Mann Emails Released

A batch of Michael Mann’s emails have been released, following a request and legal action, see here for background. The emails are available at this link. There are 728 emails or they can be arranged in 361 threads, covering a period from 1999 to 2005. Quite a lot of them are already public knowledge thanks … Continue reading

Mann goes Where No Man Dares to Go

.. and states in an article in the Guardian that Tropical Storm Harvey was “exacerbated” by manmade global warming “…in a way that greatly increased the risk of damage and loss of life.” Since loss of life is currently put at three, and Mann asserts that warming in the past few decades has increased … Continue reading

Edwards on Science, Curry on Mann v Steyn

"Science is always sold as facts, and it's not, it's process. And that process is mainly arguing." says @flimsin — Paul Matthews (@etzpcm) January 12, 2017 A couple of weeks ago there was an interesting episode of the BBC’s Inside Science programme, looking at the difficulties of explaining science. The host Adam Rutherford started off … Continue reading