David Rose, man of the people

David Rose has published evidence in today’s Mail on Sunday of gross malpractice by Lord Stern’s Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy in passing off the work of other scholars as their own, in order to raise £9 million in government grants. Some of the morning’s tweets give the flavour:

Guessing at motivations is endemic in the climate area. I’m going to suggest that Rose has been none too pleased at repeatedly being called a climate change denier by allies and hangers on of the Centre. Not of course that this has stopped them.

Only the police are going to be able to do that.


  1. It’s sad that nobody really cares. What’s another fibbing body stuffing public cash in its pockets for very little? Sports, charities, governments, media, I’m not sure I can name a group I trust any more. And they wonder why the public don’t listen to them when it matters.

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  2. John, On BBC Radio 4 this morning, Harrabin is still trying to milk the 400ppm story! How long have they been banging on about that…


  3. It’s a bit like embroidering your CV isn’t it (except there isn’t normally £9 million at stake) and what journalist or politician hasn’t done that? An eye witness report on the situation in the Middle East conducted from the window of a flight to Doha, or a report on living conditions in some third world mega-city written in a government-sponsored hotel room? I’m afraid this won’t shock the people that matter.


  4. From 3 years ago, David Rose on the Grantham Institute. Great picture of Lord Deben!


    Lord Stern has a history in carbon trading consultancy via the group he helped to found, Idea Carbon,


    And http://www.ideaglobal.com/IDEAcarbon_Press_Release_Final.pdf


  5. So it goes on. This piece by Rose, the fine lecture by Ridley, the greentrashing of same. More glimpses into and more insights about a corrupt, decadent, depraved, and irresponsible movement that has degraded science and politics with its shonky house of cards built from facile scaremongering about CO2.

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  6. Come on, John, get off the fence and tell us what you really think.

    I appreciate all the comments since I put this up in the lunch break of the Battle of Ideas yesterday, especially of course Richard’s first-hand report of the deafening silence that greeted Rose’s extraordinary revelation. Happily, though, not everyone was feeling so sanguine on Twitter yesterday:

    I especially noted Glees, partly because he’s been a passionate critic of Brexit and its Brexiteers, rather like Richard himself. I’ve followed some of Anthony’s work since he wrote The Stasi Files: East Germany’s Secret Operations Against Britain, which if I remember correctly was all part of the exposure of academics like Robin Pearson who it seems worked for the ruthless East German secret police. (There was also a Chatham House connection that I can’t now remember.) But interesting that that last report, from the BBC in September 1999, mentions a certain David Rose at the Beeb digging into the story. Same guy? Anyway, some people are better than others at not walking by on the other side when there’s real stink to deal with in the UK establishment and its academic hangers on. This fraud by Lord Stern and co has not gone completely unnoticed.


  7. Thanks Paul. The Bish begins:

    To tell the truth, there has been very little that has piqued my interest in the climate scene since my long break began all those months ago.

    But my goodness, David Rose’s splash in the Mail on Sunday over the weekend was something else wasn’t it?

    Tired minds think alike. I found Sterngate also got my own creative juices going, as I confronted another smugly ignorant BBC warmista at the Battle of Ideas on Sunday. More about that in a little while.


  8. Josh is on fire 🙂

    Something else to get the juices going. Another scientist pimps for climate change at the 51 min point. It wouldn’t have got through if Andrew Neil had been on.


    This ‘experiment’ is like putting a tonne of feathers in a bag and dropping them on people to justify shaving birds because feathers are clearly dangerous.

    Have all traces of integrity from the warmist side fled?


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