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  1. John Kerry is a problem.

    You’ll have heard of the first tweeter. Glenn is a Maths friend from Pembroke, Cambridge. He’s only recently got into Twitter.

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  2. This came out of me looking at the local bookfestival poster and immediately spotting deception
    “fabulous storytelling by a *pantomime dame*”
    .. Crap ! I’m expecting wokemob to be pushing dragqueen storytelling
    The name they list for the dame “Mama G” sounds like one
    And indeed turns out to be the most notorious.
    So the organiser are deceiving by using “panto dame”

    Intersectionality is central to libmob culture
    hence they continually Virtue Signal to show they are not leaving out the favoured Victimhood groups and causes.

    The libmob PUBLISHING industry makes sure it ticks the boxes
    – book about Black victimhood
    – about LGBTQ+ victimhood
    – female victimhood
    – trans
    – climate change

    If you go into the local bookshop you can spot the displays ticking those boxes
    And then the book festival must draw from what artistes the publishers push, so on the poster I spot those boxes ticked

    – drag queen
    – “allyship” with the female Muslim author
    – a Marxist historian
    – Workshop “children are able to create their own endangered animal posters”
    That sounds like Climate doom
    – “A musical history of modern black Britain”

    Then there appear to be another 40 items which don’t tick the box
    However none of them challenge libmob dogma either.
    Thus they are failing to reflect the true DIVERSITY of opinions
    and just serving up libmob ones.


  3. The BBC is still in denial as to the main cause of Sri Lanka’s problems:

    “Sri Lanka: Inflation rate jumps to 70.2% in August”


    …Before the pandemic, Sri Lanka was heavily reliant on tourism for foreign currencies, including the US dollar.

    However, border closures aimed to slow the spread of Covid-19 kept tourists away and took a major toll on the country’s economy.

    That, along with years of financial mismanagement, led to Sri Lanka defaulting on its debts earlier this year….


  4. “Plan to lift fracking ban with review of seismic level”


    The government plans to officially lift a ban on fracking for shale gas by reviewing the level of seismic activity – earthquakes – allowed at sites.

    Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg told BBC the current level was “too low” and would prevent fracking from being commercially viable.

    But he said it was too early to confirm what the new level would be.

    The UK government said it would lift the ban as part of its plans to limit rising energy costs.

    A review of fracking by the British Geological Survey (BGS) and ordered by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng when he was business secretary will be published on Thursday.

    The controversial practice was halted in 2019, amid opposition from environmentalists and local concerns over earth tremors.

    But Prime Minister Liz Truss has backed fracking as a way to help boost the UK’s domestic gas supplies during a time of skyrocketing energy prices.

    Labour accused the Conservatives of running an energy policy “for big fossil fuel interests not for the British people”.

    “Fracking is a dangerous fantasy – it would do nothing to cut energy bills, it costs far more than renewables, it is unsafe and it is deeply unpopular with the public,” Labour’s shadow climate change secretary Ed Miliband said.

    I very much take on board Alan’s comments here in the past, doubting the viability of fracking in the Bowland shales. However, I take the view that in a market economy, so long as the taxpayer doesn’t end up bailing them out, that’s a risk for the fracking companies to take on, so long as they don’t cause damage in the process. There is much wrong with the fracking debate:

    1. Ed Miliband’s delusions regarding the cost (and reliability and utility) of renewables;

    2. His failure to realise that gas prices in the US are significantly below those paid in Europe for a reason;

    3. The fact that the fracking industry is currently subject to restrictions regarding tremors (not earthquakes, BBC!) at levels that would render wind farms unviable (the explosions at the euphemistically named “borrow pits” almost certainly exceed the levels at which fracking has to stop); and

    4. The absurd situation where fracking might be allowed only if local communities consent, while renewables projects go ahead regularly in the teeth of bitter local opposition.

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  5. Ever in the vanguard the Guardian prints an article from Chris Cornelius (geologist and founder of Cuadrilla) and a sidekick questioning the likelihood of the U.K. developing a successful fracked gas industry. This is highlighted on the Guardian’s front page no less, so happy are they with this contribution.

    Cornelius and Linder argue that, although the shales in Lancashire are extremely gassy, the gas occurs in shales that are extensively broken up by faulting and each fault block behaves differently. Furthermore stressing the fault planes, by massively increasing the subsurface fluid pressure, causes them to move creating earthquakes [not tremors Mark] that are currently unacceptable.

    Furthermore, the relatively high population density, together with all its associated infrastructure, make the target areas particularly hostile to drilling companies. Cornelius and Linder calculate that to supply only 10% of natural gas used in the U.K. with fracked gas will require thousands of wells, hundreds to be drilled each year. The chances of Lancastrians agreeing is non-existent.

    The fact that Cornelius is associated with a company wishing to extract energy from deep seated, hot brines by drilling paired deep geothermal wells is mentioned.


  6. Cornelius and Linder also want to convert our beautiful estuaries and lnlets in the West into energy producing tidal lagoons and to hell with their wildlife. Some people have no appreciation of natural wonder and can only see opportunities for a quick Thaler. Shame also on the Guardian for harbouring this nonsense.


  7. Scientists don’t seem so popular in the last 24 hours.

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  8. Alan, I always defer to you on topics such as this. However, at what point does a tremor become a quake?

    My point is that the fracking industry is subject to restrictions that don’t apply to other businesses in the energy industry, such as those developing wind farms.


  9. Mark. For me, and I suppose most geoscientists, tremors that originate deep within the Earth are earthquakes regardless of their magnitude. So a geoscientist will speak about so many low magnitude earthquakes affecting the U.K. every day. Some will be of such low magnitude that they may not even register on a normal seismograph. All are nevertheless earthquakes. A heavy truck passing by may cause the earth to shake (even noticeably), but these tremors did not originate within the earth. The problem comes in naming tremors that originate from earth processes like major rock falls (I would use ‘tremors’) or as a consequence of large surface explosions (tremors or earthquakes, dependent upon my mood and the proximity of the tremors felt and the causal explosion).

    I have no objection to you using the word “tremor”, but I think you are wrong to ban the BBC from using the word “earthquake” because a geoscientist would regard such usage as proper.


  10. Reach PLC full page in their pullout in their local newspaper titles
    “Eco warrior Eric Johnson the Hawaii born singer
    … Micro plastics blah blah”


  11. “Fracking: Jacob Rees-Mogg faces Tory anger over plan to buy local support”


    This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so serious. It’s ok for windfarm owners to “bribe” locals, but not fracking companies? Lots of MPs bleating about fracking being foisted on their constituents: are these the same voices who claimed onshore wind had been banned because it could no longer be foisted on (others’) constituents?

    There is a “Have Your Say” at the bottom. A depressing read. If the comments are representative of the general level of intelligence in the UK, we deserve to freeze in the dark.

    I resisted the temptation to add my own comment there:

    Everyone who is opposed to fracking, please place a sign in your front window. This should read “Please disconnect me from the mains gas. Thank you.”

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  12. “Nigeria battling floods ‘beyond control’ as warning given of dams overflowing
    Floods have affected half a million people, including 100,000 displaced, Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency says”


    The ending to this article is extraordinary. All the way through, even the Guardian admits that there are many factors causing these floods, e.g.:

    Nigeria sees flooding every year, often as a result of non-implementation of environmental guidelines and inadequate infrastructure. Authorities are blaming the floods this year on water overflowing from local rivers, unusual rainfalls and the release of excess water from Lagdo dam in neighbouring Cameroon’s northern region….

    …Akintunde Babatunde, an Abuja-based climate analyst, said the main cause of Nigeria’s annual flooding problem was the poor infrastructure of roads, drainage and waste disposal….

    Yet still the article ends:

    “Unusual rainfall is evidence of the changing climate,” he said.


  13. Alan;
    Thanks for explaining the earthquake terminology. I used to think that it was a question of scale where tremors covered minor occurrences and eathquakes the larger ones: like breezes and gales. I do think that it is better to use “tremors”. even though it’s incorrect, because it is far less alarming to the layman.

    Wrt to shale gas potential in the UK, I’m with Mark. If companies are prepared to spend their own money finding out what is really there and whether it’s recoverable, we should let them.

    The article you summarised made a couple of other points which, imho, don’t stand up:
    “Furthermore, the relatively high population density, together with all its associated infrastructure, make the target areas particularly hostile to drilling companies.”
    I have a presentation on shale drilling in Dallas/Fort Worth which includes this statement:
    The population of Fort Worth is about 1 million and it covers an area of approx 900 sq km. In comparison Lancashire’s figures are approx 5 million in 3500 sq km so only about 20% more people per sq km.
    There are advantages to the “associated infrastructure”: it is easy to provide power, water and waste disposal and to transport the gas away. I used to work with the water industry: they would have no problem meeting the needs of a shale pad. That means far fewer truck movements which are often cited as one of the objections.

    “Cornelius and Linder calculate that to supply only 10% of natural gas used in the U.K. with fracked gas will require thousands of wells, hundreds to be drilled each year.”
    This conjures up images of the countryside being festooned with drilling rigs (like a windfarm!) as in the old days of single wells in conventional plays. It is now possible to drill 40 wells from one pad which can cover a large area with lateral drilling so pads are much further apart. So it would only require 10 – 15 pads per year to provide 400 – 600 new wells.


  14. For some reason the quote about Fort Worth was cut. Here it is:
    “As of June 1, 2012, 18,298 Barnett Shale natural gas wells have been drilled
    – 1,681 producing wells are in the City of Fort Worth
    – Many more wells are within the city limits of other municipalities in the Barnett Shale”


  15. Unless I missed it, this open piece from Wall Street Journal by Steven Koonin on 19 September seems to have been overlooked here on Cliscep:
    “Don’t Believe the Hype About Antarctica’s Melting Glaciers”


    Beyond the detail of the modelling and field observations, the main point is to demonstrate that mainstream media representations missed nuance and went for a discursive attractor state of unjustified exaggeration and alarmist language.


  16. “Op-ed piece”, not “open piece”. My clever tablet at work quietly correcting me again.


  17. Mike. I used to live between Fort Worth and Dallas (a place called Double Oak, although no one could keep one alive). Like much of the outer parts of these two cities building lots were huge. You could easily get several drilling pads on it. So the statistics of drilling densities in Fort Worth do not compare with those of Lancashire with its relatively huddled villages and narrow roads.

    Another difference is the familiarity of US populations to oil and gas installations. In many places in California you see nodding donkeys throughout a town -even in peoples’ backyards.

    A further difference is that commonly rights to the subsurface are not owned by the person who has the surface rights. This means that unlike the U.K. the owner of the subsurface rights can exploit it for resources so long as the surface rights owner is paid for disturbances caused. Commonly surface rights owners welcome petroleum drilling on their land.


  18. Alan, my turn to correct you regarding an area I do know something about! In the UK (certainly in England and Wales, which is the law I am familiar with) it is common for rights to the subsurface to be owned/retained by third parties. In addition, wealthy landowners, particularly (but certainly not exclusively) in Lancashire, developed towns and housing by selling land off on 999 year leases, with many rights (notably to the sub-soil) retained by them as landlords. At the time, coal was what they usually had in mind to exploit, but the drafting of such rights might well readily extend to facilitate fracking.

    They usually reserved payment of an annual rent to themselves as landlords, but in those days they weren’t too familiar with the concept of inflation, and while modern leases provide for regular upwards reviews of rents, most of those 18th & 19th century leases contain no such provisions, so that the rents payable are in real money terms next to nothing at 2st century monetary values. It’s the rights to get at what’s below that are now potentially valuable.


  19. The state of the criminal justice system in the UK is a disgrace. The Guardian should be railing against that, not singling out favoured protestors for publicity:

    “UK climate activists held in jail for up to six months before trial
    Campaigners say protesters arrested for blocking roads getting ‘lost in prison system’ while on remand”


    Climate campaigners arrested on suspicion of blocking roads or other offences are waiting up to six months in prison before being tried.

    Josh Smith, a 29-year-old stonemason from Manchester, has been held on remand in HMP Peterborough for more than two months.

    His court date is not set until 1 February, meaning he will have been incarcerated for half a year before any sentence may be imposed.

    Smith, who is one of at least seven people being held long-term in prison awaiting trial, says the one positive about his position is that people seem more receptive to his message about the climate crisis….

    Read on:

    …Smith admits he is not an entirely innocent victim. He has been arrested 24 times at protests in less than a year and has refused to commit to giving up demonstrating….

    …Lancaster has also been arrested more than 20 times and is facing charges that she knows could lead to her losing her freedom….

    People like these are contributing to the problems faced by the criminal justice system, so it’s a bit rich for them to be complaining about it.


  20. Mark. Well you learn something new every day. You have also destroyed a long cherished fantasy I had from my childhood. I used to believe that my parents owned their house in east London together with a solid narrow prism of rock and magma extending downward to the centre of the earth. Early dreams shattered.


  21. Alan; were you in Fort Worth/Dallas when shale was up and running? Unfortunately I can’t find the presentation I referenced (I have it as a PDF); it includes some pics which confirm your point – shale pads on lots between commercial properties, for example. It also shows completed pads which are inconspicuous once the rig has gone.
    Clearly Americans are far more accepting of oil and gas development, helped, no doubt, by the financial incentives you mentioned. Given our history of coal-mining, steelworks, etc, it seems strange that there is resistance to an industry which could provide employment and local financial benefits. I suspect that many of the objectors may not be local, as we saw at Balcombe.
    I’ve just spotted a mistake in my population comparison. The figure I used for Lancashire was old info – it included Manchester, Salford and Liverpool. As the county is now defined, the population is a little over 1 million so the density is markedly less than Fw/D. There’s plenty of open space and the wind industry has demeonstrated that narrow roads are no obstacle to bringing in large equipment.


  22. Forgot to include the point that there were “4000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire” so who’d notice a few more?!


  23. Someone has created a climate PR event

    Running Out of Time @Climate_Relay
    7,767km. 38 days. One mission! 🌎
    👇 Join the world’s biggest climate change relay and help carry the baton from Scotland to Egypt! running-out-of-time.com

    I spot them trying to rope in our local BBC
    .. https://www.twitter.com/RobNicholas17/status/1572615651755282434

    BBC Leicester have already promoted them https://www.twitter.com/carboncopy_eco/status/1572650403648372738

    oh signing schools up
    .. They claim to have 375,000 pupils signed up


  24. Mike I have only seen one fracked shale gas well in the flesh as it were, but that took up a very large area much larger than the pad. The pad was surrounded by around 18 large tankers of various descriptions carrying drilling mud, water, propant, various chemicals and presumably empty tankers to receive back flowing well fluids.

    If Lancashire wells require a similar number of tankers, narrow roads would not be able to accommodate them. Several years ago papers were full of complaints about damage in Lancashire to walls especially at corners.


  25. @itvCalendar ITV local NewsPR
    “coming up we meet the teenage Climate Campaigners”

    intro “next the URGENT Climate Crisis”
    … super loaded words

    “150 people attended Youth Strike for Climate Sheffield”
    that’s tiny in 600K population

    Probably ADULT PR people exploiting children
    #PRtrickery to emotionally blackmail people
    & shield their fakegreen dogma from proper questioning

    kids behaviour is cultlike
    but is free speech

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  26. BBC local NewsPR opens with
    “Coming to a field near you ..FEARS”
    “The F word is back …fracking”

    “chemicals are injected”
    “In Blackpool there were 186 earth tremors”
    .. * Good they didn’t use the misleading word “Earthquake”

    featured Richard Howarth giving hyperbole against

    Enviro Presenter “It’s not a quick fix, could take many years”

    This shows to me that the BBC are right in with the activists
    by opening the news with their PR

    #1 The item did mention there have never been any plans to frack in our area
    #2 As well as one anti-fracking tweet they did read a pro tweet..same for the vox pop


  27. under reported story
    The plug is being pulled on UK’s first urban wind farm in Hull
    It was billed as the UK’s first urban wind farm.
    But bright hopes of it spearheading an energy revolution a decade ago have faded. Instead, some of the distinctive turbines adjacent to the main railway line and A63 in and out of Hull are set to be dismantled later this week.
    Businessman Andrew Fenton, who provided the land in Priory Park next to his commercial design studio for the development, puts their failure down to the government’s decision in 2015 to scrap subsidies and ban planning permission for new onshore wind projects. At the time, the then prime minister David Cameron claimed the public was “fed up” with onshore wind farms.
    .. Quiet Revolution, the company which installed the first two turbines at the site in Priory Park Within a year of the government’s decision, it went into liquidation



  28. What I don’t get is, if the world will become an oven in the next few years (urgent!!!) and we’re all gonna die, why not use nuclear power (now!!!). Saying yeah, nah, we’re going to only shop at the renewables boutique for our survival doesn’t really seem all that … urgent!!!


  29. The Whitby Potash mine
    They want to convert a Whitby caravan park into a village to house 400 shift workers.
    Is it really news that 25 people have objected ?
    The BBC have a story.


  30. Rachel Cunliffe. Senior Associate Editor @NewStatesman.
    Devout classicist, “indulgent editrix


  31. stewgreen, regarding Rachel Cunliffe, you forget to include from her Twitter handle: “at one point the only Ancient Greek teacher in South Korea”. Is that boasting? Whatever it is, it doesn’t demonstrate “green” credentials. These people travel the world while lecturing the rest of us about the need to be “green”.

    As for claiming that wind turbines might, at worst, spoil a view, what remarkable ignorance as to the environmental and ecological damage involved in their construction and operation. As is the idea (from the thread, if you follow it) that this is the thing “we” are good at (most of them are built and owned by foreigners). She pushes wind turbines in the name of energy security and cost, while failing to understand that their intermittency and unreliability destabilise the grid and add to costs (that are never counted against them) and damage energy security. As for their popularity, well they’re not popular with the people who have to live near them.


  32. Onshore wind is cheaper, quicker to build and more popular than fracking

    I thought populism was unpopular in polite circles. As to being cheaper, that is a difficult sum to calculate because they are very different things. Quicker to build? Maybe. I would rather live close to fracking than wind turbines. There are potential issues with shadow flicker and infrasound for anyone close to wind turbines. There is direct killing and displacement of yet more birds. But the killer is that the wind turbines won’t help when it isn’t windy, but they will further distort the grid because of their privileged access to the market.

    Ian: 10 years ago our government rejected nuclear, on the basis that any nuclear projects would take ten years to come to fruition. It worked out well for us, as you can see.


  33. Jit:

    “Ian: 10 years ago our government rejected nuclear, on the basis that any nuclear projects would take ten years to come to fruition.”

    That was part of the argument, there was also the cost. I’ve recently seen the suggestion that 60% of the cost of the Sizewell “C” power station is due to financing charges. This suggests that the present system of financial capitalism that we are lumbered with is not at all suitable for long-term, ie intergenerational, projects.


  34. Misleading and naive tweet from the actual journo
    Fracking WAS banned
    Onshore wind has never been banned
    .. merely subsidies were dropped a bit.

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  35. Mark I deliberately shorted her bio
    We all fly. Lifestyle as a child doesn’t count.

    As I tweeted her first tweet is probably projection.
    She accuses Tories of supporting fracking merely cos lefties oppose it.
    She hates Tories, looks to be opposite to them,
    so a significant driver in her strong anti-fracking stance is that some Tories support fracking


  36. Checking local events
    Lloyds and National Lottery fund this

    Barton Great Big Green Week is a community festival hosted by Slow Circular Earth UK.
    Raising awareness for climate change in Barton-Upon-Humber and surrounding villages.

    The Barton Great Big Green Week, organised by members of our community, will be running from the 24th September to 2nd October 2022.
    The Green Week will be a celebration of everything people in Barton are doing to improve our local environment and tackle climate change, as well as a call for our government to do more”

    That last bit is POLITICAL

    Oh they can’t even get their dates right
    Strangely they seem to have started on 22nd with a Attenborough film
    Then Friday, the Seaspiracy film

    They say their Facebook page lists all events, but it doesn’t
    There are also Wild Eco Weekend Retreat
    and workshops at St Mary’s Church Hall : Eco Craft Day, Zero Waste Cafe etc


  37. Stew, thanks for the constant updates about all this stuff. The barrage of propaganda is relentless. It feels a bit like the way it must have done in the Middle Ages, when the church insinuated its way into all aspects of life, and every day was a saint’s day.

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  38. New correctMessages are imposed over Facebook posts
    “See how the average temperature in your area is changing.
    Explore Climate Science Info”

    em At dusk yesterday
    I had to wear a coat and balaclava to cycle to the next village.


  39. Stew, speak for yourself! I haven’t flown anywhere for years, but even if I had, the difference is that I don’t lecture people about climate change while having a high emissions lifestyle.


  40. Mark I used to have a life
    Just switched on the radio or TV and listened
    no need to write corrections
    Now as you say green/intersectional propaganda is relentless
    And since I generally only write about what has been shoved into my face*, I’m only catching the tip of the iceberg.

    * After that I may look at the progs Twitter threads and that opens up Russian dolls of more issues.
    But it’s not like I immerse myself in the world of activists and read their comments by the hour.

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  41. Heads will roll at Guardian headquarters. The Guardian university Guide (2023) in its subject listings utterly fails to give a list for climatology or even for environmental science. On the other hand if you want to go on the telly as a forensic scientist, fill your boots and go to Kent. Or slightly change focus and take up criminology and head for Loughborough.


  42. Mark I haven’t flown since the day after the Brexit vote, when I flew in from Malaysia.
    Nor had I been in any mechanised transport since Covid, cos hitching and bicycle are my main transport, I had not been more than 12 miles from the village.
    There is a recent exception someone needs help 17 miles away so I’ve been there 5 times
    4 of those times I took a bus for the last 11 miles.

    Then last week I hitched the 85 miles to Leicester for the science festival and back.
    And I’m an anti Green.

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  43. Big Green Week must be a national thing
    cos next Saturday there are two regional events

    #1 Caistor town hall has a Community Eco Fair
    Repair Cafe, Clothes Swap, bring your container food stall

    #2 “As part of the #Great Big Green Week, Hull Friends of the Earth, Rooted, CycHull, and Rights Community Action are hosting a social ”

    Neither of those events push Climate Change in the PR


  44. “Hurricane Fiona: Canada braces for ‘historic, extreme event'”


    Hundreds of thousands of people are without power as Hurricane Fiona began to batter Canada’s Atlantic Coast.

    Parts of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick are experiencing torrential rain and winds of up to 148 km/h (92 mph).

    The Canadian Hurricane Centre warned ahead of its arrival that Fiona could be “a historic, extreme event”, with expected power cuts and flooding.

    At least eight people died when Fiona cut through the Caribbean.

    “It’s going to be a bad one,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday. “We encourage everyone to stay safe and to listen to the instructions of local authorities and hang in there for the next 24 hours.”

    Tropical storm warnings were issued for the Atlantic provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and New Brunswick, as well as in parts of Quebec.

    The country’s eastern region could receive up to 10in (25cm) of rain, increasing the risk of flash flooding…

    …”It is certainly going to be a historic, extreme event for Atlantic Canada.”…

    Maybe, maybe not. They’re doing their best to big it up, though in fairness I don’t see the words “climate change” in the article. Which is just as well, since even a cursory perusal of Wikipedia would reveal that while this hurricane might be severe and unusual, it certainly isn’t historic:


    E.g. (just by way of many examples):

    September 9, 1775: The 1775 Newfoundland hurricane killed over 4,000 in Newfoundland. Not only is it the earliest recorded Canadian hurricane, it is also by far the deadliest.

    August 26, 1873: The Nova Scotia Hurricane of 1873 drifted south of Nova Scotia as a Category 3 hurricane. It weakened to a Category 1 before slowly making landfall in Newfoundland. It was a devastating hurricane that killed over 600. Damage in Nova Scotia was severe. It destroyed over 1,200 boats and over 900 homes and businesses. This is one of Nova Scotia’s worst cyclones.

    October 1882: Remnants of a hurricane hit Labrador, resulting in 140 deaths.

    August 26, 1883: A Category 1 hurricane passed offshore Newfoundland, resulting in 80 deaths.

    September 12–14, 1900: After leaving behind a trail of devastation in the United States, the 1900 Galveston hurricane affected six Canadian provinces as a powerful extratropical cyclone, killing 52–232 people, mainly due to shipwrecks.

    August 8, 1926: The 1926 Nova Scotia hurricane made landfall in Nova Scotia as an extratropical storm, killing 55–58 people.

    August 24, 1927: The 1927 Nova Scotia hurricane made landfall in Nova Scotia as a Category 2 hurricane with 105 mph (165 km/h) winds, causing immense damage, reaching $1.6 million (1927 USD), and killed 172–193 people.

    August 26, 1935: A Category 1 hurricane strikes Newfoundland as an extratropical storm, resulting in major damage and at least 50 offshore deaths.


  45. “Vanuatu makes bold call for global treaty to phase out fossil fuels
    President of Pacific island nation urges countries to join bid for nonproliferation treaty at UN general assembly”


    Vanuatu, an archipelago of about 80 islands, has tried to lead by example in its efforts to reduce fossil fuel dependency. The carbon-negative country, rated one of the most at-risk countries for natural disasters by the UN, has set itself a target to completely stop the use of fossil fuels by 2030.


    Hmm. Here are my notes which I made on its NDC submitted pursuant to the Paris Climate AGreement:

    “Vanuatu’s past emissions have been miniscule and have only become locally significant in the past decade or two. In general development issues dominate rather than climate change mitigation. Vanuatu is a small developing nation with absolute levels of CO2 eq emissions very small at under 0.0016% of world emissions. The country is also one of the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change and has much to lose should the worst predictions from increased temperature levels eventuate. As such the country will do its best to mitigate but would require financial, technical and capacity building support to do so.”
    Therefore they would like some money, please:
    “The Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Review (CPEIR) report for Vanuatu states that Vanuatu has been receiving a lower share of adaptation funding than most other Pacific island countries. To adequately adapt to the impacts of climate change, starting now, the annual cost is estimated to be 1.5% of a country’s GDP. For Vanuatu, this equates to an investment of US$9.5 million per year. This is substantially higher than the amount of development funding currently being spent on projects that have Adaptation as their principal objective.”
    Their offer, which they term misleadingly “GHG reductions” is:
    “100% below BAU emissions for electricity sub-sector and 30% for energy sector as a whole.” I say misleadingly, because the reality is set out in a little more detail in this paragraph:
    “The main mitigation contribution is to achieve the outcomes and targets under the National Energy Road Map (NERM) and Second National Communication (SNC) extended to 2030. The mitigation contribution for the Vanuatu INDC submission is a sector specific target of transitioning to close to 100% renewable energy in the electricity sector by 2030. This target would replace nearly all fossil fuel requirements for electricity generation in the country and be consistent with the National Energy Road Map (NERM) target of 65% renewable energy by 2020. This contribution would reduce emissions in the energy sector by 72Gg by 2030. Emissions in this sector were around 130 Gg in 2010 but are expected to rise to 240 Gg by 2030 (3% per annum).”
    240 – 72 = 168, which is close to 30% more than 130.
    Their plans to achieve this, with associated costs, are as follows:
    “Mainly electricity generation sub-sector but with ancillary mitigation possible in forestry, agriculture, transport and energy efficiency sector wide.
    The key planned mitigation interventions include:
     Doubling of the wind installed capacity to 5.5 MW by 2025
     Installing 10 MW grid connected solar PV by 2025
     Commissioning the proposed first stage 4 MW Geothermal plant by 2025
     Adding 10 MW grid connected solar PV by 2030
     Commissioning the second stage 4 MW Geothermal plant by 2030
     Substituting and/or replacement of fossil fuels with coconut oil based electricity generation
    The proposed interventions would need substantial external funding of around US$180 million to proceed at the time frame needed. In addition, substantial technology transfer would be required including institutional support and training.
    Additional planned mitigation interventions include:
     National Energy Road Map (US$ 210.5 million indicative – with some overlap)
     Rural Electrification Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) (US$ 5 million indicative)
     Off grid renewable energy projects under Scaling Up Renewable Energy in Low Income Countries Program (US $34.2 million)
     Energy efficiency measures to be pursued across the board to enable 15% savings in the energy sector.
     Forestry sector measures to reduce deforestation and promote good land care to accepted mitigation practices according to REDD+
     Planned cooperation with New Zealand and other nations interested in mitigating methane (CH4) and associated emissions for ruminant and pasture management.”
    I think that adds up to $429.7 million. They don’t tell us their population size, but a quick internet search suggests it’s of the order of 270,000. So that works out at roughly $1,600 for every man, woman and child in the country. For a country that contributes under 0.0016% of world emissions, and is offering to increase them by almost 30%.

    I posted those observations on a discussion thread at Bishop Hill at the time, and it prompted this comment:

    Modern Economy from Wikipedia
    “Financial services are an important part of the economy. Vanuatu is a tax haven that until 2008 did not release account information to other governments or law-enforcement agencies. International pressure, mainly from Australia, influenced the Vanuatu government to begin adhering to international norms to improve transparency.”
    “In Vanuatu, there is no income tax, withholding tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, or exchange control.”
    “Many international ship-management companies choose to flag their ships under the Vanuatu flag, because of the tax benefits and favourable labour laws (Vanuatu is a full member of the International Maritime Organization and applies its international conventions). Vanuatu is recognised as a “flag of convenience” country.”
    Vanuatu has no fossil fuels. Without cheap reliable power, its modern economy, along with the flights of its tourists is stuffed.

    The Guardian normally isn’t too keen on tax havens. I guess it’s not worthy of comment, however, if they’re “leading the way” with climate change demands.


  46. “The Left Needs to Drop its “Bourgeois Environmentalism” and Back Fracking and Nuclear, Says Union Leader” (Gary Smith)


    We are living through a severe energy crisis and yet still Labour is sniffy about fracking and down on nuclear power, [Smith] says. All because it is in thrall to bourgeois greens who just don’t like industry and modernity very much.

    Yes, climate change is a problem, he says, but we need energy. “We import a huge amount of fracked gas” from America, he points out, so why don’t we just frack our own? We should get serious about developing nuclear power too, says Smith.

    The GMB represents 460,000 working people, including the majority of workers at the UK’s nuclear-power stations. So it is logical – and good – that Smith would defend the nuclear industry. But his broader point is even more important.

    “(The) question,” he says, “is where is the electricity going to come from? We cannot do it by renewables and we cannot rely on energy imports.” In short, we should get cracking – and fracking – on generating our own abundant sources of energy.

    His killer comments concern the aloof, elitist tendencies of green activists. The renewables industry – “and many of those who espouse it in politics” – have “no interest in jobs for working-class communities”, he says. He continues: “(We) should stop pretending that we’re in alliance with them. The big winners from renewables have been the wealthy and big corporate interests. Invariably the only jobs that are created when wind farms get put up, particularly onshore wind, have been jobs in public relations and jobs for lawyers.”

    This is really important stuff. Smith has laid down a gauntlet to the modern Left – are you on the side of working-class communities who benefit from well-paid jobs in the energy sector and from the domestic production of energy, or are you on the side of ‘bourgeois’ greens who are offended by any kind of human intervention in nature, whether that’s digging down for gas or unleashing the awesome power contained in uranium?

    For far too long, Labour and left-wingers more broadly have been embracing the ideology of environmentalism. This has always struck me as utterly bizarre, because it seems pretty clear that green politics run entirely counter to the interests of working-class communities.

    I may have missed it, but I don’t recall seeing any mention of this on the websites of either the BBC or the Guardian.

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  47. original source https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/the-trouble-with-bourgeois-environmentalism

    So gas workers union boss doesn’t believe his members should move to solar/wind jobs
    Labour’s magazine carries the story https://mobile.twitter.com/NewStatesman/status/1573640144049131520

    Labour’s hard left snarls https://mobile.twitter.com/AaronBastani/status/1573334198450262017

    One mad lefty who thinks Putin funds the Tories moaned in Dec 2021about Gary Smith supporting fracking .. https://mobile.twitter.com/goldcat63/status/1467130660573822978

    The Guardian and MSM did cover Gary Smith when he said Bankers Bonus limits shouldn’t be scrapped

    but strangely they don’t cover his fracking renarks

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  48. They’re still calling it Hurricane Fiona in the headlines about Canada:

    “Hurricane Fiona: Canada hit by ‘historic, extreme event'”


    And I suppose it was a hurricane when it set off on its journey northwards. However:

    Hundreds of thousands of people have been left without power, after Storm Fiona hit Canada’s coastline.

    Fiona was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm on Friday….

    So, very unpleasant indeed, but not so historic after all. Where are the fact checkers and climate disinformation people when you need them?


  49. It doesn’t matter who you are, nobody is exempt from bowing down before the Climate Gods:

    “Head of World Bank under pressure after White House condemns his ‘climate denial’ comments
    David Malpass apologises after saying he ‘doesn’t know’ if he accepts climate science”


    David Malpass, president of the World Bank, faces an uncertain future this week, after the White House joined a chorus of influential figures in condemning his apparent climate denialism.

    Malpass remains in post for now but under severe pressure, despite issuing an apology and trying to explain his refusal last week to publicly acknowledge the human role in the climate crisis.

    The Biden administration stepped into the row on Friday evening, when the press secretary for the US president told journalists: “We disagree with the comments made by president Malpass. We expect the World Bank to be a global leader of climate ambition and mobilisation, as well as significantly more finance for developing countries… We condemn the words of the president.”

    Such strong words from the White House come as a major blow to Malpass, who was appointed to the role in 2019 by Donald Trump, under a longstanding convention by which the World Bank chief is chosen by the US president. Biden’s spokesperson left open the possibility that Malpass could be removed, if other countries agree…


  50. More propaganda, filled with emotion and opinion rather than facts:

    “Frozen Planet: Filming climate change in action on an Arctic glacier”


    Shooting sequences for the BBC’s new Frozen Planet series brought Raymond Besant up close to the dramatic effects of climate change in the Arctic….

    …His job was to film huge blocks of ice breaking off the gigantic Store Glacier in a process called calving.

    The footage was to help show the scale of how Greenland’s vast ice sheet was melting due to warmer temperatures in polar regions….

    …”We threw everything into a helicopter and headed out,” says Raymond.

    “We could soon see some of the icebergs that had already come off the glacier and then the glacier itself – it’s absolutely enormous.

    “The front of the Store Glacier is 5km wide and flying quite close we could see bits falling off.”

    The experience caused mixed emotions for Raymond.

    He says: “At the glacier it is a very visual representation of what climate change looks like.

    “It’s quite an easy way to show that more ice is falling off and the glacier is calving at a faster rate because of climate change….”

    …Raymond says he has seen the effects of climate change in Scotland’s wild places.

    Scotland is home to Arctic specialists – birds like dotterel, snow bunting and ptarmigan – which are found high on Scotland’s mountains.

    Raymond fears climate change is pushing these species to the limits of where they can survive.

    “I think there is going to more of an impact on them in coming years,” he says.

    If the BBC is going to push these claims, I think the least it can do is provide some authoritative back-up.


  51. “Heatwave kills 12,000 trees planted in Gloucester”


    Actually, while the heatwave will undoubtedly have been a factor, it sounds as though an incompetent and wasteful Council did the rest. With a proper plan, rather than just a bit of ill-thought-through virtue-signalling, there was no need for the trees to die:

    More than 12,000 trees planted across a city have died because they were not watered enough during the summer heatwave.

    Gloucester City Council announced in February that it would plant 12,800 saplings across the city as part of its aim to become carbon neutral.

    Councillors have since been told that 95% of them – about 12,100 – have died.

    The council blamed the trees’ demise on the “unprecedented” hot and dry weather.

    Councillor Alastair Chambers said planting the trees was “wonderful” but criticised the council’s management of them, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

    He spoke after the council admitted in July that it had struggled to employ a tree officer due to the tough jobs market.

    The role included checking on the health of trees, whether they needed pruning or were overhanging and responding to any resident’s concern.

    “What is not great [is] that the management of the trees in the first few months was non-existent meaning the trees have suffered in the heat,” Mr Chambers said.

    Mr Chambers blamed the lack of water management or maintenance for leading to the trees dying.

    “I am all for trees and a better environment so I voted for the trees to be planted. Sadly, that didn’t include park management of the trees.

    “When I was in Ukraine, even under a time of war, they had cleaner streets and parks. Our managing director of the city council really needs to step up his game.”…


  52. Calving is natural thing that has always happened in Argentina people travel 300Km off the main North South highway to go to Pedro Moreno to hear the huge blocks crash down
    that’s always happened

    I didn’t bother, cos Ive been on various other glaciers
    2 in Chile, One in Tierra del Fuego, 2 in NZ


  53. GBnews expert just said there is a huge reserve of shale gas in Eastern Ukraine
    and fossil methane in the Black Sea off the coast of Ukraine
    And Putin is trying to get his hands on it.


  54. Mark, many if not most newly-planted trees die in their first year. The contractors get paid by how many trees they plant, not how many of said trees are still alive in 5 years. New road schemes are a particular bugbear of mine: first, there is no need to plant trees alongside new road schemes because grassland is good. Second, most of the trees die anyway, so the public has been charged for a poor service it didn’t need.

    Don’t get me started on the large trees that are planted as part of new developments, which also have a high casualty rate.

    Tree protection measures in new developments frequently fail completely. A while ago there was a development near here that had a mature lime in the middle, which was supposedly protected. Soil clearance within the root zone was to be done by men with spades to protect the tree. Walking past one day I happened to see that the roots had been sheared off about 1m from the tree all around, clearly by a mechanical digger. I dutifully complained, only to be told that the presence of asbestos had meant it was too dangerous to move the soil by hand. The tree died of course, and the only penalty for the developer was the cost of a new sapling.

    Pay contractors by whether their tree is still alive 5 years after planting, and you will have a far higher success rate than the current “plant, get paid and run” paradigm.

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  55. BBC are basically a GreenDream PR agency
    @MishaGlenny Rector of the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna

    Don’t miss my new series on @BBCRadio4
    starting today at 13:45 BST, produced by the talented
    . The Scramble for Rare Earths – the new geo-political struggle for control of resources as *we transition to green energy*

    However the series itself seems less fawning

    Ep2 “Reducing CO2 emissions requires critical raw materials like lithium, cobalt and nickel but mining and processing them can pose a serious threat to the environment.
    Can we solve the paradox?”

    Ep4 “The EU’s dependency on China”

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  56. On a tour of Leicester the other day the guide pointed out two large trees obscuring the front of an important historic building
    And said it was problematic result of The Plant a Tree for 95 scheme which he had been involved with.
    but had grown out of control
    ..so problems today all over the city.

    May have been “plant a tree in 73” scheme


  57. There’s also a 4 part 11am Friday series
    by Matt Winning, Environmental researcher @UCL_ISR & climate change comedian
    (misleading Twitter bio cos he’s researching Environmental Economics)

    “In this series, comedian and environmental economist Matt Winning looks at the ways in which unique aspects of British culture have shaped how we generate carbon, how we’ve managed to reduce emissions, and the challenges we now face to eliminate them completely.
    Travelling around Britain – from terraced houses to the tiniest of crofts, and from golf courses to cement factories – Matt reveals how our energy consumption is bound up with who we are”
    They’ve done 2 episodes already but each progs blurb is the same
    as if they don’t care about detail.


  58. Last week they used this bold claim
    .. https://www.twitter.com/mattwinning/status/1573306126300753921

    “Cars and vans are responsible for 10,000 early deaths each year in the UK. *
    Every car in London sets the NHS back about £8,000 in health costs.”
    That tracks back to 2018 newspaper article
    which is NOT available any more
    archived https://web.archive.org/web/20220818014451/http://www.independent.co.uk/climate-change/news/cars-air-pollution-cost-nhs-vans-vehicles-health-bills-lung-disease-a8384806.html

    * Early deaths is a crap metric
    We all die early, depends by how many days/years

    “according to a new report by researchers at the universities of Oxford and Bath
    The report was released ahead of Clean Air Day on 21 June, an event launched by the environmental charity Global Action Plan to raise awareness of air pollution and the harm it causes.”
    So that’s PR not science


  59. I’ve opened the 2018 PDF press release the claims are taken from

    “Dr Christian Brand, Associate Professor, University of Oxford and UK Energy Research Centre, said:
    “Cars and vans are responsible for 10,000 early deaths each
    and diesel vehicles are the main problem unfortunately.”
    (BTW 40,000 equivalent deaths/year claim is different
    cos its deaths from ALL pollution)

    Dr Alistair Hunt, Lecturer in Environmental Economics, University of Bath said:
    “Our research for the first time illustrates the individual cost that each car and van has on the NHS and wider society.
    Every time these vehicles are driven, they are having a significant impact on our health, equivalent to *£7,714* for an average
    inner London car over its lifetime.”

    The PDF also has a claim that cars and vans costs London NHS and society £650m/ year
    How’s that reconcile
    If we say 10 million vehicles that £65 per year per vehicle
    or £130 if 5 million vehicles
    How do we get from £1,300 for 10 years
    to a £7,714 life time cost ?


  60. “Autumn has arrived in the UK – but the season is not like it used to be”


    …Mild weather means birds, such as blackcaps and swallows, which usually head south for the winter, are likely to linger for longer in Britain. At the same time, it is likely to be more difficult to spot Bewick’s swans, wild geese and other water fowl which would normally migrate south to Britain during the autumn. “When they migrate, they risk predation and exhaustion. Because it’s milder farther north, they may not travel so far and instead winter nearer to their breeding habitats.”…

    Well, East Anglia (the setting for this article) is not the north of England, but it’s already very cold here. The forecast for the tops in the Yorkshire Dales today was for the wind chill factor to make it feel like -5C, and although I suspect that turned out to be an exaggeration, it was certainly very cold. I have already seen (and heard) many skeins of geese heading south. It must be cold wherever they go in the summer, because they’ve given up on it already. And the swallows, swifts and martins have already headed south (recently, admittedly, but that’s no later than normal).


  61. So then you get a listener activist org tweeting
    a mad thing that Each London car costs the NHS £8K *per year*

    Their bio “The Coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel (CoHSAT) is a group of voluntary and campaigning organisations working across Oxfordshire to create attractive, accessible and people-friendly streets”

    Their idiot heard the presenter rush through claims
    “10,000 early deaths per year”
    “Every car in London sets the NHS back about £8,000”
    and thought the second claim was also “per year”

    The activist world, is so not based in reality
    none of his followers have pointed out the basic error
    Indeed 4 retweeted so they believe it’s true !
    They include
    – A Clinical pharmacist for critical care, theatres & anaesthetics. Views own.
    – Dr Elise 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 @elise_oxford
    Scientist 👩🏼‍🔬 PhD. Pro sustainable 🌍 future.
    .. https://twitter.com/CoHSATOxon/status/1574318659949953024


  62. Monday 9:07pm BBC Radio Humberside was carrying an apparently weekly eco activist show Eco Time

    GBnews show panels have to have crazy-lefties on
    in order to comply with Ofcom balance Rules
    I bet this BBC radio show
    and the Climate Change channel on 79 EarthX TV
    don’t bother with balance and Ofcom leave them alone

    “Next week Green Influencers, FoE Events, The Humberline eco-summit”


  63. The BBC is at it again:

    “More than half of the world’s palm trees in danger”


    This article can be found on the BBC website at both the “Science & Environment” and “Climate Change” sections of the website, though it is tagged “climate change”. Yet nowhere in the article or in the abstract of the study:


    (the rest is paywalled) do we find any suggestion that the threat is because of climate change. In fact, nowhere is the reason for the threat explained, but presumably it’s because of ongoing human activity in encroaching on forests.


  64. Watch Miliband claiming that “wind and solar are “nine times cheaper” than gas. So far as I can tell, the “9 times cheaper” came from a piece of Carbon Brief propaganda (reproduced in the Guardian, naturally), based on the fact that at the height of the gas price rise (of course, prices have come down since then, but nobody bothers to talk about that) the price (which of course won’t be implemented) in the latest CfD round (£48 per MwH) was 1/9 the price of gas.

    The propaganda could, just about, be justified, because for a very brief moment in time there was a figure for onshore wind (albeit one that isn’t in use) that was 1/9 the price of gas. And that was it. If was one less than generous, one might call the claim a lie. And now the claim has been extended, without any justification at all of which I am aware, to solar power. In fact the “9 times cheaper” mantra suddenly seems to be everywhere. Where are the BBC fact checkers when you need them? I would bet a lot of money on the BBC Climate Disinformation and Reality Check teams going nowhere near correcting this piece of distortion.


  65. RadioHumberside presenter keeps banging on
    “We are talking about a poll that says three quarters of people would welcome ONSHORE wind if it will bring down their bills”

    – They made it their #2 newsPR item

    – They play a clip of the ex Labour MP Lelanie Onn sho is head of the windfarm PR body RenewableUK

    now Sarah Sanderson reporter speaks to windfarm man John of Res Energy in Ruthz East Yorkshire

    .. PR people rig polls
    Is the poll new ?
    Nope I see no evidence that there is a new poll
    It must be the same one BBC Shukman was pushing on Sept 7th
    even then the poll was taken in May I think
    .. https://www.twitter.com/DavidShukman/status/1567609097289175043
    Same one quoted in July .. https://mobile.twitter.com/ECIU_UK/status/1553385534801731584


  66. Of course I don’t listen to BBC Costing The Earth
    cos it’s just a prog where PRtricksters preach to the Green Cult

    Today’s episode
    “Tom Heap is joined by an expert panel to discuss how our energy market can be reshaped to produce smaller bills in a low carbon future”
    “In the UK, more than half our electricity is generated without using fossil fuels.
    Despite that, the rocketing price of gas has lead to matching increases in our electricity bills.
    Why the disconnect?
    What could we be doing differently so that consumers
    benefit from cheap renewable power? (FFS renewable is NOT cheap)
    And what will the current crisis mean for our long term aims of reducing our use of fossil fuels?

    Glenn Rickson – Head of European Power Analysts with S&P Global Commodity Insights
    Emma Pinchbeck – CEO of Energy UK, the trade body for the British energy industry
    Michael Grubb – Professor of Energy and Climate Change at UCL


  67. “Climate campaigner ejected from Labour event sponsored by Drax power plant firm
    Activists interrupt party conference debate to criticise company’s wood-burning biomass operations”


    An environmental campaigner has been ejected from an event sponsored by the power station operator Drax at the Labour party conference after criticising the company’s use of biomass.

    The owner of the North Yorkshire power station sponsored a debate on Tuesday on Britain’s net zero climate goals on the fringes of the political party’s conference in Liverpool. The company’s group director of corporate affairs, Clare Harbord, was on the panel.

    Climate campaigners have accused Drax of greenwashing and argue that its biomass operations, which burn wood to produce electricity, are far from green and can even increase the CO2 emissions driving the climate crisis.

    The talk in Liverpool was titled “Reaching net zero: how can the UK boost energy security and invest in green jobs?”

    Several campaigners interrupted the discussion to question Drax’s green credentials.

    One woman was forcibly removed from the room while she said: “How can you talk about net zero and green jobs as the UK’s biggest carbon emitter and the world’s biggest tree burner?”

    Another said: “As the largest carbon emitter in the UK, how can you talk about net zero and green jobs when you’re responsible for the destruction of forests around the world?”

    Fair questions. I wonder if Sir Keir has any answers? Doesn’t sit too comfortably with this week’s big policy announcements, does it?

    The incident happened a day after the Guardian reported that the UK government had been accused of funding environmental racism by giving £2m a day in subsidies to an energy company that has paid out millions over claims it breached pollution limits in the US. Drax denies it committed any violations at its Louisiana plants, after agreeing to the settlements without accepting liability.


  68. WTF? Liz Truss is now our PM.

    Time to move abroad. Ukraine looks a bit comfier at the mo, no?


  69. “Germany delays exit from nuclear power to offset energy shortfall
    Two nuclear plants’ lives extended as country copes with loss of Russian gas and shortage of French electricity”


    Germany’s planned exit from nuclear power by the end of this year has been officially delayed in order to shore up energy supplies during an expected shortfall this winter, the economic minister, Robert Habeck, announced on Tuesday.

    The decision follows a shortage in supplies of electricity coming from France due to the fact that more than half of its nuclear power stations are offline, Habeck told journalists in Berlin.

    He said that the resulting gap in electricity supplies was being “observed with concern”, with Europe’s energy network in danger of being put under too much strain, potentially leading to power cuts. The electricity that Germany is not able to acquire from France is being compensated for with electricity produced by gas-fired power stations in Germany. But this in turn involves using up valuable supplies of gas that Germany is trying to save before winter arrives.

    Germany’s three remaining nuclear power stations were due to be turned off at the end of this year, the end of an 11-year process. The decision to withdraw from nuclear power was made by the government of Angela Merkel after the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan.

    Habeck had long resisted calls for the power plants in southern Germany – Isar 2 and Neckarwestheim 2 – to be extended as Germany coped with the effect of Russia slowing down, and then turning off completely, its gas supply via the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 1 earlier this month. But his arguments against keeping the plants in operation became increasingly difficult to defend. A majority of Germans, despite being in favour of moving away from nuclear power, has said it is in favour of extending the plants’ use temporarily.


  70. One of the problems with “green” schemes:

    “Our bid for more solar panels was left out in the cold
    We paid a deposit for solar panels with Green Energy Together but all we’ve got is scaffolding”


    We had solar panels fitted in 2019 as part of the Solar Together initiative, and this year wanted to add to them. We chose Green Energy Together as it had done Solar Together projects with our council. We paid a £1,340 deposit. There was then a rather odd silence, but finally scaffolding and two installers appeared. The installers hadn’t been told the panels had to be fitted in addition to those already there, so the kit they had brought was inappropriate. Since then, in spite of daily phone calls and promises from the company that someone would ring back, nothing has happened.

    We eventually cancelled our order by phone and email, and asked for the return of our deposit and the removal of the scaffolding. Again, there has been silence, even from the company director we emailed directly. We are concerned that this company has over-reached itself while holding on to our money (and that of a lot of other people, if Trustpilot is to be believed)….


  71. What’s the IMF’s record on giving the UK correct warnings ?

    Did it warn the UK about RUSHING into mad green policies
    that left the UK with depleted gas storage & extraction
    that now caused a crisis when IMPORTED gas prices went ballistic ?

    The IMF actually promotes to countries that they should adopt “green growth” plans

    when in fact those plans will
    – cost countries £trillions
    – cause their energy prices to rise
    – cause their domestic energy to be unresilient to spurts in world gas prices
    (as been proven to happen
    ie the US fracked and had more resilience.
    cos they had gas on their doorstep and could export surplus at high prices.

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  72. just back from a low carbon hol to Cyprus & picked a free FT paper on the way.

    it has this full page spread –

    “2021 has already been declared the hottest year on record.
    but it may also be the world’s best – or last – chance to take action against climate change.
    join #WorldNewsDay on Sept 28 to see what you. the audience, and journalists in more than 300 newsrooms around the world are doing about it”

    had a quick look at – https://worldnewsday.org/

    “World News Day’s organizers, The Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF) and WAN- IFRA’s World Editors Forum (WEF), expect more than 500 news organizations to use World News Day as a platform to demonstrate the value of fact-based journalism.

    Join news outlets from around the world in meaningful global conversations on how journalism makes a difference.”


  73. dfhunter,

    I don’t who made that declaration about 2021, as claimed by the FT, but the FT ought to be ashamed of itself for disseminating fake news. Here’s what NOAA has to say about 2021:

    The year culminated as the sixth warmest year on record for the globe with a temperature that was 0.84°C (1.51°F) above the 20th century average.


    Broken down into a little more detail:

    The 2021 Northern Hemisphere surface temperature was also the sixth highest on record. However, the land portion of the Northern Hemisphere had a temperature that was 1.54°C (2.77°F) above average and the third highest in the 142-year record. Only the years of 2016 (second warmest) and 2020 (warmest) were warmer. Meanwhile, the Southern Hemisphere had its ninth warmest year on record.

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  74. I admire the record of Quakers in history, for example in their determined public opposition to slavery long before many ‘establishment Christians’ (oxymoron warning) saw the light. This more recent stuff is far less creditable.

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  75. Times half page adverorial by Govt Export Finance
    for green electric quadbikes

    article : 2017 Northwest passage sailing yacht pioneer
    cheated court hears in France.


  76. “Capercaillie at real risk of extinction, survey finds”


    The capercaillie is at real risk of extinction in the UK, with only 542 of the birds estimated to be left in Scotland, according to a new survey.

    The population has dropped by about 50% since the last survey six years ago and is now at a critically low level, the survey found.

    Numbers of capercaillie have been declining since the third national survey of 2003/04.

    However this is the first time the population has gone below 1,000.

    Conservation scientists said the decline was being fuelled by a combination of factors which reduce capercaillie survival and breeding success….

    This is very bad news. And what are those factors? Well, not climate change, not as we know it:

    …This includes cold, wet, spring weather which has an impact on the fitness of female birds before the breeding season and affects chick survival.

    Predation and a habitat which remains fragmented in places despite ongoing work to enhance it are also factors….

    I wonder what could possibly be intruding on its habitat? Wind farms, anyone?


  77. “Police rescue passengers from powerless electric ferry”


    Passengers on Wellington’s new electric ferry were rescued by a police boat after the ferry lost power.

    A police spokesperson confirmed to the Herald the Ika Rere had run out of battery in the harbour and all passengers on board were transferred to the police boat.

    They were then escorted back to Queen’s Wharf, and the police boat went back out to help tug the ferry back to port….

    …The ferry was launched in March of this year after lengthy Covid-19 delays. It was originally supposed to launch in the middle of 2020, then in September 2021, however the pandemic delayed the project and subsequent sea trials.

    The Herald has contacted Greater Wellington Regional Council for further information.

    Auckland’s first two electric ferries will be hybrids, with diesel generators for backup.


  78. Back to the capercaillie. Naturally the Guardian does try to get in a little bit of climate change blaming:

    “Emergency plan to save the capercaillie bird launched as numbers plummet
    Cairngorms national park drawing up plans as RSPB says latest survey shows population at critical level of 540”


    …Since then, unfavourable weather during early summer – thought to be influenced by climate change – has frequently hit their breeding….

    Thought by whom – other than Guardian journalists – isn’t mentioned. Perhaps they should do a bit of research about wind turbines:

    “Wind energy facilities affect resource selection of capercaillie Tetrao urogallus”


    The recent increase in wind energy facilities (WEF) has led to concerns about their effect on wildlife. While the focus of most studies has mainly been on increased mortality of birds and bats due to collision, indirect effects, such as behavioural responses, are currently gaining attention. Indeed, effects of WEF on the behaviour of forest dwelling wildlife still remain largely unknown. Using GPS-tracking of 16 individuals, we studied how seasonal resource selection of the capercaillie Tetrao urogallus, a forest grouse species known as sensitive to disturbance by human presence and infrastructure, was related to wind turbines and other environmental covariates in a wind farm in Sweden. During the lekking season, the probability of site-selection by capercaillie decreased with increasing turbine noise, turbine visibility and turbine shadow. During summer, we found reduced resource selection with increasing proximity to the turbines (up to 865 m), turbine density, noise, shadow and visibility. Furthermore, we found an avoidance of turbine access roads. Due to the high collinearity of the wind turbine predictors it was not possible to identify the specific mechanism causing turbine avoidance. Our study reveals that forest dwelling species with known sensitivity to other forms of human disturbance (i.e. recreation) are also likely to be affected by wind turbine presence. In addition, we provide proximity thresholds below which effects are likely to be present as a basis for conservation planning.


  79. “Don Lemon Brain Explodes After Scientist REJECTS Climate Change As Cause For Hurricane”
    .. the first 2 minutes is the meat ..then it’s American burbling
    CNN presenter who had a scientist on to explain about the Florida hurricane
    and when he refused to pin individual weather events on GW
    the presenter tried to steamroller him with his own anecdotal evidence


  80. “Fracking can only be allowed if 50% of locals agree – Fylde MP”


    Fracking should only be allowed to go ahead if “a minimum of 50% of people… actively give consent” in their local community, a Conservative MP has said.

    The UK’s only two shale gas wells are in Mark Menzies’ Fylde constituency.

    Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site is within his Lancashire seat. “People not households” must be consulted, he said.

    Prime Minister Liz Truss has insisted fracking will only take place with “local consent”, but did not fully explain how that would be defined.

    Mr Menzies told BBC Radio Lancashire: “How do you define ‘local’? How do you measure local consent?

    “Whatever local criteria [are] used, for me, there needs to be a minimum of 50% of people – not households or anything like that – but actual people, actively giving consent.

    “I think we need to work now to nail down a very clear definition.”…

    That’s fine, so long as apply the same principles to “renewable” developments such as wind and solar “farms”. Why is nobody bothered about how the locals feel with regard to those?


  81. BBC news today were keen to show the BBC Local Radio stations “unbiased” interviews with Liz Truss.

    one BBC Radio knob asked her something like “do you know where Preston New Road site is, have you ever been there ?”

    what an asinine question, but to be expected from the BEEBoids who covered the anti fracking protests at the site almost with glee.

    as for Mark Menzies statement – “How do you define ‘local’? How do you measure local consent?”

    if he really said that, is this guy thick !!!

    as reported at the time a lot of the protesters at Preston site lived elsewhere in England & travelled to the site, so are not locals.


  82. If this is the future, I don’t fancy it:

    “Cost of living: Off-gridders are one step ahead in energy crisis”


    While many people are dismayed by the soaring cost of energy, a select few across Northern Ireland remain somewhat unaffected.

    Off-grid living has become a popular alternative in recent years.

    Clever conversions and floating homes are now increasingly common as people avoid the ties of a traditional property.

    Many of those efficient homes generate their own energy using sustainable, low-cost solutions.

    Steve Golemboski-Byrne, his wife Claire and their daughter Lyra live in a self-sustained stone and straw bale 1840s cottage near Ballyroney, County Down….

    …They have lived-off grid for 12 years – first in a converted horse truck, before moving to the cottage a decade ago in a bid to find a way to live without the burden of as many bills….

    I don’t know about you, but I aspire to more from life than living in a converted horse truck.

    …Josh Boyd and Sophie Durand, both in their early 20s, live onboard Qisma – a 60ft by 6ft narrowboat on Lough Erne in County Fermanagh….

    …Taking a hybrid approach to their energy needs, Josh and Sophie use solar-powered batteries as much as possible in combination with a wood-burning stove.

    With darker winter days, the couple utilise shore power outlets, which can prove challenging as they cannot remain moored for more than 48 hours….

    So not off-grid at all, then.

    The first couple live at

    Lackan Cottage Farm, described as “a centre for practical sustainability”, is the the first accredited LAND (Learning and Network Demonstration) centre on the island of Ireland, with the family regularly hosting visitors interested in their way of life.

    Or do they live there? It’s available to rent as a holiday cottage:


    I loved this bit from their holiday let website:

    Please note – we are 100% off grid for energy and so our systems cannot support electric car charging

    BBC – where are your fact-checkers?!!!


  83. Today’s Sunday Times’ headline is that Liz Truss’ advice to the King was not to attend upcoming climate summit meeting. On her present form, perhaps he should go.


  84. On Friday a medical school dropout poured shit all over a memorial to Captain Tom as a protest against private jets.* Why?**

    Hi, my name is Maddie, I’m 21, and today I’m going to be pouring actual liquid human shit onto a Captain Tom memorial.

    People are going to say that he’s a hero. People are going to say that this is profoundly, obscenely disrespectful to his life and to the NHS that he stood up for and I agree – I was studying to become a doctor because I believe in taking care of people.

    If we believe that the NHS is important, if we believe in taking care of each other, if we believe that NHS workers are doing essential work, why are we forcing our health care system into collapse? Why are we forcing our civilisation into collapse? Why is basically no-one taking this genocide of all humanity seriously?

    As the level [?] of climate continues to collapse, that is what is going to happen because of running out of food, money, water, people to work, medicines, and meanwhile mass death, mass disease, mass dying. All of this is true and the government won’t even end UK private jets. Every time one takes off, it pours a bucket of shit and blood onto everything that Captain Tom stood for.

    Climate collapse is the end of everything humans have worked for, all the safety and security that we take for granted, including modern medicine.

    All clear now?

    Probably not.

    A simpler explanation: Maddie’s protest group, Stop UK Private Jets, is an offshoot*** of Hallam’s moronic Just Stop Oil group.





  85. I’m not sure the Guardian thought it through before releasing all this information:

    “The climate crisis? We’ve been investigating it for more than 100 years
    Climate warnings have been around for decades. Guardian reporting on the issue dates back as far as 1890”


    For example, when we reported last year about the fragility of the Gulf Stream, it was our most-read article on the subject – but not the first. That came 131 years earlier.

    “The Gulf Stream has changed its course,” the piece from 25 January 1890, reported. “… This change, we are told, has been in operation for two years, and as a consequence New England has almost forgotten the rigours of winter.”


    The standard terminology has been around longer than you might think. The first mention of the “greenhouse effect” came in 1935, when the Observer published a short piece under the heading ‘Three year period of warmth’. Two decades later, the phrase “global warming” was first deployed in a 1957 Guardian article titled “Possible melting of polar ice-caps,” though in subsequent years, the chief concern was of the weather turning colder, not warmer.


    The Guardian publishes more than 3,000 pieces of climate-related journalism every year.

    Blimey, I knew the propaganda was relentless, I didn’t realised it adds up to more than 8 pieces on average every day, day in day out.


  86. BBC tonight Panorama hit piece against Drax
    .. so now all of a sudden I am sympathetic towards Drax, given they are being attacked by the tricky BBC
    “media research” usually means “research activists handed us, and we just turned up to take the pictures”

    ‘Drax boought licences to cut forest in Canada’
    – yep it’s their right
    ‘they cut proper trees not just bush ‘
    – yep they can do that as long as the proper trees get used for construction etc.
    and only the off-cuts go into pellets

    Panorama tweet “Joe Crowley also followed a truck from a Drax mill to verify it was picking up whole logs from an area of precious forest.”
    ..is that sloppy writing and they meant to say he followed a truck from the forest INTO the Drax mill ?
    A Drax truck could still go to the forest load a whole log and take it to a place where it was used for timber.

    The BBC preview video : https://www.twitter.com/BBCPanorama/status/1576828899950039044
    Though they say the forest is PRIMARY
    it doesn’t look primary
    The trees look fairly small
    and long cleared grassland sits nearby.
    The voice over says “the land will be replanted but the carbon store will never be as thick”
    I’m not sure about that
    eg Managed forest can be made to have LESS natural forest fires


  87. “Co-founder of collapsed energy firm Bulb hopes to expand battery business
    Loss-making venture led by Amit Gudka eyes continent as countries move towards using renewable power”


    The co-founder of collapsed energy supplier Bulb is planning to expand his loss-making battery storage venture into Europe as the energy crisis escalates….

    That opening line sounds a bit like a summary of “green” energy schemes and net zero generally.


  88. Mark re your 6.41 pm and the Guardian seemingly publishing on average 8 pieces of climate -related journalism every day: slim pickings today. In today’s paper could only find item about King not going to COP 27 (possibly sending William instead) and something already mentioned by you above concerning Bulb’s intended move into 🇮🇹 Italy.


  89. Stewgreen: thanks, I will try and catch that programme about Drax’ logging activities.

    There was a documentary about this a few years ago – might have been Channel 4. If memory serves. it rather refuted the party line of only using off-cuts and waste as whole trunks were trucked directly to chipping plants, not sawmills. However it failed to pick up that there are already uses for sawmill waste: fibreboard, chipboard and energy for the mills – it’s not as if there are mountains of the stuff lying around, rotting.

    It will be interesting to see if they touch on logging in Europe. I read somewhere that Estonia has lost over a sixth of its hardwood forests in the last 20 years. Europe’s largest supplier of wood pellets for biomass is headquartered in….Estonia.

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  90. Is anyone here an expert on “chemicals” ?
    Bottomline fracking is pretty safe
    There are not thousands of death certificates with “fracking” written as cause of death.
    An anti-fracking activist was screaming “chemicals” at me
    I asked for evidence
    and he just cited 2 papers
    Of course “the correlation is not proof of causation” rule applies

    Firstly I ran it by a UK website check
    And I do see they are listed on a Website run by Stirling University
    without caveats and contexts
    so I don’t like to see a university do that

    He said ‘oh you’ll get Leukemia’ and cited : https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/aug/17/young-children-fracking-wells-leukemia-study

    It claims that in Pennsylvania many families take their water from local wells & then talks about Leukemia correlation
    So his warning to me doesn’t apply
    Our water doesn’t come from a home well.


  91. Then he cites another Yale paper
    “Study Identifies Toxins in Fracking Fluids and Wastewater
    January 06, 2016”
    One thing is that in 6 years only 2 UK websites have mentioned that paper, FoE and 1 anti-fracking blog

    FFS the world is full of toxins
    like the way the sun is listed as a thing that causes cancer.
    That doesn’t mean that cos McDonald’s uses bleach (a toxin) to clean their kitchen, I am at risk

    Why’s he citing an old simple paper ?
    I guess cos it seems negative.
    That paper has only ever been mentioned on Twitter 6 times
    each time with zero discussion
    4 people mentioned it when it was published. And this activist and another mentioned it in the last few months.


  92. I heard green measures making EU dependent on Russian gas
    now mean that EU forests are being chopped down in 2022 to cover the lower availability of that gas


  93. Spectator article reporting Ofgem’s view of the likelihood of power outages this winter and the measures that would be taken:
    ” Warnings about the energy crisis have been circulating for months – but how serious is the chance of the lights going out altogether? Very, according to energy regulator Ofcom, which has outlined in a letter what would happen in the event of the UK being unable to obtain sufficient gas to meet demand.
    Writing to Elexon, the company which administers the ‘Balancing and Settlement Code’ which governs the privatised energy market, Ofgem says there is a ‘possibility’ Britain will enter ‘into a gas supply emergency’ this winter and lays out what would happen if it did – i.e. when there is insufficient gas to supply the network at any wholesale price. Ofgem would seek to reduce demand by turning first to the largest gas-users and demanding they switch off their plant. In other words, electricity generation will be sacrificed to maintain gas supply to households.
    The UK is painfully dependent on gas to fill in the gaps when wind and solar are unable to deliver the goods. While theoretically we already have enough installed wind and solar capacity to provide sufficient electricity to meet UK demand, the intermittent nature of wind and solar energy means that at times – especially during winter – their contribution falls to virtually nothing. Britain does not possess nearly enough energy storage to cope with this, so we keep the lights on by turning to gas instead. Last year, gas accounted for 39.9 per cent of overall electricity generation.
    This winter will be tougher than last because we have lost two of our remaining seven nuclear power stations this year. Moreover, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has warned that the long-range weather forecast shows high pressure dominating western Europe in November and December – the worst conditions for wind and solar energy. To prevent the lights going out, the IEA estimates that Europe will have to reduce demand for gas by up to 13 per cent. None of this bodes well for avoiding blackouts in Britain: the electricity supply will be the first thing to suffer in a gas emergency.”
    The comment about sacrificing electricity generation reveals a serious lack of knowledge – unsurprisingly. If the power goes out, boilers won’t run.


  94. Stewgreen: Fracking fluid is pretty innocuous. Somewhere there’s a video of a guy from one of the fracking outfits drinking a glass as a publicity stunt. He must have survived the experience or it would have been banner headlines.

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  95. MikeHig, the Guardian has that bad forecast too:

    “Colder early winter in Europe could worsen cost of living crisis, say forecasters
    EU’s meteorological agency warns La Niña weather pattern makes cold, still and dry snap more likely”


    Europe is likely to experience a colder, drier and less windy early winter, according to forecasting models compiled by the EU’s meteorological agency, as the UK energy regulator warned there is a “significant risk” of gas shortages this winter.

    The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) cautions that predicting winter conditions are “notoriously difficult” in early October. But it says a cold, still and dry snap in November and December, which would worsen the cost of living crisis, is more likely, because of this year’s La Niña – a powerful weather pattern influenced by cooler temperatures in the Pacific.

    Carlo Buontempo, the ECMWF’s director of the Copernicus Climate Change Service, said: “La Niña tends to cause disruption to westerly winds, creating high pressure over Europe, which is what the models are showing for the beginning of winter.

    And some idiots believe that the energy crisis would be solved if only we built more wind turbines.


  96. “Cop27 host Egypt warns UK not to backtrack from climate agenda
    Unusual diplomatic intervention prompted by fears over Liz Truss’s commitment to net zero”


    Apart from saying “How Dare You?!!!” a la Greta, to a country which in its NDC submitted under the Paris Agreement did little more than pay lip service to reducing emissions, the point I wanted to draw attention to is this:

    A spokesperson for the UK government said: “We have a proud record when it comes to Cop, [and] we are forging ahead with our plans for net zero. Forty per cent of our power now comes from clean energy sources and we will continue to deliver on those promises.”

    How often do we have to witness people who should know better conflating/confusing electricity and energy/power? Apart from the dubious claim that even 40% of electricity comes from “clean” energy sources, when so much of it is provided by the likes of Drax, electricity represents maybe 1/5 – 1/6 of the power we use. That being the case, 40% looks more like 5-10% of our power. Fact check called for!


  97. The Financial Times has just joined Business Declares, an organisation that started life as XR Business,* is headed by an XRer and has at least two XRers on its board. It wants companies to declare a climate emergency.



    *People often say that XR is a bunch of stinking commies but quite a few leading members are stinking capitalists. Bradbrook and Hallam, for example, have often described themselves as entrepreneurs.**

    It was a clash between such people and those of a less stinking capitalist persuasion that caused XR Business to have such a short life and led directly to the founding of Business Declares. Launched on Easter Monday in 2019, XR Business’s website was deleted just two days later after stinking commies complained about XR’s brand being hijacked by stinking capitalists. In an apologetic statement released in late May, Bradbrook was full of love, gratitude and rage:


    Business Declares was launched in September 2019 by some of the people who had launched XR Business. It has lasted a lot longer and, with the FT climbing aboard, may well be here to stay.

    But only if you stinking capitalist commies put your hands in your pockets. Here’s its fundraiser:


    That’s been online for at least two years but has met only 11.5% of its £25k target.***

    **I think Bradbrook has only ever described herself as a social entrepreneur, but hey, a lot of stinking capitalist spivs call themselves that.

    ***That’s Cityboyz for you. Crap performance but puffed by the FT (and prolly lots of big bonuses).


  98. BBC local radio presenter first did an anti-fracking tweet
    “MORNING ALL 🤘🏿😜🤘🏿
    ⛔️: FRACK OFF w/ @East_Riding”

    Now he’s just put up a clip with his interview with anti-frackers


  99. A couple of new posts from Ed Hoskins:

    “Green Thinking: a contradiction in terms and the induced self-destruction of the West”



    “A few graphs say it all for Weather-Dependent “Renewables””


    The latter article is also featured at WUWT:



  100. “No one voted for Liz Truss’s policies. That’s why we stormed her conference speech
    Rebecca Newsom and Ami McCarthy
    At Greenpeace, we’ve found manifesto-busting pledges on everything from the climate to workers’ rights”


    I share Greenpeace’s disquiet at the way a modest number of Conservative voters elected a PM who doesn’t seem too interested in abiding by her party’s manifesto commitments (but then I don’t remember this fuss when Gordon Brown seamlessly replaced Tony Blair without anybody having voted for him). But as for this:

    People voted for strong action on climate…

    Hmm. Sort of. It’s true that this stuff was in the Tory party manifesto at the last election, but then it was in almost every party manifesto election. Voters didn’t really have any choice. It’s a bit rich to say they voted for it in any realistic way. They voted for a party, and that party, like almost all the others, didn’t offer them any choice on that question. That’s not to say that all Tory voters were enthusiastically voting for “strong action on climate”, but it suits Greenpeace to pretend that they did.

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  101. Front page of the Times today, “Plea for European help against blackouts.”
    On the website the most recent version is “Britain urges European leaders to help keep lights on amid blackout fears.”
    The summary is, if it’s not windy the lights might go out in the UK, so we would like to ask our friends in Europe to commit to sending us >5GW if we need it.


  102. Gosh! Radon Liz in Party Conference speech attacks Greens for being anti-growth. Haven’t they always been?


  103. Jit,

    Keir Starmer made it clear at his conference that a Great British Energy company relying upon ‘British wind’ will see us through. We have no need of any European wind.

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  104. As heard a few minutes ago on PM. Guest speaker Kathryn Porter (the sensible one from Watt-Logic) interview by Evan Davies:

    DAVIES: Kathryn, talk us through the scenarios – what it would be, what it takes, for us not to have margins through the winter.

    PORTER: Well National Grid is thinking that the main risk is around not having access to imports. Unfortunately I think it’s missing a really big risk, and that’s what happens when it’s not windy.


  105. Wednesday BBC local news environmental reporter honed an anti-fracking item.
    He aired a line of his activist mates reading scripted lines
    Rachael Bice Wildlife Trust
    eg Poppy RommeryThen govt answer was read
    Then clip of the Environment minister from Twitter

    “No application for fracking has been made in our entire area YET
    .. conservationists believe it could have a DEVASTATING effect on nature and wildlife ”

    Now Philip Norton reporting that East Yorkshire council has made a statement against fracking

    “Now viewer comments , quite a few people saying it’s time to give up on the British Steel industry ”

    I’ll check their tweets.


  106. 9am local news
    “New oil gas licences
    .. BUT could take upto 10 years to flow
    ..BUT here’s a Sturgeon clip to pour gloom”

    Note the difference in BBCNews Tweets to Skynews

    New oil and gas at odds with green goals, report says

    15 hours ago https://www.twitter.com/BBCNews/status/1578066468805173248

    UK *defies climate warnings*
    with new oil and gas licences

    3 hours ago https://www.twitter.com/BBCNews/status/1578249078185639936

    BBC *spins* anti-oil headlines
    Sky gives facts

    New oil and gas licensing will boost economy and energy security, says Jacob Rees-Mogg
    Licences are being made available for sectors

    A total of 898 blocks and part blocks are being made available, but in a bid to encourage production of new oil and gas supplies as quickly as possible the NSTA has identified four “priority cluster areas” in the southern North Sea

    .. https://www.twitter.com/SkyNews/status/1578257397243584512


  107. Some student has a theory about the Greenland icesheet,
    BBC runs that, I guess cos it aims to keep up a narrative of green and ice melt stories.

    “Greenland’s future may be written under North Sea”
    by Jonathan Amos


  108. You have a few hours left to catch this stunning propaganda from our local BBC news
    With the regular calm presenter away
    @LookNorthBBC opened with this
    “International climate experts say that government plans on new oil licences are WRONG”
    that is
    #1 Opinion
    #2 From un-named sources
    #3 It’s not actual detail about the new oil/gas licence news
    Compare it to the SkyNews detail

    I tweeted : I am appalled
    I know some people desperately believe in GreenDreams
    but that item was done as if it was written by wind/solar PR professionals


    The prog ended with lines that made it sound the story
    was that more windfarns would be opening
    When the actual news was about new oil/gas field licences


  109. Partial Transcript
    “Good evening : international climate experts say it’s wrong and a danger to our environment,
    BUT the government has announced today that it is pressing ahead with DIGGING fossil fuels from under the sea
    100 new gas and Oil exploration licences have been granted for the sea off the East coast including Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

    The climate minister is Grahame Stuart the Beverly MP.
    He’s a fan of green energy, but says we have to react to current pressures on fuel supplies
    Here’s what he told the BBC this morning”

    Stuart “It’s a transition, … the more extreme voices want us to switch off everything today, but that’s not the plan
    The plan is to make a transition with investment in oil and gas
    .. and in renewables and other technologies, all of which we are doing going forward” cut

    Presenter Leanne “Well it brings into focus the debate around what’s the best and most practical way forward for our energy supplies.
    Fossil Fuels OR renewables ?”
    (fallacy alert ..Fallacy of false dichotomy the minister just said it’s not a case of one or the other)

    GREEN CAMPAIGNERS want to see an end to oil and gas extraction
    (is that true ? because if you have CCS that means fossil fuels are zero carbon emissions)
    but sources of renewable energy are also being met with strong opposition
    our environment correspondent has been to Lincolnshire where there are plans for massive solar farms.”

    into video report ..

    Did you see what they did ?
    Instead of simply reporting what the government has done, they turned their report into “It’s a debate” FFS the decision has been made.


  110. The end take at 26m06s
    “The headlines ..and here Fossil Fuels OR renewables ?
    As the government gives the green light to drilling in the North Sea
    huge solar farms are planned for Lincolnshire “

    ..The solar farms are not today’s news
    that bit is being mixed in to dampen the new oilfield announcement news.
    “Now we we’re talking about the energy crisis and whether we should look to renewables OR fossil fuels” (fallacy of false dichotomy)
    Again that is not the actual news, that is how they are spinning it

    Viewer comments were read
    #1Ernest “start fracking ..stop the madness of Net Zero now”

    #2 Lynn “I agree with renewables but need gas/oil in short term
    put solar on roofs
    #3 Rob “No solar panels fields. should be on roofs instead”

    FFS If the aim is to reduce world CO2 then UK solar PV panels are always wrong, cos the same solar panel situated in sunny Africa would displace 3 or 4 times more CO2.


  111. I scanned Twitter and Facebook for debate on that prog
    Seems the logical righties have given up and think that’s what you expect from the BBC

    The tweets to the prog’s own account are 97% from their own bubbleworld congratulating them for winning some RTS awards last night.

    The independent Facebook page had a couple of posts about solar on roofs. but were largely ignored cos Facebook people tend to be righties and fairly sceptical of green dreams.


  112. “Young activists urge focus on cash for climate damage at COP27”


    The main focus of this year’s COP27 climate summit should be working out who pays the bill for damage caused by global warming, young activists say.

    World leaders will gather in Egypt in November to discuss how the world deals with rising temperatures.

    Poorer countries want rich ones to pay for damage caused by climate change and the extreme weather associated with it.

    Youth activists meeting ahead of COP27 say it must deal with this long-running issue of “loss and damage”.

    The issue was a source of acrimony between rich and poor countries at recent climate talks in Germany.

    Last week, almost 400 activists from 65 countries attended the ‘Climate Justice Camp’ in Tunisia…

    How very green!


  113. “Coming up on Woman’s Hour .. 2 COP27 Climate activists”

    ..yet righties should be denied a voice on the BBC

    Oh they just put out a promo tweet.. BAME activist pictured with Attenborough
    .. https://www.twitter.com/BBCWomansHour/status/1579388854926295040

    “In a few weeks leaders will be gathering in Egypt for the climate conference COP27.
    But whose voices are we not hearing from?

    Environment activists Farwiza Farhan (@wiiiiza) and Patience Nabukalu (@patienceNabz) join @JessCreighton1”


  114. BBCr4 @Costingtheearth tweets
    How did our prehistoric ancestors cope with climate change?
    We join a ground-breaking archaeological investigation on gorgeous Malta with @DrEleanorScerri and her crack team Tuesday 3.30 @BBCRadio4 @BBCSounds https://bbc.in/3V9jnHP

    Did they fly ?


  115. How could I forget? Exactly twelve years ago there was the 10:10 campaign, complete with the notorious Richard Curtis ‘splatterfest’ video. In keeping with Bit Rot their Apology Page for that PR atrocity is no longer. But Tory frontbench signs up to 10:10 climate change campaign in The Guardian, over a year in advance, gives a bit of a flavour. And Cliscep’s own Tom Fuller (but before we were a thing) wrote up some reactions in Blow Me Up, Blow Me Down on WUWT. Happy days.


  116. ITV local newsPR has gone into a Climate PR bollocks item
    Studio “this years drought *could* put up every households food costs by £40 next year
    here’s a syndicated item by Nick Smith”

    #1 “Here’s a cherrypicked farmer who had a bad year”
    .. (they could’ve picked a grain or maize famer who’d had a very good year)

    #2 Soil Association bloke Ben Raskin
    That’ll be the org who organised this PR
    see the anti-Tory green nutcases he retweets https://www.twitter.com/Ben_Raskin

    The narrative was a dry soil means the nutrients haven’t been been spread around
    (in a few weeks they’ll be complaining that floods have washed nutrients away)

    FFS you never end summer with the reservoirs full, they fill up during the winter
    All but our biggest rainwater tanks are full
    If it doesn’t rain again before the end of May 2023 we might run out

    Update : The presenter put up a tweet https://www.twitter.com/NickSmithITV/status/1579510957545775107

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  117. BBC local newsPR
    “fracking , North Sea Oil, solar what should be the future, we will have the Climate Minister on who’s a local MP”
    … Guess which angles the BBC wants ?


  118. First BBC tried framing trickery, by starting with a pre-recorded clip of a Tory MP they cherrypicked who hates fracking.

    Stuart tried to strike both sides of the fence
    “fracking I’ve always been in favour but scientists can’t predict so we need test wells”

    “Solar it’s fantastic” etc.


  119. em of course there is an archived version of the 10:10 apology page
    The URL you have given is wrong
    it seems to me you got there by using a short URL which has now been reused as that Cabinanoid advert page

    Archive : https://web.archive.org/web/20110421223708/http://www.1010global.org/no-pressure

    Also the Portuguese 10:10 issued their own apology

    Screenshots .. https://www.twitter.com/No2BS/status/1579557995054522369

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  120. Phew, what a relief! That’ll make the difference between CAGW and not CAGW:

    “Climate change: Isle of Man could be a world leader, advisor says”


    The Isle of Man could be a world leader in reducing carbon emissions if it meets targets, a government advisor has said.

    Members of Tynwald will vote on the Isle of Man Climate Change Plan 2022-2027 next week.

    If approved the island could import more electricity from the UK and phase out gas boilers.

    Prof James Curran said the pledges would bring the island “rapidly up to speed with the rest of the world”.

    The island has committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, with an interim target of 35% by 2030.

    Prof Curran, a former chief executive of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency who was tasked with creating an action plan for the island, said the ambitions were “tough” but achievable.

    The introduction of a second interconnector cable to the UK to import energy by 2030 would “contribute hugely to carbon neutrality”, he added.

    Seriously? What part of energy security issues and people destroying pipelines (and by inference, also able to damage cables) haven’t they noticed recently?


  121. Another relief!

    “‘Significant progress’ in Wiltshire’s carbon neutral aims”


    Wiltshire is making “progress” towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030, according to a report.

    The county council-commissioned report details actions taken by the authority, such as installing LED lighting, giving permission for affordable, zero-carbon homes and planting trees.

    However, carbon emissions from council buildings has gone up recently as staff resumed working in offices.

    It comes after a climate emergency was declared by the council in 2019…


  122. With food costs rising, does anyone seriously think this is a good idea?

    “New Zealand farmers may pay for greenhouse gas emissions under world-first plans
    By 2025, farmers would pay a levy on emissions from sources such as cow burps and gases from their urine under proposals released by Jacinda Ardern”


    In a world-first, New Zealand appears set to introduce a scheme that will require farmers to pay for their agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, including the methane belched out by cows and nitrous oxide emitted through livestock urine.

    The prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, and three of her ministers, stood behind a podium of hay bales at a North Island dairy farm on Tuesday morning to unveil the government’s plan for putting a price on the climate cost of farming.

    The emissions created by the digestive systems of New Zealand’s 6.3m cows are among the country’s biggest environmental problems. The plan includes taxing both methane emitted by livestock and nitrous oxide emitted mostly from fertiliser-rich urine – which together contributes to around half of New Zealand’s overall emissions output.

    “The proposal, as it stands, means New Zealand’s farmers are set to be the first in the world to reduce agricultural emissions,” said Ardern, adding that it would give the country’s biggest export market (worth $46.4bn a year) a competitive advantage globally, while putting the country on track to meet its 2030 methane reduction target….

    Great logic – make the farmers pay higher levies, and that will give them an international competitive advantage!


  123. Frau Prof Dr Julia Steinberger collared after Wankdorf, Bern, stuck fingers shock horror probe!

    The ‘internationally renowned climate scientist’ (she’s actually a social ecologist, whatever that means) said she had glued her hand to a pelican crossing between Winkelried Street and Wankdorf Bridge because she is a mother, a citizen, a teacher and a scientist who knows that it’s ‘no exaggeration to say that the habitability of our planet is being destroyed before our eyes’.

    She was arrested at about 9am today and released a few hours later. She has yet to be charged with anything. The pelican was unharmed.



  124. Mark – thanks for the “Climate change: Isle of Man could be a world leader, advisor says” comment link above.
    from the BBC post –
    “Prof Curran also believed “driving hard ambitions” was “vitally important” to the future economy of the island.
    He said with a greater global focus on sustainability “businesses won’t want to locate here, they won’t want to invest here”, if climate change was not prioritised

    The advisor, who is stepping down from his role advising government, expects the Isle of Man will “move really fast” to be “up-there” with world leaders on climate change.
    The focus now needs to be all about “delivery, delivery, delivery”, he said.”

    seems 3 is the magic number if you repeat a word fast enough.

    ps – that BBC post linked to – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-62270392
    which says –
    “A ban on fossil fuel heating in new buildings is also going to be introduced in 2024, a year earlier than planned.
    Further changes would see building regulations that ensure sure new buildings are 97% energy efficient.
    When asked in Tynwald why the plan was not more ambitious, Mr Cannan said the targets that had been outlined were “realistic and achievable”.”

    as usual it’s all magical thinking – “A ban on fossil fuel heating in new buildings is also going to be introduced in 2024” – wonder how the new homes will be heated in the winter?


  125. Is it news ? or is it PR ?
    The BBC have found a voice they like
    and are simply cutNPasting his views
    thus fulfilling their daily quota of CorrectThink articles
    .. Very Stalinist


  126. Oh the other day @itvCalendar the local ITV newsPR show ran an item
    “People are buying an electric blanket to heat themselves instead of using gas central heating”

    Then they quoted figures of 20p for a hour blanket vs £2 to heat the room with gas
    Hmm our gas central heating costs a few pounds per day to heat a *whole house*
    So how did they get their maths ?
    They said their figs were from The Energy Savings Trust
    Hmm that’s a green PR outfit.

    I see the boss of Octopus Energy making the same claim as he runs his scheme giving away electric blankets.
    .. https://www.twitter.com/g__j/status/1579059352152944640
    He’s saying you run a 10KW boiler for an hour.

    Em yes a boiler is 10KW but our boiler doesn’t sit there consuming 10KW for a whole hour. It fires up at less than 10KW spends some mins bringing the whole house to 18C then switches off
    The average use through the hour is nowhere near 10KW for one room.


  127. Viewer comments read at the end on Monday mostly were pro UK gas

    and Tuesday’s comments too less than half GreenDream
    So the prog is doing a good job of reflecting the real world
    rather than giving us GreenDream activists only, like most of the BBC usually do.


  128. “Use Covid lessons to curb climate change, Lords tell government”


    Information campaigns like those used in the Covid-19 pandemic would help individuals act on climate change, a House of Lords report has said.

    To meet climate goals, a third of cuts to UK emissions by 2035 must come from people changing their behaviour, it says.

    It calls the government’s current approach “seriously inadequate”….

    Information, or nudges?


  129. 12:16 R4 PR for Warrington Councils solar and battery scheme
    “Now plants have been handed over Warrington Council is 100% renewable”
    plants are in York, Hull and Cirencester cost £62m
    (BBC presenter actually pointed out that’s really an offset scheme)

    Obvious to me that sometimes solar and batteries will be low eg in January
    so they’ll be drawing energy off the grid whilst not inputting any
    .. ie they will gas powered.

    Labour spokes is smiling ..cos of current high price

    Then she says that a new solar farm will power an electric bus fleet.
    Bet they charge the buses will charge at night
    when solar is outputting zero


  130. “Oxfordshire council pensions criticised for fossil fuel investment”


    A council employee has criticised her employer’s pension scheme investment in fossil fuel companies.

    Kate Robinson, who works at Oxfordshire County Council, said she was deeply concerned her money is invested in firms which carry out oil extraction.

    Her comments were made at a council meeting after 500 people signed a petition calling for investments to end.

    The council has been approached for comment.

    “When I look at our pension fund, I am deeply ashamed and quite frankly alarmed by the fact that the Brunel portfolio includes fossil fuel companies,” Ms Robinson told the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

    She said the petition shows a growing consensus that the council should “put climate action at the heart of [council] decision making”.

    “I am hugely conflicted as a member of this pension scheme,” she added.

    “The irony has not been lost on me that our organisation has signposted to Climate Action Oxfordshire’s website to change our own personal behaviours, at home and at work.”…


  131. From the “you couldn’t make it up” section of the Guardian:

    “US Democrats threaten Saudi Arabia with arms freeze over oil output
    Congress members raise prospect of one-year sales ban unless kingdom reverses Opec+ decision to cut production”


    Democrats in the US Congress have issued a fresh ultimatum to Saudi Arabia, giving the kingdom weeks to reverse an Opec+ decision to roll back oil production or face a potential one-year freeze on all arms sales.

    The threat came as Joe Biden reiterated his pledge to take action over Riyadh’s decision last week to cut oil output by 2m barrels a day, which Democrats have said would help “fuel Vladimir Putin’s war machine” and hurt American consumers at the petrol pump.


  132. Net Zero Watch has posted an article from the FT wherein the head of Chevron stated:
    “The reality is, fossil fuel is what runs the world today. It’s going to run the world tomorrow and five years from now, 10 years from now, 20 years from now.”

    Hopefully this bit of pushback will lead to others. It’s about time the fossil fuel industry put on its big-boy pants and spelt out some harsh truths, although it’s probably too late.


  133. Wednesday BBC local news PR
    “the climate minister Graham Stuart has said that both onshore wind and fracking play a part in the energy future
    here’s our environmental reporter live from Sancton wind farm”
    “Well Peter there is not much to see here at Sancton”
    .. now what’s the camera shot black and still, for real ?
    cross 20 miles away where I am watching it was still light
    It’s it’s possible that the truth is the wind farm was not moving and the programme had deliberately made the picture dark.

    “the minister has said that turbine developers must respect the local community”
    strange phrasing ?
    ” now one of the contentious issues is fracking
    the Minister said it’s good for the environment cos imported gas has a higher carbon footprint
    he said that it would be irresponsible not to explore for shale”

    Studio “hello popular do you think those comments will be ?”
    “the government has not defined what community support what means
    .. we don’t know if that means that local councils will be able to veto proposals from fracking or wind farms”

    Studio”Earlier I spoke to Doctor Doug Parr the campaign director for Greenpeace”
    “what’s not to like about fracking, I assume you are in favour of it”
    DP “No we are not thrilled at all by the idea of fracking
    .. we are in the midst of a climate emergency
    .. we just had a third of Pakistan underwater with floods
    in Britain we had a drought and climate emergency
    (I don’t accept the we had an actual drought Britain certainly had a lot of water, asserting that it was a UK drought is more of a PR thing)
    “If if the UK mine’s more fossil fuels that’s means there are more fossil fuels on the world
    and that would make fossil fuels *cheaper* in the long run
    ..Now if we don’t take a stand as one of the richest Nations
    we are going to fry as a planet”

    “is it right that local people have a say but if they don’t want it they don’t have to have it?”
    “yes that’s right”
    “so you support someone who says they don’t want an onshore wind farm near them ?”
    “are in a climate emergency I think people understand that” says Parr shouting now
    “solar and wind massively more popular than fracking on any pole that’s ever been”
    BBC guy hey apparently there’s 4 trillion pounds worth of gas beneath our feet, creating jobs and allowing is not to rely on Vladimir Putin”

    DP “our problem on our reliance on overseas fossil fuels is that we need to do something about DEMAND”

    Then here are a few comments that were coming in from the public 2 that seemed supportive of fracking, and none against.

    At the end of the show they read out more comments.
    One was against fracking and one was for, another sneered at Jacob rees-mogg”


  134. love the below the post plea by the Guardian –
    “There can be no more hiding, and no more denying. Global heating is supercharging extreme weather at an astonishing speed. Guardian analysis recently revealed how human-caused climate breakdown is accelerating the toll of extreme weather across the planet. People across the world are losing their lives and livelihoods due to more deadly and more frequent heatwaves, floods, wildfires and droughts triggered by the climate crisis.

    At the Guardian, we will not stop giving this life-altering issue the urgency and attention it demands. We have a huge global team of climate writers around the world and have recently appointed an extreme weather correspondent. ”

    thought that they only employed “extreme weather correspondent’s”?
    can’t wait to find out who she/he is.

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  135. Perhaps we should have a COP27 thread? Although it’s not receiving anything like the media attention given to COP26 in Glasgow, it is starting to register on the media’s radar screen. E.g.:

    “Egypt silenced climate experts’ voices before hosting Cop27, HRW says
    Failure to address country’s abuses will obstruct rollout of meaningful climate action, director of Human Rights Watch says”



  136. BBC does clickbait headlines, sometimes by the “quote as a headline” trick.
    So the BBC made an article which is against the Climate Minister’s opinion that local produced gas is greener than foreign
    but used a clickbait headline to draw people in
    Greenblobbullies then threw their toys out of the pram
    screaming “How dare the BBC be anything other than totally compliant to Greenblob dogma”


  137. Not a good day for people pushing the climate-related agenda:

    “Beyond Meat executive exits after biting incident”


    The Beyond Meat executive who was accused of biting a man’s nose is leaving the vegan food company.

    The US firm, known for its plant-based burgers, had suspended Douglas Ramsey, then chief operating officer, indefinitely after the incident.

    His departure comes amid a broader shake-up at the company, which is struggling with faltering demand for fake meat.

    The firm also said it was axing 200 staff, about 20% of its workforce.

    “We believe our decision to reduce personnel and expenses throughout the company, including our leadership group, reflects an appropriate right-sizing of our organization given current economic conditions,” Beyond Meat boss Ethan Brown said.

    “We remain confident in our ability to deliver on the long-term growth and impact expected from our global brand.”

    Beyond Meat, which started selling its plant-based food in 2012, has blamed cost-of-living pressures for pushing shoppers to less expensive options, including traditional meat….


    “Van Gogh’s Sunflowers back on display after oil protesters threw soup on it”


    One of Van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers paintings has been cleaned and is back on display, after climate activists threw tins of what appeared to be tomato soup over it.

    London’s National Gallery confirmed it is now back in place, about six hours after the soup incident.

    Footage showed two people in Just Stop Oil T-shirts opening tins and throwing the contents on the masterpiece before gluing their hands to the wall.

    Two people were arrested.

    The gallery said earlier the painting was covered by glass and therefore not damaged….


  138. “Ross McKitrick: Yet again, IPCC’s climate math doesn’t check out”


    Don’t let anyone tell you ‘the science’ demands we simply accept the increasingly lethal climate policy agenda

    The high and rising costs of climate policy — now including the inability of jurisdictions that bet big on renewables to guarantee enough energy for their citizens to survive the coming winter — don’t just entitle us to question the basis for it: they demand we do so.

    Ultimately, the justification for renewables is the view that carbon dioxide emissions have a big effect on the climate that will cause devastating harm at some point in the future. Scientists measure the effect using a concept called “Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity” or ECS, which estimates how much long-run average warming will occur as a result of doubling the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Some important new evidence pointing to a low ECS value just emerged in the scientific literature.

    ECS has long been uncertain. In 1979 the U.S. National Academy of Sciences estimated it to be between 1.5 and 4.5 degrees Celsius, with a best estimate of 3.0 degrees C. That range, which runs from “no big deal” to “very bad outcomes,” was accepted by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its first report in 1990 and thereafter until 2007 when, citing greater warming projections in newer models, it raised the bottom end to 2.0 degrees C.

    But over the next few years a literature developed using, not model simulations, but observed warming rates since the late-1800s to estimate ECS. Its results typically centred around 2.0 C or less. So in 2013 the IPCC reduced the bottom end of the range back to 1.5 C and declined to offer a best estimate. In other words, after three decades climate science hadn’t narrowed the uncertainty at all.

    The economic implications of ECS being 2 C rather than 3 C are enormous. Economic models used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and others assume ECS is 3 C when computing the social cost of carbon. Some co-authors and I have shown that if the ECS parameter is instead centred around 2 C, the estimated social cost of carbon plummets and becomes very small at least through the middle of this century. The justification for costly climate policy essentially disappears.

    Given the discrepancy between models and observations, the IPCC changed the way it handled the ECS issue in its latest (2021) report. It no longer relied on model estimates, but neither did it go with the existing estimates in the empirical literature. Instead it turned to a 2020 paper by Australian climate scientist Steven Sherwood and 10 co-authors, who used a new technique to combine data from modern climate change with that from the end of the last ice age and even further back. They concluded the likely sensitivity range was from 2.6 to 3.9 C. On this basis the IPCC revised its estimate of the likely ECS range to between 2.5 and 4.0 C with a best estimate of 3.1 C. And it specifically ruled out ECS being less than 2.0 C.

    But as so often happens when a new paper appears in the literature that solves a political problem for the IPCC, they pounce on it before experts in the field have had a chance to check the numbers — which is what a new paper in the peer-reviewed journal Climate Dynamics by U.K. mathematician Nicholas Lewis does.

    Lewis shows that the Sherwood paper made some mathematical errors and also relied on outdated data. Interestingly, many of the data updates were done by the IPCC itself in other parts of its 2021 report but weren’t applied in the Sherwood study. Other data updates were done in the wider peer-reviewed literature by specialists in the field.

    Lewis shows that correcting the math actually increases the sensitivity estimate slightly. But updating the data does the opposite: the ECS best estimate drops to 2.2 C with a likely range from 1.8 to 2.7 C. And if the analysis focuses only on the period after 1870 (recognizing that most of the world has little or no reliable temperature data prior to that) the best estimate drops even more: to 1.8 C. In other words, with updated data the Sherwood paper would largely confirm the empirical literature the IPCC had passed over.

    This is a big deal. But amid the nonstop stream of climate news you won’t hear about it: the world’s climate journalists aren’t trained to follow important topics like this — though that never stops them from lecturing their readers, viewers and listeners about what to think about climate science.

    It will be five years or more before the IPCC issues a new report. If history is any guide, months before that a group of authors heavily involved in the report-writing process will rush a paper into print that drags ECS back up to the 3 C range just long enough for the new IPCC Summary for Policymakers to declare the same old best estimate. But reality keeps pointing to lower values.

    Don’t let anyone tell you “the science” demands we simply accept the increasingly lethal climate policy agenda. It would fail a cost-benefit test even if ECS were 3 degrees C. But it’s even less justified with an ECS of 2 degrees C, which is the level the evidence seems to insist on.

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  139. It hasn’t been a power station for +40 years
    I think we should be careful of giving attention to things,
    just cos the BBC pushes them
    Here BBC is just talking about Battersea
    cos the property developer want people to talk about it


  140. Something I haven’t seen reported about the Van Gogh Sunflowers attack: it was filmed by Damien Gayle, the Guardian’s environment correspondent. He filmed it from the beginning, from when they took off their coats to reveal the slogans on their t shirts, so he was obviously in in the conspiracy. In other words, he committed the major journalistic crime of creating the news instead of reporting it. And it got him 25 million views on twitter.

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  141. had a look at Nic’s paper _https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00382-022-06468-x
    “Objectively combining climate sensitivity evidence – Nicholas Lewis”

    too deep for me to even comment on.

    only thing of note I can comment on –
    “Funding, No funding has been received for this work.”

    aah, no big oil doners for Nic then!!!!


  142. ” The climate change is not the cause of the problem.
    Cameroon open their dam into Nigeria and that is what caused the flooding.
    There was an agreement between Nigeria and Cameroon
    and Nigeria didn’t keep to its end of the deal

    @chukkiefrom98th writes on BBCnews Instagram post


  143. I spot some people saying that is Nigerian Government propaganda.
    But other posts back it up eg this credible one
    “In 1977, construction of the Lagdo Dam, located in Northern Cameroon began and was completed in 1982.

    Initially, the Cameroonian and Nigerian Government’s had agreed to build two dams so that when excess water is released from the Cameronian dam, it will be contained by the
    Nigerian dam which would be two and a half times bigger and won’t result in flooding

    Nigerian Government agreed to construct the Dasin Hausa Dam in Adamawa State to lessen the impact of any potential flooding from the Lagdo dam in Cameroon.
    Regrettably, the Dasin Hausa dam has not been completed since 1982 and this has led to the yearly flooding in Nigeria”


  144. Good spot, Geoff! I assumed that Damien Gayle’s tweets used a video released by Just Stop Oil but at least two people filmed the Van Gogh vandalism and the Grauniad credits Gayle with the video used in its article. (The other video was by Rich Felgate, who is making a flim about JSO.)

    If all of Gayle’s tweeted videos are his own work then he must have made one of my favourite XR videos. A polite policeman shepherding Grandma GilesGenny Scherer as she shouts about genocide during her fifth or sixth arrest:

    (I think Scherer’s first arrest was at a Rising Up protest at Heathrow in 2016. In 2017, she was arrested once or twice during protests by a Rising Up spinoff called Stop Killing Londoners – which was led by soon-to-be-XR-bigwigs Roger Hallam, Stu Basden and Ian Bray – and once at a protest outside an arms fair. Then along came XR, with its endless opportunites for getting arrested. She was arrested at an XR protest just two days before that Downing Street vid and has been arrested perhaps twenty more times since at protests by XR and its Insulate Britain, Palestine Action and Just Stop Oil spinoffs. Happy days, grandma!)


  145. That is an interesting, but nitpicking observation
    Since I don’t think it makes a difference to his his argument.

    Sure the Radio Nigeria report uses that photo
    but it doesn’t label it as the Cameroon Dam
    They just used a generic dam photo
    I guess the poster read that report and assumed it was the the actual dam.
    It’s actually The Kerr Dam and Powerhouse

    BTW there was a firm report on Sept 17th saying floods would happen


  146. Stew, to nitpick a bit more:

    (a) I’m not that sure my comment qualified as nitpicking. I did say that the explanation you offered for the Nigerian flood was credible. (And it is.) My thing about the photo was wholly incidental. It was intended as trivia, not nitpickery.

    (b) You shouldn’t call it the Kerr Dam any more. It’s now the Seli’š Ksanka Qlispe’ Dam, which perhaps means something like ‘bitter-root lean-meat-eating ear-dangling dam’, but my Salish is a bit rusty and when I click on the relevant Wiki link to get more info about the new name I get this message instead:

    451: Unavailable for legal reasons

    We recognise you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore cannot grant you access at this time. For any issues, e-mail us at charkoosta@cskt.org or call us at (406) 275-2830.

    I prolly won’t bother.


  147. “Lakes comic art festival wants to ‘change the world'”


    A comic festival that attracts internationally-renowned artists has declared it wants to “use comics to change the world”.

    The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival in Bowness-on-Windermere, Cumbria, includes exhibitions, live drawing, workshops and a comic market.

    Director Julie Tait said comics had “immense power to challenge our perceptions and opinions”.

    She said: “I believe they can be a force for positive change.”

    The 10th annual festival will focus on the environment, the climate crisis and pressures on the natural world….

    Isn’t there a certain inconsistency between a focus on “the climate crisis” [sic] and being an International festival? I wonder what is the “carbon footprint” of the artists from Morocco, Phillipines, Iceland, Korea, Egypt and elsewhere?



  148. “Climate change: Can an enormous seaweed farm help curb it?”


    Climate change hysteria seems to be driving all sorts of craziness, but follow the money…

    …Seafields’ financial backers hope sargassum will float money their way too. They plan to sell credits for captured carbon on the world’s carbon markets. These credits allow businesses like airlines that cannot easily cut their emissions, to buy up carbon reductions made elsewhere.

    Carbon market critics complain the onward rush to monetise CO2 capture has led to backers overselling technologies that eventually fall short of their stated aims. Which begs the question: will Seafields’ promising plan in the laboratory actually work when released into the wild?

    Dr Nem Vaughan, associate professor in climate change at the University of East Anglia says: “I’m a boring scientist, [I’d want] more data, more research, before I’d wholeheartedly say that you’re going to get that kind of gigatonne-scale removal happening.”

    Dr Vaughan is also worried about a scheme that itself could have profound impacts on biological systems. Can Seafields contain so much potentially damaging seaweed out in the South Atlantic? Is the salt fountain robust enough to weather all conditions?

    “People wouldn’t be very happy,” she says, “if tonnes of plastic tubes got set adrift by a big Atlantic storm like we’ve just had”….


  149. Stew, the Saskatchewan Boundary Dam project is even more impressive than you might have thought. First, the power station is an old one, fully functional in the 1960s, second, it burns relatively low grade coal, effectively lignite.


  150. Here’s the key to the project:
    “The majority of the captured gas is sold to operator Cenovus for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) at its Weyburn oilfield. Cenovus has set up injection wells and built a 40 mile-long pipeline connecting Weyburn with Boundary Dam.”
    Taken from a comprehensive write-up:
    CCS has been fitted to one of the five coal-fired units in a $1.6 bn project which included a major refurbishment of the plant.

    That oil field has been using CO2 for enhanced oil recovery for a long time – over 30 years – with the CO2 piped 300 km from a synfuel plant.

    Alan; If memory serves, you have some personal knowledge of this?
    Perhaps you can confirm whether the CO2 is, in fact, sequestered. It’s not clear if it is used to pressurise the field or to reduce the viscosity of the oil. If it’s the former, I guess the gas stays underground. If it’s the latter, isn’t it vented when the oil is treated at the surface?


  151. Mike, Encana who operated the Weyburn-Mildale oilfields used CO2 to extract additional oil as well as storing the CO2 underground in what is essentially an internationally monitored method of underground disposal. The tertiary recovery scheme used to purchase its CO2 from a U.S. gasification plant sending it through specially drilled horizontal wells as a CO2-front that mixed with the oil to form a less viscous oil-gas mixture that moved away from the front towards producing wells. I would imagine that any mixed CO2 would be separated at the surface and re injected. Most of the CO2 fills porosity ahead of the front and is counted as permanently stored gas.

    I don’t know but I wonder if the US gasification plant has ceased operating and the Boundary Dam power plant now supplies the CO2.

    I never studied the Carboniferous limestone reservoirs in Saskatchewan (although a colleague did and I saw the cores he studied).


  152. 3:30pm Next Monday “Wine in a Changing Climate
    The Food Programme
    As rising temperatures supercharge the UK wine industry, Jaega Wise finds out what this means for winegrowing at home and abroad, and the mixed blessing climate change presents”

    Will they mention that clever crop breeding has brought us varieties that are more resilient against British weather ?


  153. Vinny I don’t attack people personally
    trivia and nitpickery seem the same to me
    that is what I meant, I of course accepted your argument

    Yes I did know about the name change.
    The msg you get is merely a standard reply to EU data protection rules, that US news sites can’t be bothered in trying to be compliant, so they just self block instead.

    The UK is not in the EU of course.


  154. Come on, someone must know the maths
    $1.6bn infrastructure spend to recover small amount of CO2 4.5m tonnes so far, is nowhere near economic is it ?


  155. Mike. I suppose I really didn’t precisely answer your questions. Some of the CO2 dissolves in the oil making it less viscous, so that it flows more readily towards the producing wells. Ultimately this reaches the surface. At the same time most of the CO2 occupies the porosity between the injection wells and the oil-CO2 mixing front, maintaining pressure and driving the CO2-oil emulsion towards producing wells and to the surface. So most of the CO2 is retained underground and is counted as stored CO2, whereas that within the oil-CO2 mix will be produced and (presumably) re-injected. Both the CO2 that maintains subsurface pressure and that which dissolves in the oil are essential for the EOR process.

    Hope this helps.


  156. Alan, Thanks for those replies: it’s good to learn! So most of the CO2 is definitely sequestered and probably all of it as it would make sense to re-inject, as you say.

    I did some digging – the syngas plant is owned and operated by Dakota Gasification and they seem to be in good health, judging by their website:
    They claim to have captured 40m tons of CO2 for sequestration to date, in the Weyburn and Midale fields. Seems to be a dynamic and versatile outfit.
    I also read that Cenovus was formed when Encana split itself into 2 companies 10+ years ago.

    EOR/sequestration has enormous potential, as I understand it. Oil companies get paid for sequestering CO2 plus they get more oil out of the ground. They talk of “Blue Oil” which is carbon-negative in that more CO2 is sequestered than is released during production, refining and consumption. Must make green heads explode! Do your bit for the planet….buy a gas-guzzler and run it on petrol derived from Blue Oil!!


  157. Alan, forgot to add that I couldn’t find out why Cenovus has tied into the Boundary Dam project. I can only guess that they wanted an additional source of CO2.


  158. I’ve just spent ages identifying the JSOer who climbed the Dartford bridge today with Kiwi bambusoideaephiliac Morgan Trowland. A stupid waste of time because the police will provide his full name when he’s charged, but it’s done now, so…

    He’s a German (less likely: Hungarian) guitarist called Marcus Decker. Aliases: Marcus Carambola, Marcus De and Gurmasix. Like so many of his bossy, undemocratic, climate-concerned chums, he’s a committed globe-trotter. In recent years he has been to New Zealand, Panama, Dominica, India, Indonesia, Morocco and about a dozen European countries. That’s from mentions at his ‘Marcus De’ Facebook account. No doubt he has been to other places too.

    So: a globe-trotting German (or perhaps Hungarian) guitarist closed an important London motorway today as a way of telling the UK government to stop drilling for oil and gas.

    Citizens of the world, unite!

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  159. Vinny, thanks for that. And right on cue, here’s another one:

    “COP27: Swimmer attempts Red Sea crossing for climate change”


    Endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh is attempting what is thought to be the world’s first swim across the Red Sea.

    He wants to highlight the vulnerability of coral reefs and oceans ahead of a major climate meeting in Egypt in November.

    He told BBC News he wanted world leaders to “put your heads in the water to see what we risk losing if we don’t take urgent action”.

    He hopes to swim the 160km (100 miles) distance over two weeks.

    Nations will be gathering in Sharm el-Sheikh for COP27 in November to discuss how the world is tackling rising temperatures.

    Mr Pugh, a UN Patron of the Oceans, will face warm sea temperatures, very salty water, and long hours of exposure to the sun as he swims around 10km (6 miles) a day….

    …Mr Pugh is calling on governments to take action to significantly cut their greenhouse gas emissions and for 30% of the world’s oceans to be protected….

    …He has been swimming for 35 years and is the first person to complete a long-distance swim in every ocean….

    …After finishing the swim, Mr Pugh will attend COP27.

    So CO2 emissions must be reduced because of climate change, just not Mr Pugh’s CO2 emissions….


  160. Very sad news from my home town (sorry, city) – an event that was watched by huge numbers and brought much-needed funds to the area has apparently fallen victim to the Climate Puritans:

    “Sunderland Airshow axed over climate change”


    The Sunderland Airshow has been cancelled indefinitely as a council says it wants to make the city carbon neutral.

    The popular event, which attracted hundreds of thousands of spectators to Roker, was last held in 2019.

    Subsequent dates were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Council leader Graeme Miller said the city would host other events, including the World Triathlon Championship next year.

    He said residents wanted “to see new and different events” which the council hoped would “inspire more people to become physically active”.

    A council spokeswoman said: “In light of the new approach to events and the council’s ambitions to be carbon neutral by 2030 and the city’s to be carbon neutral by 2040, the council has confirmed it has no plans to run the Sunderland Airshow in the future.”

    Mr Miller said: “Residents have identified the environment as one of their top concerns and both the council and the city have committed to tackling the global climate emergency by reducing carbon emissions.

    “This makes it all the harder to justify events such as the airshow, which generate large amounts of carbon, going ahead in the future.”

    But hosting a World Triathlon Championship, which presumably will involve people travelling to Sunderland from all over the world, is compatible with those objectives?


  161. A letter in the Scottish Herald today:

    It was no surprise to read that NatureScot’s budget has been slashed yet again by the Scottish Government (Herald 14 October). We have witnessed the decline in their ability to scrutinise and respond to wind farm applications for over a decade due to their lack of resources. This of course suits the Scottish Government and developers down to the ground as there is less opposition to their plans – unbelievable profits for developers and mega millions in rent for the Government when planning permission is granted for development on public land. This is a gross conflict of interest as it is the Scottish Ministers who give consent to large scale wind farms and they are therefore effectively lining their own pockets.
    RSPB, a charity and another consultee to wind farm developments are in a similar situation as their lack of resources also leaves them gagged and only able to focus on “priority sites or species.”

    The Scottish Government know local authorities are overwhelmed with planning applications and can’t cope and they are also well aware that local communities do not have the manpower or expertise required to scrutinise large technical documents or the ability to raise sufficient funds in order to employ professional help when faced with numerous applications simultaneously or consecutively. They are doing a grand job of silencing any opposition to their plans to destroy our rural communities, iconic landscapes and wildlife. Is there not a word for that?


  162. “Sunderland Airshow axed over climate change”

    are they going to stop people going on Hols to Spain/USA.. etc next?


  163. https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2022/10/16/no-bbc-there-were-no-record-excess-deaths-this-summer/

    the BEEB can’t help but push this –
    “as the UK endured record high temperatures of 40C this summer, there were around 3,000 more deaths in the over-65s than usual in England and Wales – the highest figure since 2004.

    Many happened during the hottest days towards the end of July and in early August.

    The data comes from a report by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

    Experts say it shows just how dangerous hot weather can be.”

    tell that to the people jetting to some sunny location, no you never interview/get comments from them do you.


  164. “Billionaire Mo Ibrahim attacks ‘hypocrisy’ over Africa’s gas
    Telecoms entrepreneur says continent’s people should be allowed to use their vast reserves”


    One of Africa’s richest entrepreneurs, the telecoms billionaire Mo Ibrahim, has criticised developed countries for seeking to dissuade African nations from exploiting their vast reserves of gas.

    Ibrahim told the Guardian in an interview: “We need a balanced and a fair policy for everybody. Gas can be useful to our transition … [Those who say otherwise] are hypocrites.”

    Africa’s gas reserves should be used to bring power to some of the world’s poorest people, he said. “We have 600 million people without electricity. How can we even think of development if people don’t have power? How can we have education, hospitals, business, companies, social life, TVs, tablets, computers, whatever? Development is a major issue for us and power is essential.”

    He added: “What you need to ensure is that Africans have some share of their own gas … but we will export, yes.”

    Africa’s gas, and the question of whether and how countries can exploit it, will be a key flashpoint at the Cop27 UN climate summit next month.

    And he’s right, of course. Comfortable middle class JSO protestors and the rest of them would happily condemn hundreds of millions of people to poverty.

    On the other hand, African countries can’t whinge about “climate justice”, demanding “compensation” for “climate change” while ostensibly contributing to it themselves. You can’t have your cake and eat it.


  165. I am perplexed. The demonstrators on the Queen Elizabeth Bridge are far above the traffic, so why is the bridge closed? Yes vibrations might dislodge them but only if they are not firmly attached. But that is their responsibility and to disrupt a major route upon the possibility that the climbers might not be responsible for their own safety seems incommensurate. If we followed that sort of policy to its logical limit we would stop all car traffic because drivers might hit foot traffic on neighbouring sidewalks.

    I was also confused by one driver unable to cross the bridge sitting in his stationary vehicle with apparently his engine running. Asked by the interviewer, he expressed sympathy for the protesters, while polluting the immediate neighbourhood and releasing scads of CO2. Life is funny sometimes.

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  166. Alan Kendall: ‘I am perplexed. The demonstrators on the Queen Elizabeth Bridge are far above the traffic, so why is the bridge closed?’

    Me too.

    The police must be following tick-boxed guidance about people who climb bridges being suicidal. Several videos by one of the climbers make it clear that they are not suicidal, but hey – they have climbed a bridge so they tick the right boxes for the bridge to be closed.


    I’ve found another alias of the – definitely German, not Hungarian – second climber: ‘Marcus Hylobates’. Hylobates is a genus of gibbons. (So ‘Hylobates marcus’ would have been better, Marcus.)


  167. Was shown a different angle of the Queen Elizabeth Bridge tonight. Protesters located right above road track so their slippage might well cause a mess, as well as scaring a motorist somewhat. Perhaps the police should be able to electrify the cables.

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  168. As ever duplicating my comment from bBBC
    7:30pm BBC2 Their Greta is being interviewed by Amol
    That’s typical ..another ADVERT for libmob agendas and libmob book.

    No similar PR for people who campaign about other causes like grooming gangs or open borders

    Saturday’s Times had a cover photo and long article
    The last sentence showed it was about plugging her book
    “‘The Climate Book’ created by Greta Thunberg will be published on 27 October! With chapters contributed by many scientists
    Katharine Hayhoe (bit crazy), economist Thomas Piketty and novelist Margaret Atwood”


  169. As ever Greta did get a bashing in the Times comments
    but unusually the top comment was pro Greta
    Mods deleted quite a few comments

    Theoretically only paying subscribers can comment
    So the 920 comment tally is quite a lot.


  170. Germane to the latest Greta hero-worshipping, Spiked online has just run an essay with a very good point, by one of their new writers, Lauren Smith. The title is:

    “Of course climate change is a political issue: Greta is wrong to suggest that environmentalism is above politics.”

    Here’s a taste:

    “When climate-change alarmists get away with pretending that their demands are not political, democracy suffers. Policies promoted in the name of tackling climate change, such as Net Zero, are pushed beyond the realm of debate. They are treated as the preserve of technocrats, experts and ‘well informed’ activists like Thunberg.

    All this means that green policies can simply be foisted on the public, no matter how profound their effects. It means that fossil fuels are abandoned in favour of more expensive and unreliable alternatives, with virtually no debate. It means that policies that have deepened the energy crisis, and led to higher energy bills and lower living standards, are rarely discussed. Meanwhile, anyone who disputes or questions any element of the agenda is branded a ‘climate denier’ and dismissed.”

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  171. “HSBC climate change adverts banned by UK watchdog”


    At last! Or so I briefly thought. Finally, someone is doing something about the hyperbolic and inaccurate “climate crisis” claims that are now ubiquitous. Fat chance. It’s about “greenwashing”.

    The UK’s advertising regulator has banned two HSBC advertisements for being “misleading” about the company’s work to tackle climate change.

    The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the banking giant can no longer run the ads which promoted its plans to reduce harmful emissions.

    The watchdog said that the posters “omitted material information” about HSBC’s activities.

    It marks the ASA’s first action against a bank for so-called “greenwashing”….

    …The adverts were seen at bus stops in London and Bristol last October, in the lead up to the highly-anticipated United Nations COP26 climate change summit.

    The posters outlined HSBC’s efforts to plant trees and help its customers achieve “net zero” emissions. Net zero means not adding to greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere by cutting and trying to balance out emissions.

    One poster showed an image of waves crashing on a shore with text that said “Climate change doesn’t do borders. Neither do rising sea levels. That’s why HSBC is aiming to provide up to $1 trillion in financing and investment globally to help our clients transition to net zero”.

    The other advert was of tree growth rings and text which read “Climate changes doesn’t do borders. So in the UK, we’re helping to plant 2 million trees which will lock in 1.25 million tonnes of carbon over their lifetime”.

    The ASA upheld complaints that the ads “omitted significant information about HSBC’s contribution to carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions.”

    “Customers… would not expect that HSBC, in making unqualified claims about its environmentally beneficial work, would also be simultaneously involved in the financing of businesses which made significant contributions to carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions,” the regulator added….


  172. “Concern about climate change shrinks globally as threat grows, survey shows
    Fewer than half of those questioned in global poll believe climate change poses a ‘very serious threat’”


    Concerns about climate change shrank across the world last year, with fewer than half of those questioned in a new survey believing it posed a “very serious threat” to their countries over the next 20 years.

    Only 20% of people in China, the world’s biggest polluter, said they believed that climate change was a very serious threat, down 3 percentage points from the last survey by Gallup World Risk Poll in 2019.

    Globally, the figure fell by 1.5 percentage points to 48.7% in 2021. The survey was based on more than 125,000 interviews in 121 countries….

    How frustrating it must be for the Guardian, after decades of unrelenting propaganda, to find that people choose to believe the evidence of their own eyes rather than propaganda.

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  173. Colour me unconvinced:

    “Next pandemic may come from melting glaciers, new data shows
    Analysis of Arctic lake suggests viruses and bacteria locked in ice could reawaken and infect wildlife”


    The next pandemic may come not from bats or birds but from matter in melting ice, according to new data.

    Genetic analysis of soil and lake sediments from Lake Hazen, the largest high Arctic freshwater lake in the world, suggests the risk of viral spillover – where a virus infects a new host for the first time – may be higher close to melting glaciers.

    The findings imply that as global temperatures rise owing to climate change, it becomes more likely that viruses and bacteria locked up in glaciers and permafrost could reawaken and infect local wildlife, particularly as their range also shifts closer to the poles….


  174. “How frustrating it must be for the Guardian, after decades of unrelenting propaganda, to find that people choose to believe the evidence of their own eyes rather than propaganda.” Mark Hodgson

    I am also unconvinced. Swings in ratings data are, despite the large number of people’s views sought, just as likely to be due to natural variation. If not, the cause in this instance could be just as likely due to growing indifference or apathy as due to changed opinions. Most people, in my experience, are followers, rather than strong believers. They also prefer the quiet life.


  175. After our new Suffragettes were removed from the QEII Bridge yesterday JSO released a video of Marcus Decker lying in his hammock on top of the bridge. He said that he was up there ‘because our genocidal government needs to stop their terrible policy of allowing more fossil fuels’. Can you spot the lie?

    (Totally OT: Grant Effing Shapps?! Doomed, I tell ye, we’re all doomed!)

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  176. “Save energy by not turning clocks back in October, says expert
    Prof Aoife Foley says it would remain light for part of energy peak between 5pm and 7pm, reducing household bills”


    Households could save more than £400 a year on energy bills if clocks are not put back at the end of October, according to an expert, who said it would help people with the cost of living crisis and reduce pressure on the National Grid this winter.

    Evening energy demand peaks between 5pm and 7pm during winter, when the sun has already set after daylight savings time (DST). If clocks didn’t go back, it would remain light for at least part of this time, reducing carbon emissions and energy demand….

    This is something I have long thought. It’s good that the anti-Brexit Guardian acknowledges that the freedom to do this didn’t exist while we were in the EU, and is a possible benefit of Brexit!

    In the alternative, I don’t see why we have to wait until the end of March to put the clocks forward again. The clocks go back about 7 and a half weeks before the winter solstice. Putting them forward the same length of time beyond the winter solstice, would see BST start around the second weekend in February. Lighter evenings then, as well as saving energy use, might cheer us all up after winter.


  177. Green?

    “Can floating turbines harvest the world’s wind?”


    …In much of the world, the seabed takes a sudden dive close offshore, ruling out the use of conventional offshore wind turbines.

    These are built up from the sea floor on concrete foundations and can only be deployed in relatively shallow water, up to about 60m….

    …The floats need to adapt to changes in the wind and sea conditions. In strong winds the tower “heels” or leans away from the wind, says Mr Campbell-Smith.

    A network of pumps and valves shift liquid ballast between the three floating cylinders to rebalance the platform and set the turbine at the ideal angle for the wind.

    Below the surface, weighted subsea cables attached to huge anchors make sure the platform is firmly secured to the seabed….

    …The big challenge now is cost. This new technology is expensive. Kilowatt hour for kilowatt hour, floating wind comes in at about the same price as new nuclear power….


  178. Ben Pile has an excellent thread on Twitter starting here

    All his stuff is good, but this explained the abstruse economics of energy supply under green diktat better than anything I’ve seen.

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  179. Buried away in the local newspaper in a tiny column, the Saltfleetby gas field has been reopened up reconnected to the grid and production step up to 5 million cubic feet per day, investment costs have already been repaid.
    “Saltfleetby pumping out revenue equivalent to £1000 an hour 🤔 hour after hour 🤔 take care of the grands and the millions take care of themselves”

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  180. BTW I found the other day that the normally excellent Ben Pile had blocked me on Twitter.
    I regard blocking as running away which is something our side doesn’t do but libmob do
    I looked Ben had tweeted that we should be open to Putin’s referendums in territory he has invaded
    I thought any referendum no matter how independent couldn’t be trusted
    and tweeted I wasn’t ready to side with Putin even if the other side weren’t super good either.
    He blocked me
    now my friend says Ben took my tweet as accusing him of being pro Putin.
    I don’t get why our side sometimes take such offence instead of simply asking for clarification.


  181. BBC iPlayer seems to have just introduced double speed option

    Last night’s local newsPR prog had an item
    “Oh the horror this new pensioners housing estate has plastic front lawns.”
    FFS its an area the size of a minibus
    People should be free to do as they like.


  182. This is what it’s come to:

    “UK homes can become virtual power plants to avoid outages
    Fintan Slye
    A National Grid director sets out plan to reward homes and businesses for using energy outside of peak hours”


    This month we published our analysis of the British electricity system this winter. Our message is clear: in the base case our analysis indicates that supply margins are expected to be adequate, however this winter will undoubtedly be challenging. Therefore, all of us in the electricity system operator (ESO) are working round the clock to manage the system, ensure the flow of energy and do our bit to keep costs down for consumers.

    One of the tools we have developed is the demand flexibility service. From November, this new capability will reward homes and businesses for shifting their electricity consumption at peak times. And we are working with the government, businesses and energy providers to encourage as high a level of take-up as possible. We are confident this innovative approach can provide at least 2 gigawatts of power – about a million homes’ worth.

    What began as an initiative to help achieve net zero and keep costs down is also proving to be an important tool in ensuring Britain’s energy security….

    …We can now confirm our proposals for how much people and businesses can be paid for shifting their electricity use outside peak times. We anticipate paying a rate of £3,000 per megawatt hour. Businesses and homes can become virtual power plants and, crucially, get paid like one too. For a consumer that could mean a typical household could save approximately £100, and industrial and commercial businesses with larger energy usage could save multiples of this….

    No acknowledgement that this shambles has been years in the making. Instead Putin is the convenient excuse:

    …Innovations such as these have never mattered more. Vladimir Putin’s unlawful aggression means we are facing unprecedented energy market volatility and pressures on energy supplies this winter.

    As a result of Russia’s war in Ukraine, European gas is scarce and prices are high. Alongside this, France’s nuclear fleet has experienced a higher number of outages than expected. Energy shortages in Europe could have knock-on implications for energy supply in Britain.

    We have put in place additional contingency arrangements for this winter. For example, the ability to call on generators to fire-up emergency coal units, giving Britain 2GW of additional capacity.

    We need to be clear, it is possible that without these measures supply could be interrupted for some customers for limited periods of time. This could eventually force us to initiate a temporary rota of planned electricity outages, meaning that some customers could be without power for up to three hours at a time through a process called the electricity supply emergency code (ESEC)….


  183. Local ITV NewsPR end item was a massively contrived and honed Global Warming PR item

    Sofa dolly #1 “So it rained a lot today, that’s extreme weather”
    Weather dolly “Yes you are right there, and we’ll see more of that as predicted by Climate Change”
    Sofa dolly #2 “Yes and here’s our reporter Astrid Quinn at the Youth Climate conference in Sheffield .. Chris Packham and celebs are there

    Midway through the item mixed race girl Mickaela is brought on with “Climate Change activism it’s not just for white people”

    Mickaela’s previous tweet
    “This is a really exciting campaign 🔥🔥 abolishing borders is climate justice”

    Why is a “Climate Conference” organised by a NGO called @DebtJustice ?
    .. Alinsky Marxist infiltration trickery ?


  184. ” £3,000 per megawatt hour” are they tripping ?
    Anyone could just power up their own mini-generator
    come off the grid for a few hours
    and their biodiesel cost might be £100 per megawatt hour £150 ?


  185. Mark – how do they spin this to “Businesses and homes can become virtual power plants”

    all your power will be off, fridge, freezer etc. as soon as the power comes back on these will ramp up power usage.
    Still, best prepare for the worst, moving my beer to the cold garage.


  186. dfhunter, how indeed?

    The whole piece is ridiculous. It’s apparently OK to write this stuff, just as it was apparently OK for all those “green” retail energy suppliers (most of whom went bust) claiming that they supplied 100% renewable electricity.

    Fact-checkers these days seem interested only in checking certain “facts”, while others get an easy ride.


  187. Now there’s a surprise….

    “King Charles should attend climate summit says US envoy”


    King Charles should reconsider his decision not to go to the UN climate conference in Egypt, President Biden’s climate envoy has told the BBC.

    John Kerry said in an interview it would be “terrific” if the King were able to be there, adding that he has been “a terrific leader on this issue”.

    As Prince of Wales he had planned to go to November’s COP27 conference.

    But after ascending the throne he decided not to attend on the advice of Prime Minister Liz Truss….

    …Secretary Kerry said it would ultimately be up to “whatever government is in place” to make the decision about attending the climate conference, which runs November 6-18….

    …Secretary Kerry also told BBC News on Friday that he had also noted what he called “decisions that raised some questions” by the current government.

    He said the US is concerned about a number of countries that appear at risk of rolling back on their climate commitments.


  188. “Proposals for Isle of Man’s first solar energy farm near Castletown”


    Proposals have been put forward for a solar energy farm near Castletown on the Isle of Man.

    The Billown Solar Farm, which would be the first of its kind on the island, would be situated on 84 acres of agricultural land in Malew.

    Peel Cubico Renewables said the project would be operational by 2024 and could power up to 7,700 homes.

    The firm is now asking for feedback on the proposals before formal plans are submitted.

    Stephen Snowdon, from the renewable energy company, said the solar farm would help the island “to take control over its long-term energy needs”….

    …The development would also see the creation of a battery storage facility, which would store some of the excess solar energy for release when needed by customers.

    A spokeswoman for the firm said, if the project was approved, it could generate enough power to meet more than 5% of the Isle of Man’s current electricity demand.

    The company, which is part of the Peel Group, said the project would cost £30m during its 40-year lifespan….

    Some rudimentary calculations. £30m for “more than” 5% of the Isle of Man’s electricity demand, implies up to £600m for all its electricity demand (assuming, fancifully, that solar combined with battery storage could provide all its needs all the year round). Depending on who you believe, the population of the Isle of Man is between 85,000 and 86,000. So that works out at around £7,000 per capita. And note that this is just for current electricity demand, not for its energy requirements. This rather suggests that going net zero (again, making the heroic assumption that it’s possible) would cost 5-6 times that amount, or maybe £40,000 per capita, say £100,000 per household, assuming an average of 2.5 occupants of each household. Crazy, stark staring mad.


  189. Follow the money:

    “Landowners call for scrapping of plans to ban solar energy from England’s farmland
    Farmers say having solar sites allows them to subsidise food production during less successful years”


    …Members of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA), which represents 33,000 landowners, told the Guardian having solar on their less productive land allowed them to subsidise food production during less successful years, as well as providing cheap power for their estates and homes in their local area….

    And who are the CLA? This is from the history section of their website:

    Present beside Tumor were the fourth Earl of Onslow, the Earl of Harrowby and several MPs and landowners including Christopher Tumor, nephew of Algernon, a large Lincolnshire landowner and author of several books on agriculture. The meeting decided to appoint officers of what was initially proposed to be called the Landholders’ Central Association. From the beginning the association tended to be an organisation of owners and land agents – other interests having their own organisations.

    Just the type of people the Guardian normally loves! However, they’ve obviously learned how to get the Guardian on board. Their website now says things like:

    CLA members highlight how they are working to tackle climate change through their businesses. Read our case studies here.

    Job done. Guardian favourable.


  190. Another of those unintended consequences?

    “Copper supplies are dangerously low and can only cover less than 5 days of global demand, top commodities trader says”


    “Copper is an essential material that is purposed for use in machinery, smart phones, EV batteries, plumbing, and even wind turbines because of its ability to effectively conduct electricity. While the collapse of China’s property market has weighed on copper demand, the growth of renewable-energy technologies more than makes up for that and will drive supplies lower, Bintas said, noting that the European Union has accelerated its target for doubling solar energy capacity.

    While there is so much attention being paid to the weakness in the real-estate sector in China, quietly, the demand for infrastructure, electric-vehicle-related copper demand, more than makes up for it,” he said, according to the Financial Times. “It actually not only cancels completely the real estate weakness, but also adds to their consumption growth increase.”


  191. Welcome to the “green” future:

    “Tiny homes: Off-grid living allowed couple to take risks”


    …Together they built the house for about £18,000, spending another £8,000 on setting up their solar energy system and a final £4,000 on yard space, moving the home across country and siting it here….

    …They plan to heat the house in the winter using a log burner, but said cooking in the evening seems to be enough to keep the well-insulated, small space warm.

    Only a few hundred people are estimated to be living in so-called [why so-called? They are tiny] tiny homes across the UK.

    The movement is significantly larger abroad, with 10,000 people believed to have been living this way in the US in the last few years.

    Tom and Amie, who’ve left jobs in the charity sector, said the decision to build their own small home and start a new life was a necessity, both financially and environmentally.

    Amie, a freelance writer, admitted she had to let go of more stuff than Tom.

    “A lot of people ask, in a tiny house, where do you put all your clothes? We had to get rid of a lot of things,” she said…

    …”We’ve had to save money wherever we could, so a lot of foraging in skips and scouring freecycle for hours on end looking for free wood,” said Amie.

    “The windows, for example, were pulled from a skip.”..

    …”That’s another great thing, we can use the rainwater sometimes, to wash and do the washing-up. There’s a plus to every minus,” Tom added…

    …The home is off-grid and has enough gas to run their fridge, solar panels, a wood burner and a plant-based water filtration system.

    “We can pick this up and we’ve only benefitted the land with our use of water system and a compost toilet,” Tom said.

    The only thing they believe they are missing is a washing machine and, while the nearby launderette works for now, they are looking at options.

    “I do have plans to build a bicycle-powered washing machine, I found plans on the internet,” Tom said….


  192. When the chips are down, it’s always Deutschland uber alles:

    “German parliament approves €200B energy relief plan
    Industry and consumers are struggling with skyrocketing energy prices.”


    Germany’s parliament on Friday voted to adopt the government’s proposal for a €200 billion gas price relief fund — a measure that has sparked tensions with other EU countries.

    The plan comes as industry and consumers struggle with skyrocketing energy prices. Private households could benefit from a price cap of 80 percent of their usual consumption, starting in March. The price cap for big companies will come into effect as soon as January.

    The move is only possible by suspending the debt brake, enshrined in the country’s constitution. It limits the federal government’s structural net borrowing to 0.35 percent of GDP. However, it can be suspended “in the event of exceptional emergencies.”…

    …Germany’s go-it-alone plan, which wasn’t jointly agreed at EU level, has sparked fierce criticism, with countries and Brussels worried it will skew the bloc’s internal market by giving German businesses access to cheaper energy than their rivals.

    European Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton called for “mutualized tools at the European level” and French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire warned: “We run the risk of breaking up the eurozone” if countries don’t coordinate their strategies to tackle the energy crisis.

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  193. Strange video from Rebel news
    Normally their Anglophone reporters are logical and expose Climate activists
    Here Their French Canadian reporters traveled to Germany and report from the side of XR Climate Protesters
    .. https://youtu.be/dyZGJY4-P58

    The title they used is
    ‘A lot of people died because of air pollution, and nothing is done to take care of that’
    #1 I didn’t see that topic mentioned in the video
    #2 That’s not a climate topic.. it’s an antifossil fuel topic


  194. “Cop 27: Uganda-Tanzania oil pipeline sparks climate row”


    Uganda and Tanzania are set to begin work on a massive crude oil pipeline a year after the International Energy Agency warned that the world risked not meeting its climate goals if new fossil fuel projects were not stopped. The two East African countries say their priority is economic development.

    How dare they?!!!

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  195. BBC Radio4 is completely devoid of agenda pushing today ../sarc
    9:45am The Advertise Your Book for a week slot
    *Greta’s new book*. (5 episodes)

    10am Woman’s Hour
    Artist and conservationist Sophie Green (In her paintings she highlights some of the planet’s most endangered animals)
    Deepfake porn, British gymnastics

    11am Follow the Dream : Mana Azaris was 14 when her parents told her of the plan to travel thousands of miles at the hands of smugglers to reach relatives in the UK. She reveals what’s happened since


  196. R4 in the afternoon

    3:30pm The Food Programme : Wine in a Changing Climate
    “As rising temperatures supercharge the UK wine industry, Jaega Wise finds out what this means for winegrowing at home and abroad, and the mixed blessing climate change presents.”
    ..bet in 6 months time, they’ll be moaning that frosts have killed vines


  197. Stew: ‘9:45am The Advertise Your Book for a week slot’

    And get paid to do it. In the last commissioning round the Beeb paid publishers £2,650 per 13 1/2 minute episode.


  198. The Mail quotes someone saying that if XR had not the Dartford Bridge stunt. then 2 cars would have taken their normal route and thus not ended up in the accident where the 2 women drivers died.

    Former Met detective chief inspector Mick Neville told the paper:
    ‘They may not have directly caused the M20 accident.
    But had their irresponsible demo not taken place, the women and van driver would probably not have been there.’

    blocking a highway has follow on consequences.


  199. It looks as though the Guardian isn’t too happy about the UN selecting Egypt as the host country for COP 27:

    “Egypt shuts down event spaces on first Monday of Cop27 in blow to NGOs
    Groups say cancellations could restrict debate as host country tightens security for opening days”


    NGOs have raised concerns because they have carefully targeted their rosters of events to raise key issues they say must be addressed at the two-week-long conference. They fear the cancellations could restrict debate and undermine the role of non-state actors in the event. Media access to pavilions and other areas within the blue zone is also likely to be heavily restricted.

    On the other hand, as tens of thousands head off for their annual virtue-signalling holiday paid for by others, I’m sure most will be breathing a sigh of relief to find themselves in Sharm-el-Sheikh rather than Glasgow in November.


  200. “Mark Carney denies big banks threatened to quit climate finance group
    Former BoE governor admits his net zero alliance weakened veto on coal investment because of ‘antitrust concerns’”


    The former Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, has denied that big banks threatened to leave the climate finance group he leads after it was forced to soften a previous promise to stop financing all coal projects.

    Carney said that big US banks had not indicated “any intention” to leave the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), a body Carney set up to aid the transition to an economy with net zero carbon emissions…

    …JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America were among the banks reported by the Financial Times to have threatened to quit in relation to potential legal problems around UN guidance that meant GFANZ members could not invest in any new coal projects.

    Carney told MPs on the environmental audit committee on Monday that chief executives of the banks had not shared plans to leave with him. However, he acknowledged that the group had been forced to soften language around a firm commitment to exclude coal projects to address “important antitrust concerns”.

    The voluntary nature of the group has meant it has been forced to adopt policies acceptable to many institutions that are still providing billions of pounds to new fossil fuel extraction projects, which some campaigners and politicians have criticised. Caroline Lucas, the Green party’s MP, told the committee that membership of GFANZ amounted to “greenwashing” for some lenders…

    …In occasionally testy exchanges, Carney also defended the climate investment record of Brookfield Asset Management, a Canadian investment manager of which he is vice-chair. Brookfield is invested in a shipping company that provides services to oil extractors.

    The Labour MP Clive Lewis questioned the “principle” of a climate leader being invested in a company that could benefit from new fossil fuel extraction. Carney repeatedly said he would “not accept” the implied criticism, saying Brookfield is “one of the largest renewable builders and owners in the world”…

    What was that about stranded assets?


  201. https://www.brookfield.com/insights/operating-large-scale-container-terminals-out-four-key-ports
    “Our Australian Ports Terminal portfolio comprises container terminals located in Australia’s four largest container ports, a regional city port, and storage, handling and logistics operations at more than 60 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand.”

    found this link (have a look at the expanse of solar panels – “We are one of the world’s largest investors in renewable power, with approximately 24,000 megawatts of generating capacity. Our assets, located in North and South America, Europe, India and China, comprise a diverse technology base of hydro, wind, utility-scale solar, distributed generation, storage and other renewable technologies.

    so, Carney is “a climate leader” now!!!


  202. What could possibly go wrong?

    “Climate: Wales to set up publicly-owned renewable energy firm”


    Plans to set up a new publicly-owned renewable energy company have been announced by the Welsh government.

    The plan is a UK first and will help tackle both the cost of living and climate crises, the Labour-run government said.

    Ministers added that energy profits could be ploughed back into local communities.

    Opposition parties meanwhile called for the new organisation to get up and running quickly.

    Initially the new company – which is yet to be named – will focus on developing windfarms on Welsh government-owned woodland….

    I note that opposition in politics to anything to do with net zero and reducing GHG emissions isn’t to question the wisdom of the policy, but consists instead of shouting “it’s not fast enough!”. And it doesn’t matter which party is in power – whichever is/are in opposition to the one in power will vie to be even more dogmatically pure.


  203. It’s all going so well:

    “Wiltshire breaking green promises, campaigners say”


    Climate campaigners have accused the local authority of falling short on its environmental pledges.

    Wiltshire Climate Alliance presented a list of failings that included the failure to apply for funding to improve walking and cycling infrastructure.

    It said the government had provided a £2bn funding pot but Wiltshire’s share of its most recent round was £0.

    Councillor Mark McClelland said the council was working on a bid for the next round of the Active Travel Fund.

    Wiltshire declared a climate emergency in 2019 and is working towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030..

    …The Climate Alliance also criticised the claim the council’s electric vehicle charging point scheme delivers mainly fast chargers (7kw).

    “This seems a very short-term offering to the public.

    “For modern electric cars (with battery sizes 40-100Kwh), the default, unless you have hours to wait, is a rapid charger (43-50kw+).”

    The group’s document concluded that while there had been some good work by the council on climate change, more needed to be done.


  204. 9 a.m. BBC local radio news
    “Climate change is affecting lives across the planet
    A new report says that heat waves are causing deaths all around the world” paraphrase
    ..Em the obvious is that if the Earth was really getting hotter there would be a huge decrease in cold weather deaths
    because generally people die more often from cold weather than from hot weather.


  205. See how that was a very short item
    As if they did it to tick a box

    I guess thhey mean a report from the Lancet’s alarmist Climate PR dept
    .. https://www.twitter.com/LancetCountdown/status/1585037405836673025


  206. Oh there’s a UN study too
    Anyone would think it’s part of the PR onslaught you get before a COP conference.

    COP27: Climate change threatening global health – report
    Would such a PR article happen to feature backlit chimneys to make the plumes look very dark and gloomy ?
    .. Yep of course

    Also two BBC tweets
    “Heat killing many more Indians now, Lancet study finds”

    “India heatwave: High temperatures killing more Indians now, Lancet study finds”


  207. Almost entire article
    I’ll start with the main point which BBC hide at the end
    In the 2016 inquest, Zane’s death was attributed by the coroner to carbon monoxide poisoning from a petrol-powered pump used to clear floodwater. His parents insist this was not in use.

    A petition with 117,000 signatures which calls for a probe into the death of a seven-year-old boy has been handed to parliament.
    Zane Gbangbola died in 2014 after his home in Chertsey, Surrey, was flooded.
    His parents say he was killed by gases washed out of nearby land.
    They disagree with an inquest in 2016 which said Zane’s death was accidental, and are calling for an independent panel inquiry to be set up.
    They told the BBC “we will fight until we get the truth”.
    Zane’s family and campaigners marched from College Green to Downing Street to deliver the petition on what would have been Zane’s 16th birthday.
    Politicians including former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and former Green Party leader, Baroness Natalie Bennett, attended the march
    as well as officials from the Fire Brigades Union.


  208. Wales wasting taxpayers money

    bbc “Climate: Wales to set up publicly-owned renewable energy firm
    Plans to set up a new publicly-owned renewable energy company have been announced by the Welsh government.

    The plan is a UK first and will help tackle both the cost of living and climate crises, the Labour-run government said”


  209. RadioHumberside has these factoid trailers
    one bit says “the Humber has the highest carbon dioxide emissions of any region in the UK”
    That seems suspicious
    (Update it was PR trickery .. it’s NOT about actual UK manmade CO2 of 340m tonnes
    And it’s NOT actual region
    rather it’s CO2 from 6 selected/cherrypicked “industrial clusters”
    They say Humber cluster is 12m tonnes
    yet fail to give the context that is only about 3% of total UK manmade CO2)

    I only see one source saying that
    An alarmist prof writing in Yorkshire Post to promote his the Waterline climate Summit is important – Dave Petley, University of Hull
    On Twitter only 2 tweets make the claim
    One is a PR org
    the other is a scraper news-site
    So there’s been no proper discussion.

    The key is that no numbers are given , that indicates it’s PR
    Now the Humber does have power stations at Keadby and Immingham , and Scunthorpe steelworks and The Conoco oil refinery
    South Ferriby cement works was shut
    You could bump up figures by including Drax wood emissions, but are supposed to be counted as zero.


  210. I just found a few extra tweets linked to a Hull University Green PR centre

    They make this claim
    “Did you know that the Humber is responsible for around 37% of CO2 emissions in the UK”
    One of the tweets is from FoE it gives a link but the document is 70Mb

    OK I got numbers, it comes from stats torturing using cherrypicking and language trickery
    They don’t mean actual CO2 emissions, cos first they discount all natural emissions.
    Then they cherry pick only “industrial clusters”
    Not ALL UK industry , but rather 6 industrial clusters.
    Then they say that the Humber is the biggest of that

    “The Humber is the UK’s largest cluster by industrial emissions, emitting more than 12 million tonnes of CO2 per year (or 37% of emissions from the UK’s six largest industrial clusters)

    Now ONS say
    2021″Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the UK are, to 341.5 million tonnes (Mt), and total greenhouse gas emissions by 4.7% to 424.5 million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e).
    So Humber Industrial cluster accounts for about 3% of UK emissions


  211. “Skeeby solar farm should go ahead, say planners”


    According to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, the plans have attracted 97 letters of support and a 50-signature petition backing it on energy security grounds….

    Further down the report, we read:

    Some 117 letters and a 650-signature petition objecting to the scheme have also been received.

    The plan is also opposed by Richmond Town Council and Easby, Brompton-on-Swale and Skeeby parish councils. But still:

    Council planning officers concluded views of the solar farm, on the routes into and out of Richmond and the Yorkshire Dales, would be limited.

    Recommending approval, they said there was no evidence “renewables would necessarily have an impact on tourism”.

    The farm would, they added, make a significant contribution towards meeting national targets and policy concerning renewable energy.

    I am no fracking fanboy, though I think it may have a limited role to play where the geology is right, to help us achieve energy security and lower energy prices. The big question, though, is why renewables get the green light even in the face of local opposition, while fracking can only even be considered in the unlikely event that the local community supports it?


  212. Also posted on bBbC and NotAlot
    Of course BBC Science us about delighting Greenpeace.
    They are chuffed with the BBC-FUTURE article


    BBC spit in your face again
    They take money from the whole of the public, and use their special platform to push their own pet agendas
    BBC-Future #ImpartialMyAss


  213. OK here’s a summary then
    10:47am trailer for the Kofi Smiles breakfast show
    Kofi “We’ll be here to bring you all the info you need to know”
    Female voice “The Humber emits more CO2 than any other region in the UK
    And it’s therefore critical that we all come together and lead the way to tackle the threats of climate change

    So that is a misleading POLITICAL CAMPAIGNING claim in a BBC trailer


  214. Stew, Aura Innovation’s “Did you know that the Humber is responsible for around 37% of CO2 emissions in the UK?” is, er, innovative. It’s a misreprentation of stats shown on a map in a 2018 government infographic. Available here:


    That gave the annual emissions from large industrial sites (but prolly not power stations) in six areas of the UK with lots of industry – six industrial clusters. 37% was the Humber cluster’s share of the total for all six clusters in… 2017? 2016? Earlier?

    As the stats excluded some industry within the six clusters and all industry elsewhere in the UK, Humber’s share of the UK’s industrial emissions would have been a lot less than 37%.

    The Humber cluster area’s share of total UK emissions? Dunno. 5%?


    I don’t know how to describe Aura. Here’s how it describes itself:

    Aura is at the forefront of innovation through leading collaboration, pioneering ideas and outstanding innovation.

    We are a powerful consortium.

    Led by the University of Hull, we find solutions for the challenges we face, from technical and operational to economic and societal, working as a facilitator to accelerate ground-breaking solutions with our partners to help them collaborate for innovation – for the region, the UK and globally.

    Rooted in the UK’s Energy Estuary, Aura is at the heart of the Humber Advanced Cluster and identified as a key delivery partner in the UK Government’s Offshore Wind Sector Deal.

    I see. At the forefront of innovation through outstanding innovation. (Innovation got three mentions – five if you count synonyms – but where are the synergies, three-legged stools and toolkits for mobilizing excellence?)


  215. Insulate Britain says that earlier this month a judge found Diana Warner not guilty of wilfully obstructing the M25 during an IB protest because such protests are ‘PROPORTIONATE to the crises we are facing’.

    (That pic shows Ben Buse, Diana Warner, Sue Parfitt and Steve Gower.)

    I can’t find a news report of Warner’s (latest) trial but judges and magistrates have made many similar rulings in the last few years, so IB’s claim is probably true.

    Warner, a retired GP, was at lots of protests last year,* so it’s hard to be sure which protest Warner was on trial for this time, but it was probably this one:

    Was the judge truly aware of all of the ‘crises we are facing’?

    Warner: ‘We have to change [something something] three years. Otherwise, actually, we’re going to… we might even run out of oxygen when the ocean dies.

    Interviewer: ‘We’re going to run out of oxygen?’

    Warner: We may run out of oxygen.

    Interviewer: How are we going to run out of oxygen?

    Warner: Because of the plankton. Eighty percent of oxygen is produced by the plankton that [inaudible because of angry hooting – something about the 1980s and something that’s highly sensitive to chemicals], so thirty percent of our oceans are already dead, effectively. When they are all dead we won’t be living here. We will have run out of oxygen, literally.

    Was it proportionate to block the M25 as a way of drawing attention to that particular crisis, Your Honour?

    *Warner has been protesting for decades. All the usual things. I think her first arrest was at Faslane in 2006. Which was about the last time I saw a GP, as it happens.

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  216. stew – from your tweet link – “Janet Thorne @janetthorne
    Replying to @annajanejoyner @beccawarner and 2 others
    “This feels so important. The strange absence of climate change in films / TV / novels is a powerful source of our collective cultural denial. If it was there, in every day story lines, people would see it in place and in proportion”

    what!!! don’t they watch BBC news & Docs, every chance they hit you with it.

    as for novels, try “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” – “the last surviving man, Arthur Dent, following the demolition of the Earth by a Vogon constructor fleet to make way for a hyperspace bypass”

    seems plausible in a mad world.


  217. You can usually tell when we approach a COP meeting from the increased frequency that climate change items infest the media and from the increased hysteria of those items. These bang the drums that there is absolutely no question whatsoever that humans are causing massive climate change and that the scale of future change will be devastating. All sorts of restrictions are proposed; changes that previously would have been opposed by most as totally anti-social. We seem to be almost at the point where draconian changes are likely to be adopted to prevent these unfounded fears.

    I was worried by these changes before the Glasgow COP 26, but they seem to have ramped up even more now, just before COP 27 in Egypt.


  218. It seems you’re fracked if you do and fracked if you don’t:

    “Fracking fury: Industry body hammers Sunak after shale gas U-turn”

    Charles McAllister, director of policy for UK Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG), warned banning fracking would risk the UK being reliant on imported supplies for a decades – undermining supply security and ramping up emissions.

    “If reports are accurate, then a decision has been made to lock the UK into reliance on imported gas for decades. The geopolitical, environmental and economic consequences of such a decision will last far beyond the two years remaining of this parliament.”



  219. Opening item on local news
    “Why the political world is turning against onshore wind”
    crafted item from Sarah Sanderson
    First voice pro onshore wind local councillor at Rousse (spelling)wind farm
    Now Melanie Onn head of PR group Renewables UK

    Now Herb Eppel head of pro wind farm org
    Presenter falsely states “they are the cheapest form of energy bar none”

    Eppel “people like they them, they get built and ignored
    all surveys show that people like them”

    Presenter ended the item and then suddenly came back with more big wind farm PR
    “You I was looking the other day and wind was producing 40%
    that’s four times more than nuclear power”
    … FFS does anyone actually talk like that ?
    it sounds like someone has fed him that PR line


  220. Net Zero Watch today expressed dismay and profound regret that the incoming Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has caved in to pressure from eco-activists and the green wing of his own party, and reinstated the ‘ban’ on shale gas exploration in England.

    During his recent conservative leadership campaign the new Prime Minister repeatedly promised to lift the fracking moratorium but has now reneged on his pledge.

    He had the option of a bold decision to support domestic production of shale gas, potentially mitigating the energy crisis and the UK’s exposure to expensive gas imports.

    Refusing this option at a time of a severe energy cost and cost of living crisis is so foolish as to amount to irresponsibility, and bodes ill for the rest of his premiership.

    By siding with the increasingly irrational “de-growthers” eco-movement inside and outside his own party Mr Sunak has harmed the national interest.

    Those domestic and international investors waiting to develop Britain’s shale gas will undoubtedly be astonished at the Government’s decision, but they know that they must now wait for sanity to return to Westminster.

    The PM’s limp and ill-advised decision will only defer and make more acute and distressed the inevitable return to high-quality energy sources, such as fossil fuels. The future of natural gas, including shale gas, remains bright, because it is an integral part of any rational and genuinely sustainable attempt to decarbonise the economy.

    No one should be under any illusion that thermodynamically incompetent and unreliable sources, such as wind and solar, can be an adequate substitute.

    Dr John Constable, Net Zero Watch’s energy director, said:

    “Mr Sunak’s first energy policy decision is a blunder; without cheap energy from fossil fuels such as shale gas there is no hope of stabilising the British economy, let alone returning it to healthy growth. On his first day in office he has made grave mistake.”

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  221. And they wonder why there’s a problem with fly-tipping:

    “Slough: Charges set to come in to dump DIY waste”


    Charges are being brought in at a recycling centre in Slough for waste from DIY and building work.

    The new fees at Chalvey Household Waste and Recycling Centre are for non-household items and materials.

    The centre, run by debt-ridden Slough Borough Council, can be used by residents from the town and the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

    The payments, which come into force from Tuesday, range from £3.20 for a bag of rubble to £25.60 for a boiler.

    A £3.20 charge has also been set for a number of individual items including wash basins, sinks, a fence panel or internal door.

    Dumping a toilet pan, cistern and seat will incur a £12.80 fee and a whole shed measuring up to 2m (6.5ft) x 2m (6.5ft) will be £22.40.

    Councillor Mohammed Nazir, member for transport and the local environment, said: “All usual refuse and recycling items can continue to be tipped for free by local residents

    “These new charges bring Chalvey HWRC in line with our neighbours; charging only those minority of people who wish to dispose of these certain types of waste and relieving the burden from other taxpayers.”

    Slough Borough Council effectively declared bankruptcy last year, with £760m of borrowed debt.


  222. There seems to be no sense of irony in attributing to, and describing as, pleasantly warm autumn weather as “climate crisis”.

    “Climate crisis fuelling unseasonably warm October in UK and Europe, say experts
    Temperatures expected to hit 20C in UK, Germany and France this weekend”


    You might think they would be pleased that people can delay putting on their heating in the midst of an energy and cost of living crisis, but then that would be to admit that warmer weather can have benefits, and that would never do. And it seems a bit of a stretch to attribute this to “climate change” anyway:

    …Now, with much of western Europe experiencing unusually mild autumnal temperatures caused by the jet stream – strong winds blowing from west to east – figures are expected to reach 20C this weekend in parts of Britain, Germany, France and elsewhere, according to national weather services.

    While scientists say much of this is part of a natural weather pattern, or the “luck of the draw”, they say it is clear that the climate crisis is contributing to higher temperatures…

    By the way, there is no sign of 20C where I live, and the log burner is on this evening.

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  223. Mark Jacobson is losing his grip. He’s looking haggard and forgetting to shave. No, there’s NOT enough hydro! Lake Mead and the water behind China’s Three Gorges dam are drying up:


  224. I see channel 5 have a prog at 9pm tonight 28th titled –
    “Building the Impossible – the story of the British Oil Industry through it’s incredible engineering”

    should be interesting to see how balanced it is, but the blurb sounds like they will at least be unbiased.

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  225. Thanks to Mike for the reminder, I’ve just watched the Tom Nelson episode with Ross McKitrick. The first half is a trip down memory lane for those of us who were spectators at the time. Towards the end Ross makes some interesting predictions about Net Zero, the future of climate alarmism and mainstream climate science.

    A mere 844 views so far on the toob (I listened on Spotify).

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  226. Almost everything in green politics is wrong
    cos their framework is flawed
    In the proper world we have the scientific method, peer review, open debate, policies with cost/benefit analysis, business that goes ahead cos it makes profit under it’s own steam
    We have democracy “they who have to PAY get a SAY”

    In the green-world we first get dogma eg “nuclear is bad”
    We don’t get proper scientific method we get rigged science that’s pal-reviewed
    Instead of open debate, their first instinct is to shut out opposition voices and bull their way through
    Green policies seem exempt from cost/benefit analysis.
    Green business doesn’t make profit under its own steam. Rather it relies on rigging the market banning its competition, getting a range of subsidies like priority market access.
    They don’t have democracy, except for fake democracy of rigged Soviet style climate councils
    They who PAY do not get a SAY rather policies are imposed on them
    They are banned from owning petrol cars, gas boiler, from flying etc .

    Look at they first banned nuclear investment and now say their is too much use of gas.
    Well if you hadn’t banned nuclear in the first place.

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  227. BBC local news did a gotcha interview against the Climate Minister Graham Stuart
    #1 You said you supported fracking , now you say you don’t?
    GS “Ah you see Truss said local communities must agree and you can see the Conservative led East Yorkshire Council said they would oppose it”

    #2 Oh Sunak doesn’t care won’t go to Egypt
    GS lists loads of MPs & flunkies who are going
    they put up a clip https://www.twitter.com/iredalepolitics/status/1586046064527904771

    Then they said the 10am Politics North BBC1 show, will be yet another Green Energy special
    guests listed : Holly Lynch MP and Graham Stuart MP


  228. 9am RadioHumberside was making a remarkable claim
    parroting a YorkshireWater tweet.
    “·Oct 26
    Our reservoir levels are now around 40%, and whilst it’s great news that the levels are slowly increasing, sadly it’s not enough.
    This time last year our stocks were at 72% so we’ve still got quite a bit to go before we can lift the ban.🧵(2/6)”
    .. https://www.twitter.com/YorkshireWater/status/1585267253813149697

    I find that difficult to take at face value at the end of the drought it was about 40% , now after a lot of rain they claim it’s still only 40%.
    OK after a drought the land above the reservoir would soak up more than normal so run off would be smaller, but that was ages ago now.
    Sometimes water corps have a chain of reservoirs
    and they top up the bottom one most leaving the top one low etc.


  229. 6pm ITV local newsPR item where Chris Packham rails about UK filtering out bad old EU environment laws
    it was probably recorded weeks ago, cos he he’s been doing the circuit

    Oct 4 .. Chris Packham tonight on BBC2 Newsnight lifting the lid on the government’s proposed bonfire of EU inherited environmental regulations.
    The proposed free development zones could be a existential threat to the environment


  230. XR protester Maddie Budd had an awful segment in GBnews
    let off by the courts for excrementing the Tom Moore statue
    she came across as mentally ill
    video : https://www.twitter.com/GBNEWS/status/1587208914852278272
    So should not have passed a risk assessment to appear

    Is Maddie exploiting Captain Tom for PR ?
    Actually seems like GreenSupremacist puppetmasters
    are EXPLOITING mentally ill Maddie Budd

    Just like the Taliban sent off mentally ill people with suicide bombs

    BTW Maddie is also the one who sets fire to her arm
    However that is a SAFE theatrical stunt
    But that should not be aired on social media
    cos it encourages UNSAFE copying by kids

    Who will be the first direct victim of XR protests
    .. an XR martyr bashed by a frustrated motorist
    or a bystander, ambulance patient ?

    Hallam and Gayles taking it to the line is going to cause some mentally ill XR person to take it over the line .. they could well be the victim
    Yet it will be spun anyway that they are a martyr


  231. Seriously?

    “How solar farms in space might beam electricity to Earth”


    It sounds too good to be true: a plan to harvest solar energy from space and beam it down to Earth using microwaves.

    But it’s something that could be happening as soon as 2035, according to Martin Soltau, the co-chairman at Space Energy Initiative (SEI) – a collaboration of industry and academics.

    SEI is working on a project called Cassiopeia, which plans to place a constellation of very large satellites in a high Earth orbit.

    Once deployed the satellites would harvest solar energy and beam it back down to Earth.

    He says the potential is almost unlimited.

    “In theory it could supply all of the world’s energy in 2050,” he says….

    In theory perhaps – my money’s on not in practice. Perhaps inevitably:

    Earlier this year, the UK government announced £3m in funding for space-based solar power (SBSP) projects, following an engineering study conducted by consultancy Frazer-Nash that concluded the technology was viable.

    SEI is hoping to get a big chunk of that money.


  232. “How did Britishvolt go from charged startup to ‘life support’ patient?
    Proposed Blyth battery factory attracted serious backers despite founders’ lack of expertise”


    …Britishvolt, with its ambition of making hundreds of thousands of batteries a year to power the switch to electric cars from the internal combustion engine, fitted the bill. But less than a year after Johnson praised the “absolutely amazing investment” in parliament, after promising £100m in government support, Britishvolt’s dreams are in jeopardy, with the company considering entering administration….

    …Britishvolt was incorporated on New Year’s Eve in 2019 by the Swedish businessmen Orral Nadjari and Lars Carlstrom. They set about drumming up investment and media coverage despite starting with no track record with the technology, no source of the £3.8bn in funding they estimated was required and – crucially – no guaranteed customers…

    …Both of its co-founders had departed by August this year. Ex-Ford executive Graham Hoare led an effort to professionalise the operation, amid questions over extravagant practices within the startup, revealed by the Guardian. They included leasing a seven-bedroom £2.8m mansion with an indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi for executives, hiring a Dubai-based fitness instructor to conduct yoga classes for staff over video, and travelling in a private jet owned by one of its billionaire shareholders….

    These things happen when politicians are all too keen to splash taxpayers’ cash on “green” projects.


  233. ““There is no Climate Emergency”: Hundreds More Sign the World Climate Declaration, Including 20 Professors”


    Scientists continue to flock to sign the World Climate Declaration that states there is no climate emergency. Over 200 people have signed the World Climate Declaration (WCD) over the last few weeks, including 20 university professors. A number of the professors and other academics signing the declaration are experts in pure science fields such as chemistry and physics. Over 300 scientists and professionals have signed the WCD since August 18th, when the Daily Sceptic highlighted the project and interest soared across social media. The total signatories, led by the Norwegian physics Nobel Prize winner Professor Ivar Giaever, now number over 1,400.

    It would not be an exaggeration to note that the recent publicity given to the WCD has struck terror into the ranks of the established and largely pseudoscientific climate community, whose gravy train of ‘settled’ science is fuelled by almost unlimited amounts of money and provides the political narrative for the command-and-control Net Zero agenda. Fact checks and social media personal attacks have been launched, but the scale of scientific scepticism is becoming increasingly difficult to deny. Nearly 300 professors alone have now signed the declaration.

    The WCD states that climate science has degenerated into a discussion based on beliefs, not on sound self-critical science. It continues: “We should free ourselves from the naïve belief in immature climate models. In future, climate research must give significantly more emphasis to empirical science.” Climate models are said to have many shortcomings, “and are not remotely plausible as global policy tools”. They are said to exaggerate or “blow up” the effect of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and “ignore the fact that enriching the atmosphere with CO2 is beneficial”. There is no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying natural disasters and there is no climate emergency. Therefore, notes the WCD, there is no cause for panic and alarm.


  234. “Snowdonia bird populations hit by visitor influx – survey”


    Well, that surprised me. What – not climate change? Oh hang on –

    …Ecologist and author of the report, Ben Porter, said: “It is clear that there are big challenges facing Eryri (Snowdonia) and its wildlife, from widespread littering issues to increasingly severe weather events amidst an escalating climate crisis, threatening some of the unique species that exist here….”


  235. “Congo peatlands dried out 5,000 years ago – researchers”


    at 5.24pm today (there’s no separate link).

    New research into the world’s largest tropical peatlands, in the Congo basin, has revealed that climate change 5,000 years ago led to them drying out, releasing damaging amounts of carbon dioxide, a phenomenon that is threatening to repeat itself today.

    Of course, it’s a call to arms. However, it doesn’t explain how that occurred naturally 5,000 years ago, while everything today is caused by us; nor does it explain how that sort of thing wasn’t a tipping-point then but is now.


  236. Inevitably, the Guardian has the same story – in more detail, but equally lacking in any explanation regarding the points I mentioned in my last comment:

    “‘Carbon timebomb’: climate crisis threatens to destroy Congo peatlands
    Vast carbon store may be close to point where it could flip from absorbing CO2 to releasing it, research shows”



  237. The NHS is short of money ..runs the narrative
    Well they just sent my neighbour this message out to his charity.

    You are invited to apply for regional *green award*
    There is total funding of £50,000 available to be split between all award winners.
    The Sheep Shed green award programme is funded by the regional Health and Care Partnership (NHS)

    The awards are designed to promote *sustainable* practice within the region and aim to help progress carbon reduction projects into action.”

    So apply for NHS award money by making us some BS excuse like ..”oh the funding will help us paint the door green”
    FFS The whole point of *sustainable* is that it sustains itself
    ..ie it saves money ..so should NOT need grants.

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  238. “Money-off energy scheme launches to avoid blackouts”


    Households will be offered discounts on their electricity bills if they cut peak-time use on a handful of days over the winter, as part of National Grid’s efforts to avoid blackouts.

    The network operator has announced details of the scheme, which it said could save households up to £100.

    There will be 12 “test” days initially, designed to see how customers respond, between November and March.

    But only homes with smart meters will be able to take part….

    …National Grid is testing the idea, which it calls its “Demand Flexibility Service” at scale for the first time, to establish a system that can serve as an “insurance policy” if it needs to ease demand on the grid this winter.

    The National Grid can give it whatever euphemistic title it likes. I call it rationing for poor people. And this is what we’ve been reduced to by a failed energy system. Thanks, renewables. As for this:

    Jake Rigg, director of corporate affairs at National Grid ESO, said by signing up people could “back Britain” as well as saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

    There’s a fabulous irony in the final sentence:

    The company has also put coal-fired power stations on standby in case they are required to boost energy generation.

    As for backing Britain, I think that would best be done by providing us with reliable, secure and cheap energy. They’ve failed on all counts, and jobs have gone abroad to jurisdictions with cheaper (but more CO2-intensive) energy supplies. Well done!


  239. 9am on @RadioHumberside news opening item
    GMB union guy commenting on letter from Shadow industry minister Bill Esterton Labour MP saying, we have to save British Steel
    cos otherwise we’ll be importing steel that is powered by coal

    RH dropped it from 10am news, probably cos they are GreenCultists

    It’s to do with Andy Prendergast, @GMB_union National Secretary appearance on RH yesterday
    5:09pm https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0d4q2tp
    Ah in his letter Esterton says if Labour chuck £3bn at British Steel it will get Green Steel working
    He doesn’t say the green steel will be expensive.

    GMB guy spoke about
    #1 Today’s energy being super expensive for steel industry
    #2 Funding needed to overhaul steel industry to make it “green”

    Conversation OMITTED
    – The hydrogen & CCS project, that the government already has started construction of with the Hull to Scunthorpe to Drax hydrogen pipelines
    – Dogmatic greens banning new UK coking coal mine, so forcing coal imports.

    (The hydrogen to make this green steel will comes from gas so emits CO2, but they reckon the next stage will be CCS)

    Tweet includes letter (The reporter screwed up the radio link, I gave the correct one above)
    .. https://www.twitter.com/NajModakBBC/status/1588555663374168070


  240. GMB guy talked at length about banning steel imports by making “local content” rules,
    “The US does that”
    Doh. it’s impossible if we are in the EU


  241. On “green steel”, afaik it’s still very much in development. I’ve read about a small pilot project in Sweden. There’s a long way to go to prove the process at scale….and then there’s the cost issue. I have not seen any figures so I’m guessing but, given the cost of green hydrogen, I would not be surprised to see the cost of green steel being a multiple of the existing product.

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  242. I spotted an economist angrily tweeting, how dare Neil Oliver say an ice cap is growing
    The guy seems unaware that this years Greenland cap is higher than last years.
    When I challenge him he searches for stuff on the NASA website.
    I know that website is a PR operation providing simplistic PR aimed at children
    So far the guy is mixing up sea ice with ice caps etc.
    But I see the NASA page he should’ve used.

    What do people reckon ?
    The NASA graphs seem to good to be true.
    #1 You can see this year’s rise in ice then a slight downtick
    which still leaves ice higher than last year
    #2 Both graphs have an empty gap in the middle
    #3 If they comes from GRACE gravity measurements then the data is modelling that doesn’t take background changes in gravity due to other factors.

    I’m not aux fait with Antarctic cap levels .. I thought they were growing slowly
    The NASA graph shows a perfect down trend
    I see one paper Antarctic models dont replicate actual observations.


  243. I suppose one issue is the Danish institute could be measuring X-ice extent
    whereas NASA models are about Y ice-mass

    Ice mass should actually always be falling year on year on average
    cos if it wasn’t that would mean we are going into an ice age.
    So it’s perfectly possible for ice extent to rise in a year
    and someone to say ..see the ice cap grew
    And someone else to say the mass fell so the cap shrunk.
    If I look at the Nasa Graphs it does appear to be a downward trend but you can see it blips up in some years


  244. Labour MP Simon Danczuk said
    “of course it was democratic
    all the parties had it in their manifestos
    and the party that won had it in their manifesto”

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  245. “Isle of Man Steam Packet fears wind farm plans may disrupt UK routes”


    Plans to build two new offshore wind farms in the Irish Sea could disrupt Isle of Man ferry services, a Manx operator has warned.

    Energy firms have proposed projects named Morgan and Morecambe in areas between the island and Lancashire.

    The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company said the developments could cause navigation issues for its sailings to Liverpool and Heysham in bad weather.

    But the project’s backers said it was possible to find “ways to co-exist”.

    It comes after the firms behind the proposed developments launched a consultation on the plans.

    Dismissing concerns doesn’t sound much like consulting!


  246. “Energy crisis? What energy crisis?
    Politicians need to come clean about the high price we have paid for embracing ‘green energy’.”


    …This week, Rishi Sunak, like Callaghan before him, has escaped the winter weather, rampant inflation, strikes and the threat of power blackouts to soak up the Egyptian sunshine at the COP27 climate summit. His complacency about the energy crisis – and its cause – is as bad as Callaghan’s, if not worse. The truth is that Sunak’s commitment to the COP agenda betrays an indifference to the energy crisis. After all, climate-change policies are one of the leading causes of the current energy shortages. And if we go much further down the Net Zero pathway, the crisis will become permanent….

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  247. Mike, Monbiot should not do science. He falls in love with a hypothesis, ignores contrary evidence and accepts any old evidence that supports his message. His message is that CO2 is bad, everywhere and every time. Much of the much vaughnted end Permian extinction took place within the Permian – the end Guadalupian event (before any CO2 or event). It is true that over much of the world marine conditions were replaced by desert conditions and this requires some explanation but CO2 won’t do it.
    Speculation about the Deccan Traps has been endless but the idea that these were able to prevent outflow of lavas so that intrusions became predominant is a new one on me. If intrusions into coals and such created CO2 there should be evidence for this. I know there is an isotopic shift in carbon at this time but no longer have the wit to interpret that.

    Sorry not to be more helpful but concoctions like Monmiot’s I normally consider as COD science and ignore. Products of minds exposed to too much CO2

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  248. That was then (2015):



    Climate change is likely making drought conditions in southwest and southeast Australia worse.

    Fronts from the Southern Ocean, which typically bring rain across southern Australia during winter and spring, have shifted southwards with a warming climate, leading to declines in rainfall in southwest and southeast Australia and increasing the risk of drought conditions in these regions.
    Since the mid-1990s, southeast Australia has experienced a 15 percent decline in the late autumn and early winter rainfall and a 25 percent decline in average rainfall in April and May.
    Average annual stream flow into Perth’s dams has already decreased by nearly 80 percent since the mid-1970s.
    Climate change is driving an increase in the intensity and frequency of hot days and heatwaves in Australia, in turn increasing the severity of droughts.

    This is now:

    “Once a comfort, rain is now ruining Australia’s mood”


    “It feels like Groundhog Day. I wake up and it’s raining, dark and cold, over and over and over again.”

    Rebecca Gray feels like it has rained all year in Sydney, Australia. She’s not far off the mark.

    The city has seen around 170 days of rain so far in 2022 – there have been more rainy days than dry ones. And with almost a quarter of the year still to go, Sydney broke its annual rainfall record last month.

    “It’s not like we’ve just scraped in,” said Tom Saunders, a meteorologist at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “The record has been obliterated. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

    More than 2.3m (7.5 feet) of rain has fallen on the city – three times the annual average in London.

    It’s been a similar story across the rest of Australia’s eastern states. Repeated, widespread flooding across all four of them has left thousands of homes uninhabitable and killed more than 30 people this year. Just this past week, two people died as towns in central western New South Wales (NSW) went underwater.

    Tricky business, climate change.


  249. I had a dream, I was sitting next to the central door, the exit door on a crowded bus
    The bus stopped and a load of people with placards got up
    “We are going to the XR demo”
    ..Me “no you are not cos I’m doing a blockade protest at this door.”
    When they got point I relented

    I did formulate an essay but no time to write it
    Green bullies get the Reward
    We get the responsibility
    They dictate
    and we pay

    How come they walk away with freedom
    There should be a system where if they take freedoms from us. freedoms are taken away from them
    banned from flying gor a year or from concerts etc.

    Someone says how come the miners proteste were stopped
    but the XR ones aren’t.


  250. Radio Lincolnshire and local TV news did a big report
    about a school near Grimsby going green
    It’s not on gas grid so spends £31K year on oil now
    that £150/day for 200 school days
    ie it must be £300/day for winter

    Oh we got a grant for £422K and a top money to spend £500K on a ground source heat pump and 300 solar panels
    So we’ll save £21K per year
    em that’s a long payback of 25 years
    and I suspect world oil will be cheap in a couple of years anywaty

    The whole item was fully enthusiastic like an advert by the school people.


  251. “Actor changes his name to Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Weather Wilson as climate protest
    The Office star Rainn Wilson announces he has changed his name to raise awareness of Arctic weather changes”


    The actor Rainn Wilson says he has changed his name to Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson to protest against the climate crisis.

    In a video posted to Twitter on Wednesday, Wilson said: “as a cheap little stunt to help save planet Earth, I’ve changed my name on Twitter, Instagram and even on my fancy writing paper.” It is not clear if Wilson has legally changed his name.

    As for why, he said: “I changed my name … to help tell the world leaders and influencers that we need to act now.”


  252. Surprising Dale Vince can’t sell his corp
    cos he is locked into Gazprom contracts.
    “Dale Vince said Ecotricity would ‘see the contract through’ with Russian majority state-owned energy giant Gazprom ‘and then move on’.”

    That has caused him to stop the sale of his company


  253. Stew – from your 2 links, I read –

    “By Andrew Merrell | Published Monday 21 March 2022
    … Asif Rehmanwala, chief executive officer at Ecotricity, said: ‘Turnover for the year increased by 7.9 per cent to £239,774,239 as the business continues to grow its customer base.
    … In a statement he said Ecotricity had an existing trading relationship with Russian gas giant Gazprom, but risked penalties approaching £10 million if it broke that contract now.”

    “By Ashley Loveridge October 29, 2022
    …The green energy industrialist and owner of Forest Green Rovers previously announced his decision to sell the Stroud-based company on April 1….told Utility Week the sales process was now “on the shelf” following the continuing turmoil created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    Ecotricity employs more than 800 people and his company boasted more than a £300m turnover this year.”

    so, Vince is a “green energy industrialist”. a new breed.
    from Ecotricity website –
    “Welcome to Britain’s greenest energy company. All our electricity is certified green, and also certified vegan. Our gas is a mix of carbon-neutralised natural gas and sustainable green gas.”


  254. There’s much talk about “climate reparations” flying around at COP 27. However, the suggestion that we take responsibility for historic emissions misses a key point: who were the beneficiaries of the products that generated those emissions?
    For much of the industrial period we were the “workshop of the world”, much as China is today. In the same way as we now look at “imported emissions”, all those countries that took our exports should accept that the associated emissions belong on their own account.

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  255. Lord Deben on ITV in the story “Unban onshore wind, Labour will do that”
    BBC carry the same story.

    UK Media work very closely with #GreenBlob PR
    Onshore wind is NOT banned
    If a person or corp has a big patch of land they could put them up

    They don’t cos they are angling for bigger SUBSIDIES


  256. There’s propaganda:

    “Warmest Armistice Day ever for England, Scotland and Northern Ireland
    Three UK countries ‘way above where we should be for this time of year’ says Met Office forecaster”


    Britain’s armed forces have gone on parade on the warmest Armistice Day on record, according to the Met Office, with the country on track for what could be an unprecedented 11th month of above average temperatures.

    Unseasonably high temperatures led to “exceptionally mild” conditions across the UK, the forecaster said, with the record-breaking 19.5C recorded in Myerscough in Lancashire more than a degree warmer than the previous record of 17.8C at Kensington Palace in London.

    Records were also broken in Scotland, where the mercury hit 19.1C in Lossiemouth, and Northern Ireland, where temperatures reached 17.4C in Magilligan. Wales was the only UK nation where daily temperature records were not broken.

    The record-breaking daytime temperatures came after another set of temperature records were broken overnight, with Northern Ireland and Scotland recording their highest November minimum temperatures, at 14.5C and 14.6C respectively.

    “It is unusually mild for this time of year, that’s for sure,” said Simon Partridge, a Met Office forecaster. Normal temperatures for this time of year were 8-9C in Scotland and 9-11C in England, he said. “So we are way, way above where we should be for this time of year.”

    The unusually warm weather was “a bit of a one-off” caused by a particular buckle in the jet stream that was bringing warm air in a southwesterly flow from the tropics, said Partridge.

    But, he added: “The fact that every month this year has had above average temperatures does hint very heavily that obviously things are moving to a much warmer climate.”

    And (for once) there’s straight reporting from the BBC:

    “Why is the weather so warm this November?”


    …BBC Weather’s Simon King says the unusually high November temperatures are down to the jet stream and, more specifically, to the direction of the wind.

    “A south-west wind is dragging in air from the Tropics, around the Azores and Cape Verde – where it is still warm at this time of year – and that milder air is spreading north to the UK,” he explains….

    …”This weather pattern, while fairly unusual for the time of year, is not linked to climate change,” says King.

    While the warm air being dumped over the UK is “not a regular occurrence”, it is a weather phenomenon that we experience every so often in the UK – so it is not a one-off.

    The warmest recorded daytime temperature in November in the UK was in 2015, when temperatures reached 22.4C – an event that was also linked to the jet stream.

    King adds: “Climate change may be altering the typical position of the jet stream further north – when considering its horizontal position/latitude averages over decades. This is different, though, from this scenario where the jet stream is meandering north to south like a big U….”


  257. Of course, weather is just weather, but on the day after the Guardian propaganda piece around the mild autumn in the UK, this is more than a little ironic:

    “Weather tracker: unusual cold and snow spreading across North America
    Azure Prior for Metdesk
    Temperatures in Canada dropped by as much as 20C below normal this week”


    Significant cold is spreading widely across North America this weekend, having already affected northern and western parts so far this week.

    During the night of 9 November, temperatures across central and western provinces of Canada, as well as many western states of the US, plummeted to widely at least 10C (50F) below normal, with some parts of Canada seeing temperatures as low as 20C (68F) below normal.

    Temperatures fell below zero across a large swathe of North America, from northern parts of Arizona and New Mexico up to much of Canada. Minimum temperatures of as low as -25C (-13F) to -30C (-22F) were recorded across many parts of western Canada.

    This weekend the cold will become extremely widespread and expand southwards and eastwards into eastern parts of the US as cold air plunges southwards on the west side of a north-eastward-moving area of low pressure. One location that is likely to see dramatic temperature changes as the frigid conditions continue into next week is Austin, Texas…

    …Throughout next week, the widespread cold will persist and by the end of the week most areas away from the coast and far south of the US will have seen snowfall….


  258. Climate Policy = a 40 year AUSTERITY programme

    I think that is a good analogy I thought up

    Labour think that 12 years of Tories actually increasing NHS spending is austerity
    yet they think imposing £2 trillion of Climate Policy costs it a good thing

    I can list other Austerities.
    – Energy Independence Austerity is when you ban new oil/gas fields thus depriving the UK of energy independence , thus meaning we have to buy on world markets, and endure price blips
    whilst at the same time depriving the UK of mininig taxes
    – That connects to Currency Exchange Austerity we’ve got, cos we have to sell £s to buy dollars to buy gas ..tgat makes the £ fall and all imports cost more

    – Immigration Austerity is when we piss away money putting Albanians in 4 star hotels , thus depriving the taxpayer

    British currently have a retirement age of 67 , bet it needs to go up to 75 to pay for these policies

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  259. Moved post
    GBnews 8pm Steyn. and Dan Wootton mostly very good these days
    Total anti Green Policy
    “it’s a gigantic scam they shout”

    DW had 2 XR people on .. they’re mentally ill
    and said ridiculous things

    video tweet


  260. Mark’s Reply
    stewgreen, I think there is a strong argument (and I say this after some considerable thought, and not flippantly) to the effect that at least some of the XR/Just Stop Oil protestors could (and arguably should) be detained under the Mental Health Act, for their own protection and for the protection of the public.
    When you watch and listen to some of them, they are either acting or they truly are mentally ill..


  261. That would be a good point
    but the rules are
    White Man does something bad it’s WhiteManBad
    Johnny Foreigner does something bad .. it’s WhiteManBad too
    It’s always Whitey’s fault


  262. Weather is just weather, of course, but still…

    “Weather tracker: after Hurricane Nicole, more turbulence to hit Europe and Australia
    Faye Hulton (Metdesk)
    Unsettled weather to continue across western Europe and southern Australia forecast to experience unseasonably cold spell”


    Parts of Australia are also experiencing turbulent weather. Over the course of this past weekend (12-13 November), an active area of low pressure developed across South Australia and the Great Australian Bight. This system tracked south-eastwards along the coast, and was accompanied by a potent cold front that was responsible for the stormy conditions that developed across southern Australia. This event brought damaging winds, heavy rain, and flooding to parts of Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia – where 56mm of rain fell in Port Lincoln, and winds gusted to 106km/h at Adelaide airport.

    Although these wet and windy conditions have eased, as late spring approaches, a change in the synoptic setup will bring an unseasonable cold spell to southern and south-eastern Australia throughout the rest of this week. As the aforementioned low-pressure has travelled further east since the weekend, an area of high pressure started to take its place. This configuration has shifted the wind direction to a southerly flow, bringing in some cool Antarctic air, and has already started to allow temperatures to drop well below the seasonal norm across southern parts of the country.

    The coolest temperatures will be on Wednesday, with Melbourne and Adelaide experiencing maximum daytime temperatures over 9C below the seasonal norm, while temperatures in the Grampians may fall below zero overnight. Although temperatures are set to slowly rise during the latter part of the week, they will remain considerably below the seasonal average.


  263. Almost every time I switch on media, I get some kind if FakeNews pushed at me
    The 12pm consumer show talked to solar panel customers who thought they had won. The prog never mentioned that his feed in tariff was greatly subsidised by other consumers

    Then 11am Radio4 documentary talked to an unemployed miner about the planned Cumbria coking coal mine
    The the presenter SamPeach starts making his questions about fossil fuels
    “There seems to be more of a drive to increase extraction here in the UK
    methods like fracking,
    how do you think that affects the mine’s chances ?

    Next question “Look there’ll be of people that point out this mine is going to damage the environment by *increasing* fossil fuel usage
    Do you think it would be better to invest the money in renewable energy perhaps”

    Miner replies “Wind solar power we can’t get our energy from that
    we need this mine to make steel to make wind turbine towers”

    Fossil fuels are APPLES
    and coking coal is MARMALADE
    The mine isn’t going to INCREASE fossil fuel use, it’s just an alternative source of coal as an ingredient in steelmaking
    Without it the same steel will be made with coal from elsewhere
    (Or sometime deep in the future from less coal, cos of new hydrogen tech, that will also increase costs.)

    The mine is not using taxpayers money.
    If the private investors took their money and invested their money in renewables , it will not change the scenario about how much CO2 world steel emits.
    Just the same as banning marmalade doesn’t affect the amount of apples sold.

    Does the drive to open fracking affect the mine, yes cos it reflects more logic in government
    If they are logical on fracking they’ll be more logical on coking coal.

    Next was an activist against the mine I couldn’t bear to listen to that bit.

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  264. It’s a funny old world when a country illegally invaded by another, which commits war crimes and seeks illegally to annex parts of the country it’s invaded, feels it’s better placed to attack the invader by criticising its climate change implications rather than any of the crimes committed:

    “COP27: War causing huge release of climate warming gas, claims Ukraine”


    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused a large amount of warming gases to be released into the atmosphere, Ukraine has claimed at the UN COP27 climate summit in Egypt.

    The amount is the equivalent of adding nearly 16 million cars to the UK’s roads for two years.

    Ukraine said it is collecting evidence of environmental crimes with which to sue Russia.

    It also claimed precious animal and plant life has been destroyed.

    The war has led directly to emissions of 33 million tons of greenhouse gases that warm the Earth’s atmosphere, claimed Ruslan Strilets, Ukraine’s environmental protection minister.

    It’s also rather odd that a country fighting for its very existence still seems to think it’s important to send a delegation to COP27. If the UN was a more effective organisation, it wouldn’t be the greenhouse gases emitted by the Russia-Ukraine war that it finds most worrisome.


  265. The alarmists have hit on a new way of announcing ever more records – find a daily record, rather than an annual, seasonal or even monthly one. If you think about it, going for daily records (and let’s say picking on heat, cold, rain and wind) gives you 365 x 4 – 1,460 possible records every year. If you go further, and get really clever, going for that in each of the constituent nations in the UK, you get 5,840 shots at a weather record each year.

    “UK’s warmest ever Remembrance Sunday recorded”


    The UK’s warmest Remembrance Sunday has been recorded in north Wales.

    Temperatures in Porthmadog, Gwynedd, soared to 21.2C (70.2F), also making it the warmest 13 November on record.

    It beat the previous record by more than two degrees set 33 years ago, also in Gwynedd.

    England and Scotland also saw records broken for the warmest Remembrance Day with highs of 19.2C (67F) in Bridgefoot, Cumbria, and 17.2C (63F) in Aviemore.

    The previous record temperature on Remembrance Sunday was 19.1C (66F) in Aber, also in Gwynedd, in 1989.

    A focus on seasonal or monthly records wouldn’t have produced that headline. For example:

    “Weather: Why are Wales’ November nights so mild?”


    Why have the nights been so mild recently?

    The record for this time of year, set in Colwyn Bay in 1938, was almost beaten last night.

    Almost – but not – beaten. 1938 still holds the record, for “this time of year”, by which (although it’s not explained) I assume they mean either autumn, or more likely November. Wales also holds the record for the warmest November day, but it wasn’t set this November, rather it dates back to 2015:

    “UK records warmest November day
    Temperatures reached 22.3C (72.1F) in Trawsgoed, Wales, surpassing Barcelona and the Algarve”


    So, no November records broken this year, unless you home in on individual days.

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  266. Please could someone explain what is meant by “hindcasting” wrt climate models?
    Does it mean working back from today to see if the models’ results match history/
    Or do they start from some point in the past and then check if the models’ come to today’s conditions?


  267. Mike. Wikipedia has a short definition (under “backcasting”) and numerous more specialised references. Hope these answer your question more specifically.

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  268. What’s your posh climate activist name?

    Mine is Sebastian Carrot.


  269. Here’s yet another of Roger Hallam’s lengthy doomwanks:

    This one is called ‘Why Disrupt the Public as we face the Final Death Project’. Uploaded on 4/11/22. 109 minutes.

    He doesn’t look at all well in this one. Slow, perhaps some slurring, even more incoherent than usual. I think Hallam has said that he doesn’t take drugs. Perhaps he was introduced to them during his most recent jail term.


    I had the video on in the background for a while then switched it off when Hallam finally said something bonkers that’s actually interesting – something that’s bonkers in a new way (starting at ~10m30s):

    OK, so before I, like, get into the main theme of this video I just want to point something out. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I haven’t actually talked about climate change, I haven’t talked about the climate crisis, and the reason I’ve done that is because as soon as we use those words you’re basically falling into what you might call the corporate frame. I don’t know if you know but the phrase ‘climate change’ was created by people from the big corporations for a specific reason, and that specific reason is to make… make this situation look like something technical, something that’s a problem, something that’s physical, like bad weather. There’s bad weather happening. That’s not what the situation is.

    What is the situation?

    Well, the technical, physical situation – the one favoured by the big corporations that invented the phrase ‘climate change’ – is like burying an axe in a head. Hallam points at a weird diagram and says climate is the axe and the head is… not sure. Possibly also the climate.

    See how that works? [Er, no.] But what really happened was Mr Jones murdered Mrs Harris. That’s a different way of looking upon it, isn’t it? Like, Mr Jones used an axe to put into the head of Mrs Harris. Obviously, that was murder. So this is why this video is called The Final Death Project, because there’s the death project by Mr Jones to kill Mrs Harris – or, in terms of what’s going on with the climate, Mr Jones is using the climate to murder Mrs Harris. The corporate class, the elites, knowingly and willingly are putting carbon into the atmosphere, which murders billions of people, creates hundreds of millions of refugees, and that’s just for starters.

    Not for me, mate. Sorry. Enough gibberish for one day.

    But get well soon, eh? (And please don’t murder anyone.)


  270. Duplicating what I just wrote on Homewoods article about the Pakistan one third underwater myth.
    Sorry drilling down to the truth takes time so I have to adjust to timeline

    #1 Around Aug 27 at least 3 accounts tweeted that it seemed one third was underwater

    #2 Aug 29 morning
    Guardian : “Pakistan … monsoon COULD put a third of country underwater”
    a line it attributed “climate minister (Sherry Rehman)
    warned that one-third of Pakistan *could* be underwater by the time this year’s “monster monsoon” recedes”

    (Jess Phillips tweeted that Guardian headline)

    #3 Aug 29th lunchtime : Sherry Rehman is appearing on various media saying
    “Now MORE that a third of Pakistan is underwater”
    and she tweeted it in words
    ..  https://www.twitter.com/sherryrehman/status/1564225435386482689
    So it was not a one off mistake, she said on multiple networks
    Then media all ran with that phrase
    A few days later on other TV another minister repeated it

    #4 Then the legend was established and the usual lefty activists inc BBCnews have parroted ever since
    .. Whereas other people said from the beginning it was false, but course the flooding was bad enough to need lots of aid.

    So it seems to me the “one third” narrative was around, probably in the Climate Minister’s office first with “could”.
    Then they realised it had great fund raising potential.
    “More than a third” came out somehow on 29th lunchtime broadcasts, and she just stuck with it.
    As I said in ClimateCult world PR-STORYTELLING
    counts more than truth.

    … Hockey stick graphs, power phrases like “Climate Crisis. “Extreme weather”, “Climate Deniers”, etc


  271. There’s more she immediately replied to her own tweet and made another claim
    “One small town in Sindh received over 1700 MM of rain in one day”
    FakeNews actually that day the year tally reached 1700mm

    The day after she did FakeNews went on Channel4
    saying Imran Khan was a baddie cos his telethon was just for his 2 states.
    His supporters screamed liar at her on Twitter, cos it was actually a full national telethon.

    So seems she is steeped FakeNews world


  272. Ponzi and Climate threads are very similar
    Someone pumps it
    Theh the replies are 95% TrueBelievers
    only 2 or 3 skeptics call it out.

    See my Twitter for examples in the FTX crypto scam


  273. 4pm Media Show Radio4 still sounding like Labour Student common room
    No skeptics are on
    – Opens with Guardian journo Fiona, live from COP
    – Then Richard Feldgate the XR journo pretending to be a journo
    .. prog doesn’t mention his XR affiliation
    He just mentioned being charged for being at the blockade newspaper factory a few years ago
    ..but Razzal took him at face value, when she should have said “You are XR , aren’t you ?”

    – Now Cameron Ford the XR Insulate Britain protester
    they played the one fail by Mike Graham when he tried to say tree growing is same as concrete growing ..

    Katie Razzal is softballing Cameron as if he is her mate.

    Wolfgang Blau @wblau tweeted
    Today’s media show on @BBCRadio4
    will be about the future (and challenging present) of climate journalism.
    4.30 p.m. UK time. With yours truly

    (Managing Partner, Climate Hub, The Brunswick Group. Co-Founder, Oxford Climate Journalism Network. Mastodon )

    The whole prog is taking the XR line
    There are no contesting/skeptic voices.


  274. Guardian journo just ran off of a load of hyperbolic alarmist lines
    and falsely said “I’m reporting the FACTS
    … scientists say”

    That’s cheating science doesn’t say, nor all scientists
    just a few scientists she would cherrypick.

    Wolfgang has just said Fiona’s frontpage is activism , so is wrong

    She said “it’s very important to use scare words Climate Crisis/breakdown/emergency Global Heating etc.”

    BBC guy “we don’t give too much weight to outliers, they are not worth listening to”
    That’s the small boy fallacy ..that outlier proved the Emperor’s tailors was wrong.


  275. Update 8 on Pakistan Thirdgate
    Guardian did another story on Thu 1 Sep 2022
    Urgent aid appeal launched as satellite images show a third of Pakistan underwater
    “as new satellite images appeared to confirm that a third of the country is now underwater” *
    “Those pictures appear to confirm the Pakistani government’s assessment that more than a third of the country”**

    What’s going on ?
    The article is not news it is PR for the Disaster Appeal
    “one third underwater” is a great PR line so they use it.

    They embellish the claim by citing a credible source ESA European Space Agency

    But this is a common NASA trick
    Both institutions are probably scientific
    but the NASA website is a PR operation full of garbage
    So when people quote the NASA website they are quoting PR
    Seems the same with ESA here.
    They write the third claim like this
    “since mid-June has led to more than a third of the country now being underwater, *according to a Pakistani government official*. ”
    It’s a very short article, that is the only bit that mentions a third,
    not the DATA. Cos despite the * and ** the Guardian’s claims
    the actual photo in the article is as Paul H quotes
    It does NOT show mostly flooded the vast vast majority is not flooded about 90%.

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  276. The Nick Robinson show
    1 episode super grilling a Tory
    then 5 chummy episodes with lefties
    Last week Angela Rayner this wee Green Party


  277. The latest climate hype from the BBC:

    “Climate change: Melting glaciers could release tonnes of bacteria”


    Vast amounts of bacteria could be released as the world’s glaciers melt due to climate change, scientists have warned.

    Potentially harmful pathogens are among the thousands of microbes that could leak into rivers and lakes.

    Researchers at Aberystwyth University said their study highlighted the need to act quickly to curb global warming.

    But read on and you find this:

    “The risk is probably very small, but it requires careful assessment.”

    Glaciologist Dr Tristram Irvine-Fynn said more research was needed: “Over the coming decades, the forecast ‘peak water’ from Earth’s mountain glaciers means we need to improve our understanding of the state and fate of (these) ecosystems.

    “With a better grasp of that picture, we could better predict the effects of climate change on glacial surfaces and catchment biogeochemistry.”

    Which sounds to me like a PR push for more funding.


  278. A new article from Ed Hoskins:

    “The performance of Power generation technologies compared”


    One small section contains three paragraphs offering much food for thought:

    Note: 1 kilogram of Coal contains ~40 times more energy than 1 kilogram of a Tesla powerwall battery, which costs ~330 times more/kilogram. In other words Coal is 13,000 more cost effective for energy storage than the most advanced batteries.

    In effect these ERoEI results indicate that, even if cost effective storage were available, neither Weather-Dependent generators nor imported Biomass can ever produce sufficient consistent and useful excess power to support civilisation.

    Thus, all Weather-Dependent “Renewables” generation and Biomass are parasitic on other sources of power for their manufacture, installation and maintenance. As they are increasingly imposed upon the power grid they increase the likelihood of Grid failure.


  279. What utter,utter balderdash. Valley glaciers flow downhill melting as they go and especially at their termini. Large, long glaciers may take many hundred years to totally melt, but melt they will. Thus any bacteria incarcerated will be released eventually and they are doing this continuously. If released bacteria are a threat then they always have been. If climate change speeds up melting then it reduces the time the bacteria have been away from the rest of the biosphere, so presumably reducing any risk.

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  280. Worrying and sad. The climate alarmists are causing a lot of loss and damage:

    “Motherhood in a climate crisis: Women share their anger and fear”


    “I have this deep grief and anger around not having a second child amidst the climate crisis.”

    Rosanna Selway Spencer from London said it felt “very cathartic” to share this thought with the group she had joined in Bristol.

    She said it was empowering to meet others where she could talk about it in a safe space.

    The project, Motherhood in a climate crisis, was started by Sophia Cheng to help people share those difficult conversations.

    People who take part talk about experiencing, considering or wanting to denounce motherhood due to climate issues…

    …Thirty-seven-year-old Rosanna Selway Spencer shared how she experienced a “difficult internal struggle” during the project.

    “In the sessions I wrote a letter titled, ‘to the second child I will never give birth to’, and it was very cathartic.”

    Ms Spencer said she wanted to have a second child, but her husband did not “but since coming to this awareness of climate change, I changed my mind”.

    “I had this deep sense of despair and grief around it. It’s very frightening.

    “I just don’t know if I would’ve had a child if I’d have known this before?” she added


  281. It seems that Sir David Attenborough isn’t loved by all:

    “Weymouth climate change protester arrested while Sir David Attenborough dined”


    A climate change protester has been arrested after reportedly approaching Sir David Attenborough at a Michelin-star restaurant on the south coast.

    Dorset Police said Emma Smart, 45, was arrested on Thursday evening after an incident at Catch At The Old Fish Market in Weymouth.

    Sir David had spent the day in the seaside town and posed for photos with members of the public.

    Mrs Smart was charged with failing to comply with a Section 35 direction.

    Dorset Police the local ecologist was arrested after allegedly causing a disturbance and refusing to comply with officers after they asked her to leave the restaurant.

    Animal Rebellion, the protest group supporting Mrs Smart, said the activist approached the table where Sir David was dining in an attempt to deliver a letter to him.

    Mrs Smart, an ecologist from Weymouth, said she wanted a five-minute conversation with the environmentalist about the need to address climate change.

    According to Animal Rebellion the ecologist targeted his visit to the Catch restaurant because of its expensive menu.

    Mrs Smart said in a statement: “The Catch is a symbol of excess and inequality in today’s world, Weymouth has average wages amongst the lowest in the UK and is at huge risk of sea level rises.

    “Yet this restaurant still continues business as usual amongst the worst cost of living crisis many will ever experience.

    “We don’t need another documentary series showing us that we are losing some 150 species going extinct globally every single day.

    “What we need is action. Sir David is in a unique position to tell the truth about the biodiversity crisis.”


  282. The UK green grant industry must be huge
    Everytime I look at the council tourism website, it’s pushing a green programme at me.
    This is all paid for by UK taxpayers

    “Hospitable Green Launch
    This virtual course aims to teach business owners and employees more about sustainability and how their business can make a difference with support all about practical solutions that businesses can implement”


  283. Paul Homewood beat me to it:


    Main story here (front page of the website, too!):

    “Staying warm: What does an unheated room do to your body?”


    “The evidence clearly suggests that cold is more deadly than the heat, there are a higher number of deaths caused through cold snaps than there are through the heat snaps,” says Prof Bailey.

    “So I really do think that more recognition needs to be paid for the dangers associated with cold.”


  284. The BBC story isn’t headlined
    “Welsh screw up Electric Car Drive to Qatar”
    Doh political greens think their policies must be pushed through without a *pause for thought*
    Here they organised a huge trip
    but failed to do proper planning
    No one realised it’s illegal to drive into Saudi in a RIGHT hand drive car*.
    So they were refused at the border
    “Instead of driving into Doha ahead of Wales’ first game against the USA on Monday, they flew in

    Do Greens really care about CO2 ?
    No, that wasn’t their only flight.
    They flew from Athens to Israel as well

    “18 days across 17 countries and 3,800 miles”
    That’s 1,200 miles short.
    (BBC article has a typo they set off October 28 not November 28)

    Quote from earlier BBC article
    “We’re driven by both a love for football and a passion for the positive change electric cars can bring for people and the planet’
    Other than that the articles don’t mention green politics

    * Japan used to dump used Right Hand Drive cats on country
    so Saudi banned them to protect dealers.


  285. Mark – from your Paul Homewood link

    I think this comment from that post nails why BBC suddenly seem concerned about people freezing when they have no heating – “Bloke down the pub November 19, 2022 2:14 pm
    The BBC only condescend to address the issue of cold temps when they think they can attack the government by doing so.”

    the relevant quote to me from the BBC piece – “Ten degrees is the average temperature that people will be living in, if they can’t afford to heat their homes,” said Prof Bailey.

    no mention when lack of power/energy will have the same effect.

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  286. This is an actual tweet from Katharine Hayhoe. She has me blocked even though I’ve never tweeted to her. She’s supposed to have preemptively blocked all of Tony Heller’s followers.

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  287. BBC Propaganda at every turn
    Just now on the R4 Brain of Britain Quiz
    “The Global Warming Policy Foundation and other Conservative lobby groups are based on which St ?
    .. Ans : Tufton St
    Did you know the parody MP in Private Eye was called Tufton”

    Friday on BBC2 Pointless, a round
    “Which forms of Renewable energies are these words with missing letter
    eg B__m__s


  288. BBC local newsPR suddenly there is a PR piece for The Wah barrage
    they reckon they can build an 11 mile barrier across the North Sea for £2bn
    Its going to be on radio tmw.
    There’s a webstory now


  289. Here we are just a day or two after the end of COP27, and of the 10 most-read articles on the Guardian website, 5 are about football and rainbow armbands, two are about Brexit, none are about climate change or COP27, and in at number 5 is one headed “How we met: ‘She was bloody gorgeous. As soon as she said hello, I knew I was in trouble’”.

    Perhaps Guardian editors should take note. Climate alarmism doesn’t turn on the readers any more.


  290. Is this an acknowledgement that cold is more harmful to health than heat?

    “Energy bills: Patients prescribed heating as part of health trial”


    Doctors are prescribing heating to patients with conditions that get worse in the cold as part of a health trial.

    The Warm Home Prescription pilot paid to heat the homes of 28 low-income patients to avoid the cost of hospital care if they became more ill.

    The trial achieved such good results it is being expanded to 1,150 homes.

    Michelle Davis, who has arthritis and serious pulmonary illness, had her energy bills paid for and said the difference was “mind-blowing”…

    …The mum-of-two teenage daughters took part in trial backed by NHS Gloucestershire between December 2021 and March 2022 when she didn’t pay a penny to keep her home warm and bright and charge her mobility scooter.

    “When the weather turns cold, I tend to seize up,” she told the BBC. “It’s very painful, my joints ache and my bones are like hot pokers.”

    In 2020 Ms Davis spent most of the winter in bed, trying to keep warm and was admitted to hospital with pneumonia and pleurisy. But not in winter 2021.

    “You’re not stuck in bed, you’re not going to hospital, my children were able to have a life, they were able to go out and play and get cold,” she said….

    …Academics estimate that cold homes cost NHS England £860m a year and that 10,000 people die every year due a cold home. But that research was completed before the current cost of living crisis took hold.

    This first trial achieved such good results, that it’s being expanded to 150 households in NHS Gloucestershire’s area, plus about 1,000 in Aberdeenshire and Teesside.

    Energy Systems Catapult is the organisation behind the pilot. With the backing of GP surgeries and a local energy charity called Severn Wye, NHS social prescribers, who visit those with long-term conditions in their homes, were able to identify people who would benefit.

    Dr Matt Lipson helped design the pilot programme and feels like this preventative step is a no-brainer for the health service.

    “If we buy the energy people need but can’t afford, they can keep warm at home and stay out of hospital,” he said. “That would target support to where it’s needed, save money overall and take pressure off the health service.”

    The change in patients was swift: “The NHS were telling us they were seeing a benefit much more quickly than pills and potions,” Dr Lipson added. “It was taking days, not weeks and months.”…


  291. Interesting article on Watt-Logic about Norway’s concerns over its energy security:

    It seems pretty reasonable, asking why should Norway suffer as a consequence of the incompetent energy policies of other countries. Charity begins at home and all that……

    Could make life awkward here: aiui electricity imports from Norway are baked into our supply plans.


  292. A strange bit of reporting from the BBC today:

    “Antarctica penguins: How too much ice triggered population decline”


    Scientists have revealed a 43% decline in a large Adélie penguin population off the east Antarctic coast over the past decade.

    It’s believed several years of extensive ice near the penguin colony was the trigger – despite an overall reduction of ice around Antarctica.

    I regard it as strange for a few reasons. First, it’s not particularly topical, as the Guardian reported on this about 6 weeks ago:

    “Australian scientists observe ‘rapid’ decline in Adélie penguin numbers off Antarctic coast
    Ecologists believe population decline near Mawson research station is related to environmental changes that made foraging difficult”


    Secondly, it’s odd for the BBC to talk about the threat from too much ice.

    Thirdly, it lacks balance. The BBC doesn’t mention what’s happening to the Adelie penguin population more widely. At least the Guardian had the decency to do so:

    The scientists say the decline is a stark contrast to other Adélie penguin populations in east Antarctica where numbers have been stable or increasing.


  293. From the Daily Sceptic a few days ago:
    “Sir David Attenborough recently ran a series of six Frozen Planet II green propaganda films featuring a variety of ‘modelled’ climate catastrophes. Notable was the claim that all the Arctic summer sea ice could be gone by 2035.
    In addition, he highlighted a colony of Adelie penguins in western Antarctica, whose numbers were said to have fallen over 40 years from 20,000 to just 400 breeding pairs, apparently due to climate change.
    Missing from the narrative was the more cheerful news that a colony of 1.5 million Adelies had recently been discovered on the eastern side of the continent.”
    The BBC wouldn’t want to detract from the catastrophism they had Sir D spouting.

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  294. Tuesday BBC local NewsPR show : misleading report about Elon Musk tweeting about a local battery project at Cottingham
    Whereas the report banged on about the batteries being there to store windpower
    “enough for a city of Hull for 2 hours”
    * That is false cos they are only counting the “homes” not power used in industry, hospitals biz etc
    When they flashed up the Musk tweet
    viewers would have not have had time to detect it was a different topic of smoothing spikes, not providing backup for hours.
    “electricity demand spikes that cause power outages’
    .. https://www.twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1594828625232113664


  295. Furthermore there is a BBC person, Hudson the weather man doing proper maths
    as he calls out Mr Shoddy Science Shuckmann
    Hudson is the only non-dreamer in the thread

    Furthermore there is a BBC person, Hudson the weather man doing proper maths
    as he calls out Mr Shoddy Science Shuckmann
    Hudson is the only non-dreamer in the thread


  296. “Climate change: Environmental groups need more diversity”


    Pretty standard fare from the agenda-driven BBC, but the words that supplied an amazing giveaway are these:

    Dominique sees a disconnect between the black community and climate industry in the UK…

    Yes, we have a climate industry. Who knew?


  297. “Johnson and Truss join rebels against Sunak keeping new onshore wind ban
    About 20 Conservative MPs want to end longstanding de facto block on new wind farms in England”


    Boris Johnson and Liz Truss have joined a growing Tory backbench rebellion against Rishi Sunak’s refusal to allow new onshore wind projects in England, in another challenge to the levelling up bill.

    The former prime ministers are among about 20 Conservative MPs to have signed an amendment tabled by Simon Clarke, who served as a minister under Johnson and Truss, that would end the de facto ban on new onshore wind that has been in place since 2014.

    While Truss supported the resumption of onshore wind, Johnson’s decision to back the amendment is striking given that he did not seek to reverse the longstanding policy when he was prime minister.

    Clarke’s amendment would oblige the government to change planning rules within six months to allow new projects.


  298. Last Sunday (20.xi.2022), the Kuenssberg Show:

    Setup: LK was interviewing someone from NASA about the Artemis mission as a sandwich filler between the usual Tory and Labour politicians. This question from her to the NASA guy was extraordinary:

    There is some discussion that by putting people out in space you could create environments where people are safely away from the worst ravages of climate change. Do you think space could ultimately provide safe habitat for human beings?


  299. “‘Second spring’ as UK experiences record above-average temperatures
    Nature’s cycle disrupted by summer heatwave and ‘exceptionally mild’ autumn, with dormant plants bursting back to life”


    Record above-average temperatures? Follow the link the Guardian offers up in support of this claim, and it takes you to another Guardian article:


    which says:

    According to provisional figures from the Met Office, the UK had the seventh-warmest October, according to records dating to 1884.

    Strictly speaking the first headline is honest, but it is misleading, since it implies (to the causal reader) that we’ve had record-breaking autumn temperatures, when clearly we haven’t. The “record” claim is for the year as a whole:

    an extremely warm year for the UK, with 2022 on track to exceed 2014 as the warmest year ever recorded.


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