EXPOSED: All Pachauri Accusers “Have Financial Links to Same Think Tank”


The respected anti-hate blog DeSmogBlog today dropped a bombshell that could derail the persecution case against former IPCC visionary Rajendra Pachauri.

Those following the trial have long noted the curious fact that the three young women charging Pachauri with textual harassment all have a former or current paymaster in common: The Energy and Resources Institute, or TERI, an enigmatic think-tank which gives its mailing address as a large glass dome in downtown Delhi. Until now no one has been sure what to make of this coincidence, which has been written it off as just that: a coincidence.

But a guest post by climate expert Joseph Romm has literally lifted the lid on the true significance of the link—and it doesn’t look good for the credibility of Pachauri’s telegenic accusers.

Romm says it was the “T” in TERI that first made him suspicious and angry.

“Who includes the definite article in an acronym?” fumes the scientist, referring to the English word the.

“I mean, who does that?”

Joe Romm Scheinder-Award-Lubchenco_033_Romm-web
Out of character: “Very little upsets me,” says Joe Romm, pictured here thanking his mom during an acceptance speech at the Schneider Awards, “but when I saw that clunky series of letters [TERI] I completely lost my famous cool.”

They say it’s unwise to piss a scientist off. Being a scientist, Romm madly did what scientists do: he collected data. His curiosity quickly turned to furiosity with the discovery that the “T” originally represented something very different indeed. It stood for Tata Ltd. That’s right, that Tata—the megalithic chemical, steel, automotive and tea corporation.

“These women have all taken money from a front group for one of the top three [carbon] polluters on the subcontinent!” realized an enraged Romm.

Needless to say, DeSmogBlog now plans to add the three females at the centre of Pachauri’s legal nightmare to its Disinformer Database.

But the revelation comes as little surprise to Melbourne University’s David Karoly, a scientist resented by many skeptics for his groundbreaking understanding of our climate.

In 2011 Professor Karoly was one of the first and only academics to understand that “climate deniers were engaged in an organised distribution of emails threatening mainstream systems change scientists.

“Ever since then I’ve been warning about so-called ‘think tanks’ established by global change skeptics,” he continues, “whose claims are cited widely by conservative industry lobby groups in a bid to convince legislators that climate science is full of unknowns. (Which it obviously isn’t—that’s absurd.)

David J Karoly - web
A man more plotted against than plotting: David Karoly, a serial victim of concerted attacks by doubters, sensed nefarious intent [NI] behind the Pachauri case from the start. “Something must be wrong [MbW], I thought—the official story is a lie.”

“It’s now clear that there is a campaign in terms of either organised or disorganised extortion by poor-man’s third-world gold-digging Monica-Lewinsky wannabes to discourage Dr Pachauri from presenting the best available climate science via the IPCC,” says Karoly.

Pachauri himself has not yet been reached for his reaction to the potentially game-changing exposé.

Throughout his ordeal the climate guru has consistently refused to speculate on the truth of the allegations. Ever the diplomat, he prefers to invoke the presumption of innocence.

“Legally I have to assume I’m not guilty until a jury decides that I am, which will probably take two or three years at this rate,” he said in a glamorous profile piece for Rolling Stone last year.

“Our [Indian] courts are synonymous with cunctation. Victims are known to despair of getting any justice while they’re still in their 20s, and often choose to withdraw their charges rather than undergo years of humiliation at the hands of skilled defense attorneys. They say it’s like being textually molested all over again—and again and again. You can hardly blame so many attractive Indian girls for simply giving up,” Pachauri added with sadness. “After all, why waste what remains of your precious youth on an bitter quest for vengeance, only to see your textual abuser get an insultingly light sentence? Better to move on with your life, I say.

“And in the end, isn’t that the best revenge?”


  1. When they told us that climate change would hit women hardest, I’m sure they didn’t have in mind that this would be via the Chairman of the very prestigious international organisation set up to tackle climate change; or that when researchers warned us that climate change would increase rape and assaults against women in general, they did not envisage for a moment that this pernicious influence would manifest itself so soon within the hallowed offices of the very person charged with saving the world from climate change and its multitude of deleterious social and environmental effects.
    Poor Mr Pachauri. To the world, he is just a lecherous old git, but to me he is as much as victim as the young women he preyed upon – a brown person residing in a former colonial outpost of the evil coal-burning British Empire who has sadly succumbed to the damaging effects of climate change upon normal human interactions. I hope he gets a good lawyer and pleads diminished responsibility due to climate change – presuming his ‘fossil fuel funded deniers set me up’ defence doesn’t go down too well.

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  2. Desmogblog is respected now?

    DeSmogBlog is a smear site founded by a scientifically unqualified public relations man, James Hoggan and funded by a convicted money launderer, John Lefebvre.

    Since its creation in 2006 the site has done nothing but post poorly researched propaganda with a clear intent to smear respected scientists, policy analysts or groups who dare oppose an alarmist position on global warming.

    “The DeSmogBlog team is led by Jim Hoggan, founder of James Hoggan & Associates, one of Canada’s leading public relations firms.”

    “So who is James Hoggan? He’s a public relations man, based in Vancouver. His firm, James Hoggan and Associates, is positioned as a feel-good local operation with clients in all the “right” public and private sectors. He also sits on the board of the David Suzuki Foundation.

    One of his side efforts is a blog operated out of Hoggan and Associates. Funded by retired Internet bubble king John Lefebvre, the blog has one full-time and three part-time staff. They spend their time tracking down and maliciously attacking all who have doubts about climate change and painting them as corporate pawns.

    There has been no mention on the blog, nor on The Fifth Estate, of James Hoggan’s client list. They include or have included the National Hydrogen Association, Fuel Cells Canada, hydrogen producer QuestAir, Naikun Wind Energy and Ballard Fuel Cells. Mr. Hoggan, in other words, benefits from regulatory policy based on climate change science.”

    “The DeSmogBlog team is especially grateful to our benefactor John Lefebvre, a lawyer, internet entrepreneur and past-president of NETeller, a firm that has been providing secure online transactions since 1999.”

    “John Lefebvre, the top financial benefactor of the DeSmog Blog, is facing substantial prison time after pleading guilty to federal money-laundering charges. The DeSmog Blog is operated by a small group of public relations people who specialize in attempting to discredit respected scientists and policy analysts who disagree with alarmist global warming theory. Ironically, DeSmog Blog’s favorite tactic is to claim scientists and policy analysts who disagree with alarmist global warming theory are funded by “dirty money.” The revelation of the blog’s major source of funding as a convicted money launderer may undermine DeSmog’s attempts to smear the integrity of respected, law-abiding scientists who disagree with them.”

    “Lefebvre pleaded guilty to a wide-ranging conspiracy charge that included transmitting interstate and foreign bets, promoting gambling offences and operating an unlicensed money transmitting business between 1999 and 2007.”

    JUDGMENT: As to John David Lefebvre (2), Count 1, Imprisonment: 45 days; Supervised Release: 1 Year. [..] The defendant is to pay a fine in the amount of $750,000.00 (Signed by Judge P. Kevin Castel on 10/25/2011)

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  3. BK, your cutting satire is razor sharp, if a bit dry for my American tastes. Rather like Bond’s preference for a martini shaken not stirred.
    Mocking warmunists is a terrific tactic in this policized PR battle. Between you and Josh over at Bishop Hill, the UK is taking the global mocking lead. Keep it up, in the Monty Python Dead Parrot/Black Knight tradition (warmunists imagined as Norwegian Blue parrots and Black knights). Kudoes.

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  4. It amazes me how CAGW scientists and bureaucrats continue NOT to be cognizant of the fact that electronic messages via the Internet and social media are recorded and traceable. Surely they possess superior intellect, but perhaps it’s arrogance which clouds their ability to learn from history; i.e., ClimateGate. Pachauri, the spiritual sex novelist, initially claimed that his computer and phone devices were hacked, but now he is backing off that claim…says his devices were misused by someone who knew his passwords.

    The plaintiff had collected several thousand e-mails and text messages (including poems) which Pachauri sent to her. But it’s all a conspiracy by skeptics per Pachauri (see below, parallels Brad’s spoof rather nicely):

    Perhaps Pachauri was collecting ‘anecdotal data’ for a sequel to ‘Return to Almora’ — that defense might fly better than some skeptic think tank nefariously acquiring the passwords to his 5 e-mail accounts.

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  5. IW, hells bells. If I had known that would not have posted—NOT. The giggle gets better. An Aussie with Brit humor. Well, as we former colonists observe, terrific.

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  6. Doesn’t that allegation against these women completely discredit DeSmogBlog?

    Mr Pachuri founded TERI, which is how he came to meet these women. DeSmogBlog has confirmed that that both the accused and accusers worked under the same roof.

    DeSmogBlog has also confirmed what scoundrels they are to impute improper motives to Mr Pachuri’s accusers. The court will determine the validity of the accusations.

    We will determine whether or not DeSmogBlog is a reliable source of information.


  7. Yes but Frederick, you have to ask what kind of attractive young woman would work for an automotive-industry front group in the first place. It goes straight to their politics (implicitly: libertarian or right-wing), which goes straight to their character. That’s all DeSmogBlog is doing: asking questions. Maybe the women have a perfectly innocent explanation as to how they, as attractive young females, got themselves financially involved with one of India’s top polluters. If so, they’re free to give it publicly and I’m sure DeSmog will take their excuses into account.

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  8. Brad Keyes says, “Yes but Frederick, you have to ask what kind of attractive young woman would work for an automotive-industry front group in the first place.”

    Well I suppose one might ask what kind of man or woman might work at all in India or anywhere else.

    The judge will determine what kind of person the complainant is based on the evidence, not upon speculation about why the person came to work for TERI.

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  9. Would have had me going if I didn’t know better:

    For more background on the good doctor, check out “Dr Pachauri and the IPCC – No Fossil Fool”

    and also

    “The Daily Telegraph, Tata & Dr. Pachauri – An Apology Too Far?”

    Meanwhile, the court has found there is a case to answer.

    The Energy and Resources Institute is now under the care of Ajay Mathur, India’s negotiator in Paris.

    What do they now think of Pachauri?

    “Pachauri? Who he?”

    “NEW DELHI: The Governing Council of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has decided to end TERI’s association with R K Pachauri with immediate effect. In a meeting held on Monday, the Governing Council, headed by new Chairman Ashok Chawla ex finance Secretary, has decided to pay a lump sum to Pachauri whose contract with TERI ends in July 2017.”

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  10. “So what can Pachauri do? There is now a large community of people – those who deny that man-made climate change is taking place – who appear to be out to get him. His crime is being chairman of the IPCC. That, as far as they are concerned, makes him guilty of any charge they wish to throw at him. They appear determined to keep repeating the falsehoods they have been circulating since December. We can expect this smear campaign to continue, and to become ever more lurid as new charges are invented.”

    Where is Monbiot’s defence of the latest allegations against Patchy?

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  11. “There is now a large community of people – those who deny that man-made climate change is taking place – who appear to be out to get him.”

    Yes, that is what he has been saying since 2009/10, when Glaciergate emerged. Have you seen the charge sheet? I think most people really couldn’t give a toss now, he has been got by his own actions. There is certainly no campaign against him, it would be a waste of energy.

    “His crime is (was) being chairman of the IPCC.” Not really, his crime was pretending to be a scientist and having so many business interests, including oil interests, that he was shown up as a hypocrite.

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  12. My speculation is that Pachauri’s legal defense will be to claim innocence by reason of insanity; you see, he has an advanced form of FPP or Fantasy Prone Personality; i.e., he is an “extreme fantisizer”. If you are not aware of this personality disorder, then here are a few excepts from Wikipedia:

    “Fantasy prone personality (FPP) is a disposition or personality trait in which a person experiences a lifelong extensive and deep involvement in fantasy. This disposition is an attempt, at least in part, to better describe “overactive imagination” or “living in a dream world”. An individual with this trait (termed a fantasizer) may have difficulty differentiating between fantasy and reality and may experience hallucinations, as well as self-suggested psychosomatic symptoms. Closely related psychological constructs include daydreaming, absorption and eidetic memory.”

    “A fantasy prone person is reported to spend a large portion of their time fantasizing, have vividly intense fantasies, have paranormal experiences, and have intense religious experiences. People with FPP are reported to spend over half of their time awake fantasizing or daydreaming and will often confuse or mix their fantasies with their real memories. They also report out-of-body experiences.”

    “A paracosm is an extremely detailed and structured fantasy world often created by extreme or compulsive fantasizers. (A paracosm is a detailed imaginary world created inside one’s mind. This fantasy world may involve humans, animals, and things that exist in reality; or it may also contain entities that are entirely imaginary, alien, and otherworldly.)”

    It is not necessary to elaborate on details, as there are two principal exhibits that support this diagnosis regarding Pachauri:
    1) His excessive fantasizing about the Religion of Climate Change, culminating in the creation of a paracosm known as the IPCC.
    2) His spiritual obsession with sexual activity involving attractive young women, often leading to romantic ‘daydreams’ and ‘out-of-body experiences’.

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