Because I Like To Stir Schtick Up

A new Buzzfeed* community user** has been registered with the wonderfully evocative name killclimatedeniers. My thanks to Jo Nova for the tipoff.

Elaborate parody? It’s always a possibility. Alas, the person’s debut post is not exactly indicative of the possession of wit.

I’m hoping, however, to get some traction from a comment I deposited thereunder:

killclimatedeniers? I’m a little uncomfortable with that.

As a medical student, I have serious misgivings about the idea of taking the life of everyone who denies climate. (Sorry, maybe it’s just my years of training with an emphasis on the wrongness of killing human beings… even those who most “deserve” it.)

Would  it not be more defensible to propose, say, that doctors in emergency departments be given the discretion to refuse treatment to people who’ve willingly rejected science in favor of right-wing hate-blog talking-points? Hey: if so-called skeptics hate science so much, then who are we to force them to share in the benefits of modern medical technology, right?

I’m not talking about active euthanasia here, so the fossil-fuel-funded astroturfers can spare us their Godwinian faux outrage, thanks. Yawn.

I’m talking about withholding care on a case-by-case basis. Yes, some deniers will invariably perish as nature takes its course. And their loss might even tip the electoral balance enough to save the global community from the worst impacts of what scientists are calling climate, so I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over the prospect.

Just to repeat, this is not murder I’m advocating—that would be unprofessional. But I am appealing to the ancient, well-established precedent in ethics (and theology) that differentiates killing by commission from killing by omission.

So there’s no need for everyone to get their panties in a bunch.

To be honest I’d be content to get a rise out of either “side.” If we’ve learned anything from the climate debate—and we haven’t—it’s that the Consensualist bien pensants don’t have a monopoly on humorless umbrage.

But I’m not Brad of House Umber.

I’m Brad of House Keyes, and our words are AGITA BENE.

*Whatever the hell that means.

**Whatever the hell that means.


  1. You should report this new subscriber as a ‘hate crime threat.’ Although I don’t know to whom you report. Mrs. Clinton would be appalled and shocked, so maybe to her. Tell her he must be a Trump Supporter from the ‘alt-right’ to show such hatred and incivility. GF

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  2. I understand “dbist a shtik drek!” Vas ist schtick up? AGITA BENE yields schütte die (da) flasche.
    New note at A Dummies’ Guide!

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  3. They’re difficult to render in English, but I was trying to evoke such Australian Yiddish idioms as, “That Keyes fellow, he’s a schtick-stirrer” and, “stop trying to bullschtick a bullschticker already.”

    My German is too rusty to know how accurate your translation of my dynastic motto was. But in case it still befuddles you, it’s an Italian cooking instruction. My eccentric ancestor, Ur Keyes, deemed it suitable for our coat of arms because it happens to be Latin as well.


  4. Friends! I hope this little plug-ette for my Blog is not considered too off-topic – it does cover the important topic of Rail Travel, which of course is the only way that those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are many of us, friends, e.g. me – can combat the literally deadly problem of accelerating Climate Change.

    Anyway, my latest Blog – a week late, in line with the appalling unpunctuality of the Hard-Right Virgin Rail – contains a full description of the literally appalling train journey that Jeremy and I endured to the literally appalling Newcastle, along with our highly original solution to the problem, i.e. public ownership, so that the railways can once again attain the standard of service that they achieved in the 1970s, which Thatcher totally destroyed.

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