September 2018 – The Very First Time It Was Hotter Than This Was 1749!


Mean Central England Temperature for September 2018 turned out to to be 13.7C. This puts September 2018 in the entirely unremarkable middling territory between the coldest and hottest Septembers ever recorded, being 10.5C in 1674 and 16.8C in 2006. In point of fact, the very first time we had a warmer September (i.e. 13.8C) in Central England was 269 years ago, in 1749!

Looking at the figures for the UK as a whole – which data series only goes back as far as 1910 – we discover that September this year has also been boringly very average as far as mean temperature is concerned: 12.4C, poised midway between 15.2C in 2006 and 9.9C in 1952.

Looking at the UK trend for September, we see that the month has had its ups and downs throughout the last 100 years, peaking in 2006, gradually declining since, though overall still significantly warmer than during the early 20th Century.


September 2018 is still below the 1981-2010 average however.

But of course, Central England  and the United Kingdom is but a tiny part of a big bad warming world, so what’s been happening on the global warming front? The answer, again, is nothing really much at all, in fact slight cooling compared with August, continuing the cooling trend from the all time high of Feb 2016 at the height of the super El Nino. UAH global mean surface temperature for September is +0.14C, the coolest September in the last 10 years. The northern and southern hemispheres have both cooled since August, whereas the tropics have warmed, probably in response to an upcoming weak El Nino.


In a few days time, no doubt we’ll all be hearing about the “climate crisis” outlined in the IPCC Special report on global warming of 1.5C. Pity that, at the present time, there isn’t one. We’ve got 30 years for it to warm another half degree, which isn’t looking too promising, it must be said, when global temperature is currently threatening to head back into post 2000 ‘pause’ territory.


  1. I’m so sorry Jaime, but your latest post is soooo, sooooo boring. Bring on the fake news, so we can all rant about it.

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  2. Alan, it had to be. Sooner or later, the observational evidence of the “climate crisis” would start boring us all to death. Millions might succumb eventually.


  3. Solar minimum is arriving. What happens next as the sun goes into its quiet mode, possibly for a decade or more?


  4. According to Wiki 1749 was a particularly hot year in more ways than one, and in more places than under the bulb of the CET thermometer.

    Verona’s Teatro Filarmonico burnt down, and the first official performance of Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks in London was cut short by a fire. The second part of John Cleland’s erotic novel Fanny Hill was published, as well as Dr Johnson’s imitation of Juvenal and Thomas Cannon’s Ancient and Modern Pederasty Investigated and Exemplify’d.

    Maybe there was already an intimation that global warming would lead to the Great Extinction, because in France Jean-Baptiste Oudry painted Clara the Rhinoceros.


  5. I like to validate the figures.
    The CETR is now in its 360th year. September 2018 is ranked 139/360.
    Despite the cold start to the year the average for the nine months to September is ranked 24/360 with 11.29.
    For year to September No.1 1779 11.68, No.2 1846 11.66, No.3 2014 11.63
    But years in this century dominate the list.


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