Brad at Jo’s


  1. I used to visit Jo’s on a very regular basis, but recently it has become IMHO rather more parochial and much of its content is of little immediate interest to me. So now I visit only around once every two weeks. The problem with this is that if there is an interesting post, the discussion of it has commonly become exhausted and its not worth adding one’s twopenneth.

    Brad is not as shy as you think. He mentioned his history on his own thread Addendix…

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  2. Nor am I too shy to beg readers’ indulgence of my latest piece at Climate Nuremberg: a short memoir of my short life as a High Anglican. To answer the first question that must have occurred to you, this is how we differed from Low and Middle-brow Anglicans:

    The altitudinal denomination refers not just to the psychedelic stained-glass windows so beloved by the first High Anglicans, but to their hallucinatory belief that all around them was continually turning into plasma, serum and bodily tissue. This delusion may have been due to their signature vice: the recreational use of liturgical censers.

    Pass the thurible, said the bishop to the vicar, as they sat in a circle getting incensed.

    Read it all, and less, at


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