C rise, which would bring devastating heatwaves and extreme weather.

This is our big chance to put the ball in motion and save the planet from the Three Degrees. Johnson (or whoever is PM at the time) better not fluff it. We’ll still be in the EU of course, so Britain will be told what to say and do at the conference by Brussels bureaucrats anyway. They’ll probably wheel in a decrepit looking former PM to talk about her stunning ‘legacy’ of zero emissions too – and the BBC will edit out the sniggering in Mandarin which will be heard in the background.


  1. The fixation of elites to embrace the imposition of ineffectual, costly and poorly thought out energy schemes is puzzling.
    Not one climate change plan has worked as promised.
    Not one climate change prediction has come true.
    Not one of the continuously changing prophecies of doom has been realized.
    The secular cult like televangelist hustle that permeates the climate change consensus is transparent.
    Yet alleged leaders across the world embrace it.
    Strange days indeed.


  2. Time to start agitating for the 2020 shindig to be a teleconference. After all, it’s all about reducing carbon dioxide emissions. There’s no justification for flying in 20,000.


  3. The fact that Hunt seems to be one of the movers and shakers trying to organise this demonstrates, IMO, his unfitness for office. Having said that, I can’t see that any of the Tory leadership candidates are fit for office; but nor are any of the leaders of the other parties.

    What a sorry state British politics is in.


  4. Surely the eco-signalling frenzy among the Tory candidates indicates their (or their handlers) view of what will appeal to the majority of other voting Tory MPs, or they may be looking further ahead to appeal to the majority of paid up voting Tory party members (+ Brexit party infiltrates)?


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