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  1. Oh boy; sea-level to rise around British coastline by 35 cm by 2050, says a Paul Sayers of the Tyndall Centre of UEA. This will cause the loss of 200,000 homes and businesses. And all due to climate change. Rates of sealevel rise are predicted to increase in this “study” tenfold, from millimetres to centimetres per year. Other choice morsels include sea level rise causing bigger waves that cause greater rates of cliff erosion. This is reported with headlines by both the Guardian and the BBC. You read them and there is no acknowledgement that this coastal erosion has been going on for centuries (long before climate change was thought of) and the increased rates of sea level rise are glibly accepted because they come from “scientists”.

    Just how bad can science become? Never had much truck with Tyndall Centre, use of his name causes harm to his reputation in my book.


  2. Alan,

    I’m glad to see you sharing your expertise on the subject of coastal erosion. I posted my less expert opinion on this bulletin over on my ‘Deconstructing Scepticism’ thread because it struck me as the sort of theorising that my article had warned against.


  3. Only Connect: Is climate change making ruminants more prone to maggoty infestations?


    Of course it is.

    But – no wriggling out of this – this comment is really just an excuse to ask Jit an off-topic question.

    My garden is at the end of a very thin wood that links with a much larger wood about half a mile away. Roe deer visit the garden in late Spring and early Summer. (Cos mum wants to dump yearlings, I reckon.) The most recent visit was by two yearlings. A camtrap video shows pale blobs sticking out from the rear corners of a male yearling’s eyes.

    Here’s the best still I could get from the vid:


    The blob at the rear of the other eye was about the same size and in the same position.

    Ticks? Blowfly larvae? Snotty eyelashes?


  4. “‘We wanted to offer a sense of hope’: architects build on the climate crisis
    The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition showcases daring use of planet-friendly materials from Portland stone to elephant dung”


    “A gigantic stone beam greets visitors to the architecture rooms of this year’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, balancing precariously overhead like a neolithic seesaw. It is a fitting introduction, looming ominously above you like the climate crisis theme that haunts this year’s show.

    While the climate topic could lead to a sense of apocalyptic despair and hopeless handwringing, the architecture rooms offer a few rays of hope. Architects and engineers have, after all, some responsibility for the mess we’re in, given that 40% of carbon emissions come from buildings. They also have the means to do something about it….”.


  5. “Gazprom: Germany accuses Russian gas giant of pushing energy prices up”

    .and here’s the bit that the BBC kept quiet about:

    “Siemens Energy said a gas turbine that powers a [Nordstream] compressor station on the pipeline had been in service for more than 10 years and had been taken to Montreal for a scheduled overhaul. But because of sanctions imposed by Canada, the company has been unable to return the equipment to the customer, Gazprom.”

    Stuck in Montréal.

    So Canada is sanctioning Germany.


  6. Richard – thanks for that “Map of Pangea with modern-day borders”
    the UK looks about the same shape as today!!!


  7. Vinny, I don’t know the answer. I would suggest a fly like Pharyngomyia picta, but that is perhaps the availability heuristic at work: I know some flies develop in deer nostrils, and eyes seem quite close if you are a female fly looking for somewhere to deposit a larva. Warble flies (same family) seem to develop further back.

    More likely is that it is not a fly at all, but that I am reaching for a fly because I am an entomologist. However, bot flies are known to infest humans and cause ophthalmomyiasis externa (interna sounds like a nightmare…):

    The usual cause of ophthalmomyiasis externa is Oestrus ovis, the cosmopolitan sheep and goat nasal botfly, whose natural host is herbivorous mammals. Although most common in tropical developing countries (especially North Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean), it still occurs rarely in Western cities. Female flies eject their larvae into the nostrils of the host, where they mature. Human victims may give a history of having been buzzed in the face or struck on the eye by an insect and later of developing irritation and redness of the eye, foreign body sensation, pain, lacrimation, palpebral edema and signs of purulent conjunctivitis or a stye (hordeolum).


    Note the mention of hordeolum. I suppose the only way to be sure is post mortem………….. ain’t nature wonderful?


  8. What a strange headline – “opened LATER”. Why not report on it when the opening has taken place? Or is it because this way you get to report on it (at least) twice?

    “Off-grid bus station officially opened in Telford later”


    “A bus station that will generate its own electricity via wind turbines and solar panels is being opened later.

    Telford and Wrekin Council said its new off-grid facility in Wellington is a first in the UK.

    The green energy will power lighting, CCTV and live timetable information in each shelter which are made of recycled plastic bottles.

    Over its lifespan, the council said the carbon savings were equivalent to planting more than 750 trees.

    Each shelter will generate approximately 820 kilowatt-hours a year – enough electricity to supply a house for three months, the authority said.

    More of the eco-bus shelters are being rolled out across the borough over the next two years, contributing to the council’s aim to be net zero by 2030.

    Councillor Carolyn Healy, cabinet member for climate change, green spaces, natural and historic environment and cultural services, said: “The bus shelters are another step forward in our green journey to help tackle the climate emergency.”

    First, there is no climate emergency. Second, I doubt anything that Telford and Wrekin Council does could do anything about the alleged emergency anyway, let alone “tackle” it. Last time I drove past Telford (not long ago), they were building houses at a hell of a rate.

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  9. No wonder Prince Charles is a “green” fan!

    “Queen’s ‘seabed rights’ swell to value of £5bn after auction of plots
    British crown estate portfolio rises in value by 8.3% to £15.6bn”


    “The value of rights owned by the Queen’s property company to exploit the seabed around Britain’s coastline has swelled to £5bn after a record-breaking auction of plots for offshore windfarms.

    Profits for the crown estate, which generates money for the Treasury and the royal family, jumped by £43.4m to £312.7m in the year to the end of March.

    The total value of its portfolio, which includes swathes of the seabed around Britain and property on Regent Street, London, has increased by 8.3% to £15.6bn….

    …The crown estate hands all of its profits to the Treasury before 25% is returned to the royal household in the form of the sovereign grant – a funding formula that is currently under government review. The sovereign grant was increased in 2017, from its previous level of 15%, to pay for extensive renovations at Buckingham Palace.

    The funding arrangement dates back to 1760, when George III reached an agreement to surrender his income from the crown estate in return for an annual fixed payment, now called the sovereign grant.

    The Queen is not liable for tax on the sovereign grant but voluntarily pays tax on her private income from land owned by the Duchy of Lancaster and property she owns personally.

    The £312.7m profit represents a significant bounceback on last year, aided by a step up in rent collection and an increase in offshore wind capacity, notably from the Triton Knoll windfarm, off the Lincolnshire coast, and Hornsea 2, off Yorkshire. But profits still fell short of the £345m raked in before the pandemic, which punctured the value of central London property.

    The crown is on a drive to boost its income from the licensing of renewable energy projects such as static windfarms in shallow waters, carbon capture storage, and floating windfarm leasing. It hopes a floating windfarm planned for the Celtic Sea could generate up to 4 gigawatts of power….”.


  10. Here we are close to the summer solstice. How are renewables doing? This is what the National Grid looks like right now:

    Coal: 1.5%
    Gas: 65%
    Pumped storage: 1.2%
    Nuclear: 20.8%
    Biomass: 5.9%
    Solar: 7.9%
    Wind: 3%
    Hydro: 1.9%
    Net export of 0.6% via the interconnectors.


  11. >No wonder Prince Charles is a “green” fan!

    >“Queen’s ‘seabed rights’ swell to a value of £5bn after the auction of plots
    >British crown estate portfolio rises in value by 8.3% to £15.6bn.”

    I believe that in an ideal world, rent extraction would be seen as a crime against humanity.


  12. Thanks, Jit. Your suggestions have led me to some, er, wonderful photos. Eg, noses stuffed full of maggots. Yum yum!

    I couldn’t find any pix of cervine styes. I did find two of deer with blobs by their eyes. In one, the blobs were either fly larvae or bits of pus dripping down from a maggoty playground between the deer’s antlers (yum yum!) and in the other it was a tick.

    If the young buck dies in the garden I’ll send you its head.


  13. Vinny, it seems like a long shot. Anyway just a larva or two would do. Pop ’em in a cheap spirit miniature and send them that way. That would probably let us get to genus. For specific diagnosis, we’d probably have to rear them to adulthood.


  14. “Moratorium on waste-to-energy incinerators”


    More madness from the Scottish government:

    “The Scottish government has announced what is effectively a ban on the building of new waste incinerators.

    It means councils will be told not to grant planning permission to further incineration sites.

    Six sites currently operate in Scotland. Plans for 11 more have already been approved, and their construction can go ahead.

    It follows a rapid growth in applications because of a ban coming in 2025 on sending rubbish to landfill.

    The Scottish government’s circular economy minister said the move was part of ensuring future waste infrastructure aligned with climate targets.

    Lorna Slater told MSPs that reducing waste and recycling were key to tackling the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity.

    She said the moratorium was an action taken to encourage a circular economy, in which materials were kept in use as long as possible and precious natural resources were not wasted….”.

    And for once a sensible analysis by a BBC correspondent:

    “This decision still leaves ministers with a predicament over what to do with our waste in the middle of the decade.

    A forthcoming ban on sending it to landfill is at the heart of this big spike in applications to build incinerators.

    By 2025, when that landfill ban comes in, we’re predicted to have more “black bag” rubbish than we know what to do with.

    But by 2027, when all the consented incinerators are operational, there won’t be enough to feed these hungry facilities. So what to do?

    Rapidly increasing our recycling rates would help, but over the last few years we’ve not been doing so well in feeding our blue bins.

    It could mean exporting some of our waste to be incinerated outwith Scotland for those two years – something we do at the moment.

    But with Greens in government, “offshoring” our waste is not a good look.”


  15. Shock horror – they’ll need a new poster:

    “Polar bears found thriving despite lack of sea ice offer hope for species
    Researchers say isolated group in south-east Greenland have clung on thanks to freshwater discharge from glaciers”


    “Polar bears have become the furry face of the climate crisis, with experts suggesting the animals could be all but extinct in a matter of decades as the Arctic sea ice they hunt from melts away.

    But now researchers say they have found a group of them in south-east Greenland who are surviving despite a lack of sea ice for much of the year.

    The team say the polar bears – which appear to have been isolated from other groups for several hundred years – have clung on thanks to freshwater ice from glaciers that discharge into the sea.

    The researchers add that despite expectations of a large decline in polar bear numbers in the Arctic, the discovery offers a glimmer of hope, not least as the conditions in south-east Greenland today are similar to those expected in the high Arctic towards the end of the century.”


  16. BBC Yesterday Channel
    They are talking about City Road Underground station now renamed as Bunhill heat extraction centre
    a kind of HEAT PUMP using old Tube tunnels
    I noticed the master meter gave a readout
    It said 80KW yes KW not MW
    That is only £3.20 per hour worth of energy per hour


  17. ITV local news
    Did the Green air PR tricksters exploit by saying the today is “Clean Air Day”
    and use the excuse an artist created an exhibition to say a lot of propaganda ?
    of course they did

    Seemed like no actual local angle ..rather if was a centralised syndicated item
    Ah the artist is London and black
    and the TV segment featured a black rapper saying that air pollution is a black issue
    FFS !


  18. Mark I’d accidentally clicked the trash button, then missed the UNDO button
    So I went into Trash and clicked APPROVE, which seemes to have reinstated your Telford comment


  19. If you find this page Open Mic page too heavy
    The WordPress Reader views gives you a paginated version, which loads just 10 comments at a time

    BTW I note
    Text layout : sometimes stays on the same line instead of moving to a fresh line
    images : get embedded automatically if your comment includes a URL ending on jpg,gif etc.
    Tweets : do embed if you put the URL on a *fresh line*, but the images/videos within are not, so you have to click to open up the tweet to see them
    ..sometimes I put two dots before the URL, causing the tweet to remain as a URL rather than embed

    Youtube : does not embed, so you have to click to open up the video
    For me the Conversations view is better
    cos #1 it only loads the latest comments
    #2 it just loads the first 3 lines of each comment
    and a SHOW MORE button

    ** BUT Conversations View actually hides embedded tweets
    so you have to open in another view to see them



  20. The Bunhill Heat and Power district heating network uses the redundant City Road tube station (closed 1922) to extract warm air from the current Northern Line underground in the winter and inject cool air in the summer.

    There is an article from New Civil Engineer that is worth reading, with the letters being of particular interest to anyone of a sceptical disposition.

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  21. Norfolk stuff, I missed a lecture last night by an Australian professional author who has written about the Fens history
    so I looked up his Australian radio segment

    #1 Presenter calls the Fens ..”Northeast England”

    #2 See how the author says they are the area SOUTH of the Wash
    Nope The area north of the Wash is Fenland too isn’t it ..like Spalding and Sleaford

    #3 He thinks the fens are natural
    aren’t old areas like the Broads man made
    by peat diggings getting flooded ?


  22. Mark, from a few days ago:

    Second Trump term would push warming past dangerous limit, warns UN climate chief

    Covering climate now from Oct 2, 2020:

    A Second Trump Term Would Be ‘Game Over’ for the Climate, Says Top Scientist

    (via Kip Hansen’s WUWT story.)

    No prize for guessing who the top scientist is.

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  23. Behind a paywall, unfortunately:

    “Why wearing eco-friendly sun cream could leave you red-faced
    Consumer watchdog warns against mineral-based products after none of those tested provided the level of protection shown on packaging”


    “Environmentally friendly mineral-based sun creams do not provide the protection they claim to, according to research by a consumer watchdog….”


  24. Also behind a paywall, unfortunately:

    “Exclusive: Dirty cost of keeping the Government’s net zero strategy alive revealed
    Plan to hit green targets relies on burning the equivalent of the New Forest every five months, Telegraph analysis shows”


    “The Government’s plan to reach net zero relies on burning the equivalent of the New Forest every five months, The Telegraph can reveal. Net zero climate targets rely partly on proposals to capture the smoke from power plants that burn wood and pipe it under the North Sea using a system known as bioenergy with carbon capture and storage. Under the proposals, the power plants will burn the equivalent of 120 million trees a year, an analysis of government modelling by the Telegraph has found…”.


  25. “Nepal to move Everest base camp from melting glacier”


    Of course, the article is all about pushing climate change at us, but I have my suspicions that all those people there for so long every year might well be having a major impact. At least I’m not alone in my suspicions:

    “…A leading member of the committee that recommended the base camp move, Khimlal Gautam, said the presence of so many people at base camp was contributing to the problem.

    “For instance, we found that people urinate around 4,000 litres at the base camp every day,” he said.

    “And the massive amount of fuels like kerosene and gas we burn there for cooking and warming will definitely have impacts on the glacier’s ice.”…”.


  26. @Bill from last night, I’ve edited your post to add the link I think you intended. You are right that the comments are interesting. The critic who clearly knows what he is talking about is accused of spreading fake news, Trump-style, by the drive-by commenter who prefers the orthodox (unevidenced) version of the problem.


  27. Stew, the Broads are not part of the Fens. But you are correct in believing that the Fens in large part are much modified by man. My wife (she who must be listened to) is a “bog-hopper” coming from the Deeping Fen area, so I have seen much of it. They were effectively drained in the seventeenth century so are artificial, but drainage allowed the peats to shrink and oxidise and the land surface to decline. There are places where pipes were hammered into those peats when they were first drained. As the land surface lowered the successive land surfaces levels were marked onto the pipe. Those pipes now rise eleven or twelve feet into the air, showing the loss of peat. I have read that most of the original peat has gone, but some fields when ploughed were awfully black.

    In places the shrinkage/loss of peat results in an Alice-in-Wonderland landscape wherein the highest parts are the rivers. The rivers brought silts to form river levees. The silts do not shrink, so as the land underlain by peat lowers the river banks stay at their original altitude. So now the river banks meander high above and through the old shrunken peat lands. We did much of our courting in this weird area.


  28. More tripe:

    “Bee-eaters in Norfolk ‘worrying sign of climate change'”


    “Rare “rainbow birds” trying to breed in the UK was a “worrying sign of how our climate is changing”, the RSPB said.

    The charity said bee-eaters had been making nest burrows in a small quarry at Trimingham, near Cromer, Norfolk.

    The exotic birds are usually found in southern Europe and northern Africa.

    Mark Thomas from the RSPB said: “While an incredible sight, we mustn’t forget that the arrival of these birds to our shores is due to changes to our climate and subsequent pressures on wildlife.

    “Pushed northwards by climate change, these exotic birds will likely become established summer visitors in the future, having been an early and unmissable sign in the past two decades that the nature and climate emergency has reached our shores.”…”.

    Well, I remember a delightful surprise when walking on the hills above Kendal 30 more than a third of a century ago, as a bee-eater hove into view and stayed close for a while, giving me an excellent view of it. Then we have things like this, from 2014:


    “A pair of bee-eaters in the Isle of Wight have become only the third record of this beautiful European bird to breed successfully in the UK in the last century.

    Having set up home on National Trust land at Wydcombe Estate, the bee-eaters were discovered on the island in mid-July.

    The last recorded breeding of bee-eaters in the UK was in 2002 when a pair nested in Country Durham.”

    The following year we had this:

    “Bee-eaters breeding in Cumbria”


    “The RSPB has announced the exciting news that two pairs of European Bee-eaters are breeding near Brampton, Cumbria.

    Up to six adult birds — two breeding pairs and two ‘helpers’ — have been present on site since mid-June. The young are believed to have hatched and with the actions of egg collectors now not a problem, news has been released….”.

    There’s the usual stuff about warmer weather driving them further north, but I can assure anyone who will listen that springs are not getting warmer or arriving earlier in Cumbria, whatever might be happening further south. if it’s a function of the temperatures, then breeding in Cumbria seems a very strange thing for bee-eaters to do.


  29. Local news item “hottest day coming” hype “temperatures over 30”
    The climate C was hinted at rather than named.
    Then 2 mins later he finished with the weather forecast “warm with a slight breeze”
    Actually Weather.com shows mostly 27-28 Km/h
    thats big for a “breeze”
    only at 5pm with the breeze at 23Km/h does the temp rise to 29C

    Local Lincolnshire DJ is talking about 32C


  30. I suppose a wind coming from Spain could be a special hot wind but out there now it’s a normalling cooling wind
    A long grass field 300m away has been cut a lot of dust is rising.
    ah that is where the tractor is.


  31. Strange use of verbs to describe arrival of breeding pairs of bee-eaters. “Pushed northwards by climate change” suggests their original range had become unsuitable (too hot?) for which there is no evidence. “Drawn northwards by climate change” would seem to be slightly more accurate. “Drawn northwards by mild weather” would have been even better but would have missed out upon the opportunity to use it for propaganda purposes.

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  32. Met Office trickery
    Em 12pm Scampton : 25C with 26mph gusts on a 14mph breeze
    Oh they just redid those numbers to 27C
    For the same time !
    with 29mph gusts on a 19mph breeze

    Serious with my own eyes I saw them publish OBSERVATION figures around 2pm (for 12pm)
    and then upgrade it 15 mins later

    Oh I give up : the 12pm data now say 27.1C !

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  33. “The UK is squandering its gas reserves
    Amid soaring prices and talk of blackouts, we need to get serious about energy.”


    “…Even now policymakers are too complacent and wedded to green fantasies. The Climate Change Committee forecasts declining demand for gas, but this is predicated on the mass adoption of heat pumps in place of gas boilers as part of the Net Zero agenda. That’s not going to happen. We’ll continue to need much more gas than the government imagines.

    We need to push back against the green zealots and defend gas as an essential part of the UK’s electricity and heat mix. It is complete hubris to say that Britain must set an example to the world and stop drilling for gas. Amid talk of power cuts and heating shortages, the public will not stand for this virtue-signalling any longer.”


  34. Friday BBC local news item
    They went to Bridlington to do “oh it’s hot” item
    em look at a screenshot https://twitter.com/BiasMonitor/status/1537920567457656832

    Note she’s wearing a pink bodywarmer as is the bloke next to her
    That gives the game away. that the idea that Bridlington was super hot, is a narrative

    BTW The BBC team were focused on getting closeups of black people like her ..50% were
    Yet the pan shot revealed that the crowds were almost entirely white.


  35. Would your POLITICAL group get a space in the local BBC news to plug their meeting ?

    12pm local radio news
    “Extinction Rebellion are having a meeting today at … to discuss the importance of protecting peaceful protest rights
    You can go along at 2pm to … on .. road ..in Lincoln”

    .. FFS Many XR protests are NOT peaceful cos they stop you going about your daily business by blocking your way
    or cause physical damage to your car tyres.

    (BTW Next item: pride month story about Mabelthorpe )

    I check the local XR Twitter accounts ..they haven’t bothered to promote their event there.
    However their website does list today’s event
    But the description is different to the radio news one

    • Why we’re currently in Big Trouble with the climate
    • Why voting, marching and signing petitions won’t help
    • Why just 3.5% of us working together in 2022 could turn things around

    All around the UK, local people are getting organised.


  36. Local events : Hornsea 2: building the world’s biggest offshore wind farm
    1 Jun, 10:00 – 26 Jun, 16:00
    Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre
    “Ørsted will be presenting a free photography exhibition
    focus on the construction of Hornsea 2, soon to be the
    …Read more on Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre”


  37. 13:32pm Any Questions
    The public questioner is clearly an anti-nuclear activist
    who makes his question a lecture : which is a false gaslighting view of the world
    eg saying “renewables are cheaper” (they are a million miles away from cheaper reliable power .. there’s no mining tax for a start)
    … The guys supporters whoop and holla when he’s finished

    Ans 1 from Plaid Cymru ..gaslighting again “they talk of nuclear but nothing ever happens”
    FFS Hinkley C is Europe’s largest construction site and more nuclear are well on with planning.
    He tells other fairytale too

    Ans2 from a Tory MP pro green but “we can’t get Net Zero without nuclear”

    After only 2 answers we are back to the questioner ..How is that fair ?

    Ans 3: from Labour “smelly Tories ..etc.”

    Ans4 : Claire Fox .: sensible answer of course
    Got boos
    She mentions the Rolls Royce mini-reactor that might coming to Snowdonia
    She is having to shout as if some crowd is agin her
    Sounds like 6 people boo against her at the end.

    Next back to Plaid panelist suddenly being coherent saying there should be a mix
    Gets applause.
    but hang on he was anti-nuclear a second ago


  38. I should say that if people use Conversations or Reader mode
    then there is a REPLY button
    That mode is a great benefit to me, cos I get an alert when someone uses the REPLY button on my comment
    .. If they reply another way I often miss it.


  39. Twitter technicalities
    old days : Radio4 listeners would tweet about a prog using : @BBCradio4
    Yet a search today shows zero comments about that nuclear item

    Yet when I search : #BBCAQ nuclear
    There are 3 dozen comments
    So they must be from regular listener who choose to use that hastag
    or an activist mob who have been told to use it.


  40. Rain today and cooler in the land of the Iceni: so is the heatwave and the climate emergency over? BBC and Guardian are remarkably reticent upon the subject today. Will the bee-eaters and parakeets go home now?

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  41. Neil Oliver show talking sense as usual
    Now he is about to start a global warming debate segment
    .. “with opposite sides”

    Lembit Opik vs Crazy John Grant from Sheffield Poly

    JG just confused the Roman W Period with the MWP
    He refused to say the UK was warmer in the RWP
    “..Yeh but he said oh you have to look at the whole planet”


  42. JG “John Hopkins did a study and they said that 99.9% of science papers say warming is largely man-made

    … FFS that is laughable PR stuff

    BTW He also said “it doesn’t matter that only 3% of warming is manmade we have to take it seriously”

    Does he also say “it doesn’t matter that only 3% of scientists are sceptical we have to take them seriously” ?

    video tweet https://twitter.com/GBNEWS/status/1538219739306250242

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  43. Why does this remind me so much of consensus enforcers, renewables vendors and their attitudes to and dealings with China?

    In December 2014, two con men from Girona, Spain agreed to sell a fake Francisco de Goya painting for 4 million Euros but, unbeknownst to them, the purchaser was a con man himself and the down payment of 1.5 million Euros (1.7 million Swiss francs) they received from him were counterfeit bills.

    Thanks to the worthy tech publication How-To Geek for that.


  44. It appears we’re not allowed out any more if it’s hot, or if there’s a risk of thunder and lightning:

    “‘Move inside’, Met Office warns south England as thunderstorms cluster
    Sudden temperature plunge prompts rare lightning warning, but better weather expected by next weekend”


    “The Met Office has urged people to stay indoors where possible as the south of England is struck by a “huge cluster” of thunderstorms.

    As temperatures plummeted from Friday’s highs of 32C, the forecaster issued a lightning warning that it has only used a “handful” of times before.

    Meteorologist Beck Mitchell said a cold front from the north was responsible for the sudden temperature shift.

    “It felt like it was just getting into summer but it’s cooler now,” she said.

    “Lots of places in the UK have seen a temperature drop of about 10 to 15 degrees in some places, which is massive.

    “We’ve got a huge cluster of thunderstorms in the south-west of England, there’s potential we could see some in the south-east later on tonight.”

    The Met Office has only issued a lightning warning three times before, most recently in 2019.”

    I suspect that there have been only 3 previous lightning warnings, not because lightning only became a problem recently (no doubt due to climate chaos) but because the Met Office decided to use another scare tactic to frighten us all about climate chaos only recently.


  45. I haven’t mentioned it for a while, but I keep an eye on the 10 most read articles on the Guardian website. I can’t remember the last time any of them was an article about climate change. A sense of Guardian readers’ priorities can be gained by taking a look. Today, at number one we have “My husband has been having a secret affair for 30 years” and at number 4 there is “Batman Returns at 30: still as weird as big-budget blockbusters get”.


  46. “A Few Hot Days in June is Not Evidence of Catastrophic Global Warming”


    Worth a read, IMO. It includes a few interesting observations, such as:

    “The Met Office publishes U.K. temperature readings regularly. I have been looking at them for a few years, and they do not appear to have been adjusted or changed. They show that the 2010s were colder at 9.17°C than the preceding 2000s, when the overall average was higher at 9.31°C. This is in marked contrast to the Met Office global temperature dataset HadCRUT, where we have seen two major human-adjusted uplifts during the last decade, producing around 30% of extra heating. In addition, some historical records have been lowered. All the major global temperature datasets have made similar adjustments. As a result, their upward trend lines do not align with many measurements made by satellites and meteorological balloons. These records are out of line with local recordings showing obvious temperature slowing, as we can see in the U.K.

    Rennard goes on to note that the summer of 2018 was the UK’s second warmest, shared with 1995. Not according to the Met Office figures it wasn’t. 2018 was warm at 15.76°C, whereas 1995 only came in at 15.62°C. However, it is a fairly meaningless difference. If one takes the tiny change between the two as a margin of error figure, we find that two further summers since then were just as hot. It might be more accurate to just say that the U.K. has the occasional nice summer. In fact, the Met Office U.K. database itself may be overstating actual warming, since the explosion in urban development since the second world war has boosted urban heat generation. The Met Office often quotes the temperature at Heathrow airport – sometimes, even, with a straight face.”


    “If you are trying to promote climate Armageddon, it might not be a good idea to publish a graph showing that the average June maximum temperature recordings in the U.K. were similar to those observed 150 years ago. The world has warmed by around 1°C since the start of the industrial revolution and the emergence from the preceding so-called little ice age. This would appear to explain the small 0.2°C increase in the June trend line from about 1890.”


  47. Scanning the junk that is the local paper ..online
    “Drax in deal with British Steel to supply 13,000 tonnes of steel to its carbon capture project”

    FFS if you make 13,000 tonnes of steel .. you’ll be outputting a lot of CO2

    Further down
    “Consortium appointed to lead engineering design for UK’s first flexible carbon capture power station”
    .. Another project that involves constructing stuff and thus outputting a lot of CO2 before any CO2 saving begin.


  48. BBC Radio Lincolnshire helping solar PR

    9am “And this week residents will be giving their opinion on the huge solar farm plan for the border with Rutland” 2175 acres
    We got some idea of opposition from council and locals
    but then when got a full PR clip from the firms rep Sarah Price of Mallard

    10am they changed the item around. This time we got a clip from the opposers the Mallard action group
    It was very weak
    Sue Holloway “They have made some SMALLl changes to the amount of land, having had to put some mitigation so that they don’t use using prime agricultural land ”

    #1 News bulletins which only give one side is wrong
    #2 It looks to me that the Action Group have either been bought off or intimidated say by legal threats .
    OR that the Action Group is a fake one set up by the promoters.
    They stopped tweeting since March 17th ..why would they do that ?
    Ah they did put out a tweet refering to https://nextdoor.co.uk/p/XG6gGMLNhS9f
    but their Facebook is active .. https://www.facebook.com/groups/mallardpassactiongroup

    Update I’ve checked the 8am news , and that had a different clip
    Again from Sara Price the PR for the firm
    “We have made a number of changes,”
    : “reduced the area by over 100 hectares” …what on a 1000 Ha scheme !
    : “Removed battery storage” .. well it was a fire risk, and probably they haven’t got the subsidy they wanted for it
    ; “4.7Km of permissive paths” …

    7am it was the lead item
    #1 opposer Sue Holloway ..played the weak clip
    then Mallard’s statement

    11am It’s back to opening item
    The weak clip again


  49. Alicia Kearns, MP for Rutland and Melton
    tweet from Jan 11
    “Mallard Pass Solar Plant would be a disaster for our communities, agricultural land & for our biodiversity
    Today I made clear Rutlanders must be heard & I’ll press the Govt to make sure it’s not imposed on residents against our will”


  50. Yet another Newman cartoon in the Sunday Times that gets me wondering if the cartoonist might be a closet sceptic. Tanned female says to her neighbour “at last – enough power from my solar panels to work the sun bed”..

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  51. Countryfile this evening makes a bo-bo. Discussing Whitby jet, which is fossilised wood, a local jeweller remarked that because they can gather jet from the foreshore only a few hundred metres from their workshop, transport is thereby minimal making jet a low carbon gemstone. I almost fell of my chair laughing.

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  52. Guardian news 10h ago
    Gordon Brown urges Boris Johnson to force global action on cost of living crisis
    (What like abandoning mad fake green energy policies ?)

    Some PR agency must be pushing Gordon strongly today
    he’ all over the media
    “Gordon says” is opinion, it’s not newsworthy


  53. Behind a paywall, unfortunately:

    “Gareth Davies: Net zero plans risk being a waste of taxpayer money
    The Auditor General warns the Government must ensure people are not shortchanged by environmental policies during the cost-of-living crisis”


    “Net zero plans risk wasting taxpayer money, the head of the National Audit Office has warned.

    Britain’s spending watchdog has urged ministers not to throw public funds at its goal of reaching net zero by 2050, saying the “novelty” of the problem is no excuse for failing to get the “basics right”. Gareth Davies, the Auditor General, said that the ambitious target could lead to costs spiralling out of control on projects which fail to deliver “significant environmental benefit”….”.


  54. When I wrote “Reasons To Be Sceptical” less than 2 weeks ago, the Guardian’s CO2 tracker was showing 418.9ppm. This morning it is down to 418.2ppm. No big deal perhaps, and I appreciate that it will fluctuate within a remorselessly upwards trend, but can anyone explain why it suddenly seems to be going down quite quickly?


  55. The Guardian’s live coverage of Ukraine contains a longish item on Germany’s energy crisis
    “Germany to limit use of gas, increase burning coal”
    including a long quote from Green Party spokesman Robert Habeck. Both the Guardian article and the long translated statement by Halbeck here
    refer briefly to the fact that less gas means burning more coal, but nowhere in either document is there the least reference to wind and solar, which are due to replace coal & gas in a few year’s time. The Guardian and the German Green Party have apparently completely forgotten the existence of renewables.

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  56. Mark CO2 declines every year during the northern hemisphere spring and summer as CO2 is withdrawn by growing plants. It will be returned (plus some) during the fall as plants decay.


  57. Only the Times has a true paywall
    most other paywalls can be bypassed
    either by using the free online reader pressreader.com
    or Bypass Paywalls or checking if the page is in the archive.is


  58. Lincs Coop Magazine
    p2 Fullpage advert “Free and Exclusive Environmental event”
    Join us on Saturday 11th June for our FREE summer member event day 🗣 – which also includes our half yearly meeting, talks from ‘One Planet’ author Ed Gillespie and a delicious BBQ lunch🔥
    (oh I already mentioned that one before)

    p4 🚨 Don’t forget to book your place for our exclusive environmental event in Newark this Saturday🌳
    Tickets are free and we’ll be joined by
    @NSDCouncil & @Nottswildlife
    , who will be talking about their environmental schemes.
    Find out more here https://orlo.uk/qouAM


  59. Constant gaslighting in libmob world
    I’m looking at the Nationwide shareholder report
    “We’ve been carbon neutral since 2020”
    “All our electricity is from renewable sources”
    Doh of course those claims are false, so why do they make them ?

    If you are in a banana republic, each office must have a picture of the president
    … as a false proclamation that they worship the president
    If they don’t CONFORM they face intimidation from his mob.

    Likewise in the woke banana republic that is modern UK
    the walls of corporates & government orgs have woke proclamations to signal that they worship woke issues
    : Green, Net-Zero, BLM, LGBT et.
    If they don’t CONFORM they face intimidation from the libmob

    They are often not true, but just buy the corp protection


  60. The Nationwide shareholder doc page 19 is such a woke shrine
    Box 1 : Living Greener pic of an Electric car and wind turbine
    Box3 : “Our Together Against Hate campaign .focused on protecting frontline workers”

    Box 2 : “Green Homes : Our not-for-profit £50m Oakfield housing development in Swindon is
    creating a community of 239 homes, built to high
    environmental standards.
    We hope that our design approach
    will become a blueprint for other responsible organisations to
    create sustainable housing in collaboration with communities.
    Work onsite has temporarily paused,”
    They don’t say why : Actually Jan 31st their builder went bankcrupt
    and although it was taken over the Nationwide contract was not
    5 months later Nationwide say another contractor Lovell is continue the job.



  61. Flipping heck their PDF statement mentions “green” 86 times
    eg We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and
    we’re working towards a net-zero future. It’s our ambition to
    lead the greening of homes in the UK. We work with industry
    and government to deliver the policy, skills and solutions to
    reduce the impact of homes.
    We continue to offer low-cost green mortgages and home
    improvement loans through our £1 billion green lending fund.

    eg 2 As the UK’s second largest mortgage lender, we have a key role
    to play in creating greener, more sustainable homes. For more
    information on this, see pages 22 and 36. Our range of green
    initiatives, supported by our green lending fund, aim to help
    members to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. This
    includes offering cheaper borrowing to members making green
    home improvements, and cashback rewards for members who
    buy greener homes.
    Take-up has, however, been slow

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  62. Our new solar panel pilot aims to help homeowners research
    and move to solar energy, including putting them in touch with
    trusted suppliers. We are gathering feedback from those taking
    part, with the aim of informing our future approach to
    supporting the retrofitting of homes with green solutions.

    we have an ambition to lead the
    greening of UK homes, as we work towards a low carbon future.
    We will continue to look for ways to encourage our members to
    make green changes or purchase greener homes, such as
    through new propositions and working with government and …

    In line with this, over the next year we will particularly focus on
    taking further action to drive the transition towards a low
    carbon future. We believe that we can achieve more together
    than we can alone and so we will continue to collaborate cross

    industry and with government to support the changes needed to green homes in transitioning the UK to net-zero. In line with our net-zero ambition, we are also developing intermediate
    -based targets for 2030, that are aligned to a net-zero pathway, and a transition plan to progress towards these. For more information, see our climate-related financial disclosures on page 40.

    Following the launch of our Green Network, we held our first
    Green Colleague Assembly, enabling colleagues to discuss ideas
    on sustainability topics.

    As a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking, we are committed to a strategic alignment
    with the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


  63. They are signed up to the undemocratic globalist Agenda WEF stuff
    p36 continues
    “Our mutual purpose of ‘building society, nationwide’
    directly supports these goals,
    & is most closely aligned to the SDGs listed”

    pic .. https://twitter.com/No2BS/status/1538885665588490241

    p37 details : Lead the greening of UK homes

    Climate-related Financial Disclosures
    “Environmental and climate consciousness are aligned to our purpose of building society
    This compels us to take meaningful action to help members
    green their homes (so that they are warmer, more comfortable places to live,
    and more cost effective to heat in the long term)

    .. Such measure often make heating MORE expensive

    40 pages detail https://www.nationwide.co.uk/-/assets/nationwidecouk/documents/about/how-we-are-run/results-and-accounts/2021-2022/climate-related-financial-disclosures-2022.pdf

    “Nationwide has convened the Green Homes Action Group –
    a group of 15 companies”

    p42-45 Climate-related disclosures overview

    p46-48 Nationwide’s carbon emissions
    some accountancy trickery ..cos non of the amount seem near zero
    The small print talks of PPAs

    strangely all 86 mentions are in the first 130 pages of 300 pages
    The word “homes” is only mentioned 98 times


  64. Bottomline The Nationwide are pushing a Green-Supremacist agenda
    They couldn’t push a White-Supremacist agenda
    cos you are supposed to serve the whole community

    Well most people don’t follow green extremism either
    what if a corp followed Scot Nationalist agenda would that be OK ?

    The Nationwide should just follow the rules set by the government
    going further is undemocratic


  65. It always seems to me to be wrong to make a big deal about tragic events, and I don’t think they should be part of the climate wars. Suffice it to say, then, that the reporting of the awful and devastating monsoon floods this year are probably overdone:

    “Assam: India floods destroy millions of homes and dreams”


    The headline may be fair enough, but is this?

    “Unprecedented rainfall and flooding has left behind a trail of destruction in Assam, submerging villages, destroying crops, and wrecking homes.”



    “Every year, flooding from the Brahmaputra and other rivers such as Barak River etc. deluges places in Assam. The water levels of the rivers rise because of rainfall resulting in the rivers overflowing their banks and engulfing nearby areas. Apart from houses and livestock being washed away by flood water, bridges, railway tracks, and roads are also damaged by the calamity, which causes communication breakdown in many places. Fatalities are also caused by the natural disaster in many places of the State.”



    “The country has a long history of destructive flooding that has had very adverse impacts on lives and property. In the 19th century, six major floods were recorded: 1842, 1858, 1871, 1875, 1885 and 1892. Eighteen major floods occurred in the 20th century. Those of 1951, 1987, 1988 and 1998 were of catastrophic consequence. More recent floods include 2004 and 2010.”

    The BBC report has this interesting paragraph:

    “Floods routinely wreak havoc on the lives and livelihoods of millions living near the fertile riverbanks of the mighty Brahmaputra river, often called the lifeline of Assam. But experts say that factors like climate change, unchecked construction activities and rapid industrialisation have increased the frequency of extreme weather events.”

    An intelligent and detailed analysis might have been useful. Instead we get an explanation, with (as usual) “and climate change” tagged on the end or, in this case, at the beginning.


  66. ITV local news “coming up how to eat green”
    Now 6:14 it’s the green food item
    Restaurants are now putting Carbon footprint on the menu.

    Amrit Birdi ” sustainable, planet friendly ..blah, blah… carbon labelling ”
    Studio sofa dollies “that’s something we should all be thinking about isn’t it ?”

    There’s hardly any real news in the prog at all
    It’s all grand narratives
    the first 10 mins was the train strike then 2 mins of rushed actual news, then this
    … now weather


  67. I used to live in that area of india and have travelled extensively around it.
    If you haven’t been there you’d find it difficult to understand

    eg there was once a massive terrorist attack where125 people were killed
    but you’ve probably never heard of it.
    It’s a large populous area, it’s a massive river in at least on e place there is a large flt island where people live
    of course lots of houses can get destroyed.


  68. “Dorset Council ‘granny’ climate protesters will not face charges”


    “Two women who glued themselves to a table during a council meeting will not be charged by the police.

    Giovanna Lewis and Annie Webster, the self-styled “grannies for the future”, were described as “anarchists” by Dorset Council leader Spencer Flower.

    During their protest they berated the council for its lack of action on climate change.

    Littlemoor and Preston councillor Louie O’Leary said he was “appalled that they have been let off the hook”….

    …Mr O’Leary told the BBC: “The agenda they are pushing in my opinion is not about decarbonisation or about renewables, it’s about pushing a radical program including the overthrow of capitalism, the state, and a crypto-communist agenda.

    “Dorset Council needs to continue to promote an energy policy that delivers for the majority not ponders to a vocal minority.

    “My residents have overwhelming expressed support for the motion myself and the leader put forward and condemned the actions of these two individuals.”

    Security locks have been fitted to the council chamber doors in Dorchester since the protest in April.

    Dorset Police said: “Following an investigation and in consultation with Dorset Council, it has been decided that no further police action will be taken in relation to this matter.””


  69. “Anthony Albanese to order intelligence chief to examine security threats posed by climate crisis
    Former ADF chief backs study saying threats ‘continue to escalate in the absence of far stronger climate action than we have seen thus far’”


    “Anthony Albanese will ask Australia’s most senior intelligence chief, Andrew Shearer, to personally lead a review of the security threats posed by the climate crisis.

    The move has been backed by a former Australian defence force chief, retired Admiral Chris Barrie, who warned the government to plan for climate risks including disruptions to trade, more severe drought, and increasing demands on emergency services and the military.

    In a document submitted to the UN outlining Australia’s new 2030 emissions target, the Albanese government confirmed it would order “an urgent climate risk assessment of the implications of climate change for national security, which will be an enduring feature of Australia’s climate action”….

    …The exact scope and terms of reference are currently being drawn up, but the assessment was expected to consider options such as setting up an Office of Climate Threat Intelligence. If created, that office would update the threat assessments on a rolling basis….”.


  70. “Facebook Employees Demand Censorship of Climate Scepticism”


    Gizmodo has published a series of leaked Facebook documents that it calls “the Facebook Papers”. They reveal that some Facebook employees are unhappy with the tech giant for not censoring “climate change denial”. Reclaim the Net has more.

    In late 2021, one document reportedly shows, there were employees who could not understand why Facebook was not defending “the science of the warming planet” with more strict rules, and were critical of their employer for the inefficiency of the rules that did exist.

    The documents, that appear to be logs from internal message boards, show one employee finding a “bug” in the censorship machine, despite the fact a part of Facebook’s policies is to “gently nudge” users toward “more authoritative” sources – a condescending way of saying that users should be prevented from seeing content they want, and instead be corralled and directed toward that often arbitrarily picked by the tech giant.

    The “bug” consisted in search returning results that did not “nudge users” or employ other forms of manipulation. For example, when searching “climate change,” Facebook at that time simply returned what was the most viewed content on the subject, and it happened to be a video with over 6.5 million views, titled, “Climate Change Panic Is Not Based on Facts!”

    Another employee taking part in this particular conversation called this “a big hole.” A big hole in censorship? Good, some might say, but censorship enthusiasts are fuming that climate topics never got nearly as thoroughly censored as Covid – on that front, Facebook shockingly removed as many as 7 million posts in three months of 2020 alone….”.


  71. “German finance minister breaks ranks on EU plans to scrap the car by 2035
    Christian Lindner says EU’s draft policy was ‘wrong.’”


    “Germany’s Finance Minister Christian Lindner said Tuesday that he does not support his government’s agreed position in support of an EU-wide ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035.

    Speaking at a conference of Germany’s industrial lobby, the BDI, in Berlin Tuesday, Lindner said the EU’s draft policy — a key part of the bloc’s bid to slash emissions and go climate neutral — was “wrong” and that the German government “will not agree to this European legislation this week.”

    Last summer, the European Commission proposed mandating a total phaseout of all new combustion engine cars and vans by 2035, meaning the industry would effectively have to go electric by the middle of the next decade.

    Lindner’s Free Democrats came out against the plan but the legislation is managed by the Greens, who run the environment ministry. The three-party government agreed in March to support the Commission’s draft proposal on 2035 car and van emission standards.

    The Greens’ Environment Minister Steffi Lemke quickly rejected Lindner’s attempt to change the national position on a file critical to Germany’s flagship industry.

    In an emailed statement she said that the federal government should stick to its “previously agreed course” and back setting a phaseout date. “In the transport sector we need planning security for the car industry and decisive steps that can reduce CO2 emissions,” she said.

    Lindner, a fan of sportscars who supports developing synthetic fuels, now said he opposes the EU legislation.”


  72. “Extinction Rebellion activists glue themselves to European Commission HQ
    Protesters demand climate issue is put on this week’s European Council agenda.”


    “A group of 10 Extinction Rebellion climate activists on Monday glued themselves to the entrance doors of the European Commission’s Berlaymont building in Brussels.

    Around 25 activists in total, coming from Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands and Italy among others, were present to call on the EU to do more against environmental damage and to criminalize ecocide — the deliberate and systematic destruction of ecosystems.

    “We want [EU countries] to criminalize ecocide and the Commission could start doing that,” said Amelie, a member of Extinction Rebellion Berlin, while her hand was glued to the Commission’s building. “We don’t have time to wait because biodiversity loss is going on and on … we need to start acting.”

    Tom, another activist with Extinction Rebellion France, said the aim of the action was also to ask EU leaders to put the issue on the European Council’s agenda on Thursday and Friday. “Unfortunately today, if you want to be heard, there aren’t many options but to use civil disobedience,” he said, adding that they chose to glue themselves to the Berlaymont building “because there is less security there” compared to the Council building.

    A Commission official on his way to work said he wasn’t bothered by the action: “It’s their right to protest.” Another Commission official said: “Why are they arresting them?” pointing at the police officers, who started to unglue the activists. “It’s stupid,” she added, “if they [the activists] don’t do anything, who will?”

    In December, the Commission presented a revision of the Environmental Crime Directive, with the aim of expanding the list of environmental crimes in EU legislation and toughening sanctions against damages done to nature. But it didn’t add ecocide to that list.”

    Why not glue themselves to the Chinese embassy?


  73. Re the Rasmussen poll, you have to click to see the untruncated pop chart. But to save you the trouble, here they are:
    1: Rising gas prices
    2: Inflation
    3: The economy
    4: Violent crime
    5: Election integrity
    6: School issues
    7&8 can be seen in the above image, I hope.

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  74. “Marseille, Alexandria and Istanbul prepare for Mediterranean tsunami
    Risk of significant tsunami within next 30 years is nearly 100%, Unesco says, as it urges coastal cities to become ‘tsunami-ready’”


    “The risk of a tsunami in Mediterranean coastal communities is predicted to soar as sea levels rise. …

    …Sea-level rises, which increase the impact of tsunamis on coastal communities, are “one more reason to increase the pace of our work”, he said.

    “The link is that sea-level rise increases the impact of tsunamis.”

    A 2018 study modelling tsunamis in Macau, China, found rising sea levels added to the risk from tsunamis, as they can travel farther inland. The frequency of tsunami-induced flooding rose by 1.2 to 2.4 times for a 45cm increase in sea level and from 1.5 to 4.7 times for a 90cm increase, the study found….”.

    The study can be found here:


    My word, some people claim increased earthquake activity is linked to climate change, and now those earthquakes are going to produce worse tsunamis because of climate change. Will this stuff ever stop?


  75. “Why is Australia so cold right now despite global heating?
    Michael Grose for the Conversation
    Chilly weather can instinctively make us doubt the climate crisis. To understand how the planet is warming, we need to watch the long-term trends”


    “It’s an offhand joke a lot of us make – it’s freezing, can we get a bit more of that global warming right about now?…

    …The recent cold conditions in some parts of Australia haven’t been seen in decades, but they aren’t unprecedented. In Melbourne, for instance, the first two weeks of June were the coldest since 1949. In Brisbane, they were the coldest since 1990.

    Under the global warming trend, cold events such as these are becoming less and less likely. But Australia naturally has a variable climate, which means they, of course, still do occur.

    And given Australia’s instrumental records go back only 112 years (a relatively short length of time), it’s actually still possible we’ll see new record cold temperatures, even in a warming climate.

    Still, record hot temperatures in Australia are being broken 12 times more often than cold ones.

    The climate would need to be warming incredibly fast for there to be zero cold records broken, and even faster still if we were to see no cold weather at all. No one suggests this is the reality….”.

    No one? Really? Interesting that the points we make about natural variation and individual warm records not signifying much are now adopted to play down the unusual cold. The points are good ones, and I don’t criticise their use here, but I do criticise one-sided use of such arguments. They work both ways.


  76. Last time I looked Istanbul was not in the Mediterranean. Also a tsunami is a wave whose volume is determined more by the nature of and the distance from the seismic disturbance than by sea level. So I cannot see how sea-level rise will affect how far inland flooding will occur.
    Like so many climate change scare stories, the need to tie the scare story to climate alarm overwhelms the writer’s common sense.

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  77. “Boris Johnson pumps the brakes on drive for green fuel
    Prime Minister calls for reduction in use of biofuel, despite it being a key plank of his government’s net zero ambitions”


    “Boris Johnson will relax the push for British motorists to use green fuel, amid concerns that the drive could contribute to the cost of living crisis

    The Prime Minister wants to reduce the amount of biofuel used in the UK, despite it being a key plank of his government’s net zero ambitions.

    The production of biofuel uses wheat and maize. The Prime Minister wants the land to instead be used for producing more food, in bid to combat soaring prices.

    He will call on G7 leaders to review their own biofuel use, in a move that could help mitigate the global food crisis.

    Mr Johnson said: “While Vladimir Putin continues his futile and unprovoked war in Ukraine and cravenly blockades millions of tonnes of grain, the world’s poorest people are inching closer to starvation. From emergency food aid to reviewing our own biofuel use, the UK is playing its part to address this pernicious global crisis.”

    Biofuel makes up a 10th of E10 petrol, which since last summer has been sold at forecourts as standard in a move to lower transport emissions.

    On Thursday, sources said cutting the use of crop-based biofuels would mean the requirement for the greener fuel to be the main offering at petrol stations would have to be temporarily dropped.

    Tory backbenchers said the push for E10, which is more expensive than alternatives because it is less efficient, had raised costs for consumers with little benefit at a time of soaring fuel and food prices.”


  78. “Livestock farmers are not the enemy in climate crisis battle
    Aidan Harrison disagrees with George Monbiot’s assessment of farming’s contribution to global warming”


    “As a retired upland livestock farmer, I take issue with George Monbiot’s article (Only a tiny minority of rural Britons are farmers – so why do they hold such sway?, 20 June). The 115,000 people who work in agriculture deserve respect, not abuse.

    Yes, UK woodland retains 25 tonnes more carbon per hectare than pasture, but Monbiot evades the fact that, at an average 350 tonnes including trees, this is only 7%-8% more than the average 325 tonnes per hectare of grazed pasture.

    No woodland or grassland can “store” carbon beyond their natural levels; trees and timber die, rot or are burned to emit the CO2 that growing saplings absorb to grow. In the grassland cycle, the digestive system of ruminants converts the carbon contained in pasture into CO2 and methane (which is turned back to CO2 in the atmosphere); this is in turn absorbed by the pasture.

    Monbiot fails to grasp the difference between this CO2 and methane, which is constantly recycling in the living biosphere, and the one-way trip of the 100m-year fossilised “zombie” accumulations in oil, coal and gas with which we are overwhelming these natural processes. His attacks on British sheep farmers and our 9 million cattle ignore equally traditional pastoralists such as Africa’s Masai and India’s 300 million cattle. Must we assume that the 19th-century buffalo hunters did the world a favour by ridding it of an estimated 30 million to 60 million methane-belching North American bison?
    Aidan Harrison
    Snitter, Northumberland”


  79. “Climate justice groups join British rail strike picket lines
    Campaigners say government must invest in public transport to avoid worst impacts of global heating”


    “Climate justice groups have joined RMT picket lines across Great Britain to support the rail strike and argue the government must invest in public transport to avoid the worst impacts of global heating.

    Hundreds of activists from several groups including Just Stop Oil, War on Want, Extinction Rebellion [XR] and Friends of the Earth Scotland have joined striking workers on more than 40 picket lines in towns and cities, with more expected to turn out in the coming days.

    They argue that well-funded, publicly owned and affordable public transport will be essential to reduce the UK’s dependence on fossil fuels, moving people away from cars to more energy-efficient trains….

    …Bruce Murphy, an organiser with Just Stop Oil, is one of scores of the group’s activists who have been on picket lines in the past few days.

    “You can’t separate the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis and I think more people are understanding that in both the green movement and the progressive labour movement,” he said….”

    You’re right, Brian. If it wasn’t for all the subsidies going towards unreliable renewables that still require expensive and inefficient back-up from fossil-fuel power stations that have to spend a lot of time switched off and are then required to switch on again at a moment’s notice, our heating bills would be quite a bit lower.


  80. Expect climate calamity to be blamed for the massive increase of deer in the U.K. (now at levels previously not seen since the reign of William I). It’s already been blamed by the Sun on Covid (closure of restaurants serving venison) and foreign immigration as a cause (muntjac, sika) is sure to follow,

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  81. Geoff: In pointing to the mysterious beauty of nature in yearly transition Zhang Meifang is way ahead of our leaders, who have the straightjacket of “emissions evil so mankind evil” to snuff out any rejoicing.


  82. In Seville (Spain) experience your first NAMED heatwave. Horno anyone?


  83. “UK’s largest carbon capture plant opens in Northwich”


    “The UK’s largest carbon capture plant, which will aim to recycle 40,000 tonnes of waste CO2 each year, has opened.

    Tata Chemicals Europe’s (TCE) site in Northwich, Cheshire, will be the first in the world to purify and liquefy carbon dioxide as a raw material to make bicarbonate of soda.

    The firm was given a £4.2m government grant towards the project.

    A TCE spokesman said the plant as “a key milestone in the race to meet the UK’s net zero targets” by 2050.”

    It always involves taxpayers’ money, doesn’t it?


  84. “New £2m fund to cut environmental impact of textiles”


    “A £2m fund aimed at reducing the environmental impact of textiles has been launched in Scotland.

    Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) said the money would go directly to textile businesses across the nation, from fashion to upholstery.

    It estimates that while textiles make up just 4% of waste by weight, they account for 32% of the carbon impact of Scotland’s household waste.

    The Circular Textiles Fund is designed to boost Scotland’s circular economy.

    It is backed by the Scottish government and will be administered in three rounds as grant funding.”

    If only I had the time, inclination and ability to add up all the taxpayer (and energy user) funding I see referred to on a daily basis in connection with “carbon” reduction, “green” energy, net zero and the rest. I have little doubt that if it is all added up the numbers will be truly eye-watering. Imagine how much good that money could do if spent on a fairer Britain, rather than wastefully on “fighting climate change” when we in Britain can realistically make not the slightest difference to climate change, whatever we do.


  85. I was looking for something else on Twitter but enjoyed this.

    And climate scepticism has an honourable history, enshrined in the language:


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