Up Lewandowsky’s Memory Hole without a Paddle

Here we are, with the unlimited resources of the Fossil Fuel Lobby, and we haven’t even noticed (at least, I hadn’t) what Professor Lewandowsky has been up to: (apologies to anyone who may have already blogged on this)


Welcome back to Shapingtomorrowsworld.org

April 24, 2018Stephan LewandowskyStephan Lewandowsky

The Shapingtomorrowsworld.org blog experienced unexpected and unresolvable technical difficulties on its original host several months ago. We have recreated the blog on this new host, using the WordPress software, which will provide a stable platform from here on. In the process, it has also been integrated with www.cogsciWA.com, Stephan Lewandowsky’s academic home page.

All original posts published on Shapingtomorrowsworld.org will gradually be ported to the new host and will appear below over the next few weeks or months. Unfortunately, it would be prohibitively time consuming to transfer comments from the original content, so they will not become available here in the future.

Blogging will resume once all the development and transfer tasks have been completed. Thank you for your patience until then.

Why weren’t we paying attention? Because we’re not sufficiently conspiratorial, that’s why. Five years ago, at the height of Lewandowsky’s notoriety, I was part of a conspiratorial discussion about bringing him down, conducted by an ad hoc committee of scientists and citizens fed up about being lied about. Lots of highly influential individuals were willing to lend a hand to a collective effort, but no-one was ready to start the ball rolling.

A year ago, following his consecration as coauthor of an article for the Oxford University Press Encyclopaedia of Climate Science, I discussed “doing something” with a colleague, but opted out due to the hard work involved. It’s boring work, countering charlatanism. I did nothing, and now Lewandowsky, cited on Obama’s twitter feed, witness to a parliamentary committee, author of an authoritative encyclopaedia article for the Oxford University Press, is an internationally recognised authority on – false news.

The pigs resemble more and more the humans. The psychologists have taken over the asylum.

you can still read a half dozen articles in which Lewandowsky whinges about the retraction of “Fury” article by New Frontiers here:



and about nine improvised articles responding to criticisms of his original “Moon Hoax” article here:




But you can’t read the comments, (over a thousand, I believe), which discuss Lewandowsky’s ideas directly with Lewandowsky. Because, according to Lewandowsky, “technical difficulties” (on a site designed by one John Cook) make it “prohibitively time consuming” to reproduce the opinions of those who might disagree with professor Lewandowsky’s views of how to shape tomorrow’s world.

Has anyone conserved the original threads? It could be handy, if I, or someone else finally gets it together and reveals Lewandowsky for the nasty little lying shit of a Royal Society funded charlatan that he is.

How did Orwell define fascism again? as an “unresolvable technical difficulty” which made it  “prohibitively time consuming” to publish contrary opinions – ever.


  1. Thanks Ian. Wayback doesn’t always find comments, in my experience, but in the case of Shapingtomorrowsworld it seems to work. For example, at “Climate denial a “warmist” hoax?”
    I’ve found 319 out of a total of 421 comments. More may be available in later trawls of the wayback machine.
    A large number of comments are from clisceppers. I’m wondering whether to put them all back under the posts in a block, or would everyone like to put his own back, one by one? It would keep the moderator at the University of Western Australia busy for a few months.


  2. Spotted this a while back.. and let Jo nova and A Watts know and J duarte know about it.. Duarte already had archived some relevant pages..

    Wouldn’t read too much into this. Stworg website was basically a clone of the SKS website ‘engine’ developed by Cook. And technical problems.. could easily mean no energy or time to maintaining this pile of dodgy code (see all previous technical problems, that enabled leaks, images, herrcook, etc to be visible’..) just migrate the content to a easily maintained ready made blog format. And good excuse to dump all those embarrassing g comments.. like Michael Marriott driving several carts and horses through Lewandowsky’s ethics approvals, by interacting agressively with people he was researching?!


  3. Yr ‘Up Lewanosky’s Meemory Hope w/out a Paddle’ -sigh – brings it all back –
    the fury – machinations -the shapings and consiracy …Sent me down the
    wa-ay back machine – October 2013, Brad Keyes’ pome.

    Ode to a Bristlecone Pine

    What good is that wood?
    That wood is no good.
    Would you graph that wood?
    I don’t think I would.

    I’ve jest reposted it @ JoNova.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Beththeserf,

    Don’t worry about it. I’m doing it all the time. I have an oversensitive touchpad that ‘clicks’ every time I place the cursor over something that shouldn’t be clicked. Anyway, that’s how I explain my search history to my wife.

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  5. Jo, Barry, Geoff and Beth,

    does anyone know how to cajole Wayback into showing the STW blog as it appeared before my comments, en masse, were desparecidos?

    I ask this not for egotistical reasons (obviously :-)) but simply to make it possible for others to begin to comprehend some of the threads, like the one at ‘Drilling Into Noise’, where almost 50% of the comments are replies to someone called ‘Brad,’ who is, however, eerily absent from the room.



    PS I’m screenshotting this in case you nefarious bastiches delete it!!


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