What a Piece of Work is Mann

  • … Whatever other praise Mann might merit,  if any, it’s not for defending “free and open” scientific debate on climate. In advocacy against fossil fuel emissions, Mann stands at the pinnacle, worldwide. Warmists should remember, you are judged by the company you keep.
The year 2020 has hardly started and already Michael “HockeyStick” Mann has won an award.[i] It’s from the 13,000-member American Meteorological Society (AMS), headed by president Dr Jenni Evans of Penn State University. Mann has accreted more medals than a North Korean general, so he may be a bit blasé about this latest honor. The token award hardly compares with the $US100,000 he got with his Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement last year.

About 55 other parties also won AMS awards for 2020. For example, one award was for research into aircraft turbulence and another for “development of meteorological standards for the nuclear industry”.

Mann, who works at Penn State University, was honored in the category of story books for school kids.  He co-authored “The TANTRUM that SAVED the WORLD”,  with Australian-born illustrator Megan Herbert, who once helped TV scripting of Neighbours. Their target market starts with four-year-olds and goes all the way up to eight-year-olds. The AMS claims the book “engages readers with empathy and compassion and empowers them to help save animals and people from the threat of climate change.” In other words,  by dimming lights and riding bikes, local kids can cancel out China’s planned addition of one coal-fired power plant per fortnight during the next decade.

Mann has expertise on tantrums. In 2012 he accused his climate foes of defaming a Nobel Laureate (himself), overlooking that he wasn’t a Nobel Peace Prize winner, let alone a Nobel Laureate.[ii]

The Tantrum book, published in late 2017, pre-dates little Greta Thunberg’s rise to guru-hood among climate alarmists. Yet its narrative arc is just like Greta’s. It features a young “Sophia”, whose home is besieged by animal and human climate refugees, led by a polar bear (you guessed it) who has run out of ice floes, a Kiribati family whose house has wound up underwater (as if), and a Syrian farmer who is an alleged victim not of ISIS head-loppers and girl-slavers but of  global warming. Sophia is drawn several times with a scowl only Greta Thunberg can match. And she has Greta’s ability to be venerated by adults for no discernible reason.

The clever animals paint posters in her house amid climate refugees, one wearing a hijab. The refugees wave slogans: “There is no Planet B” and  “Protect What You Love”. For some reason a climate-fleeing Bengal tiger is treated as dangerous but the polar bear isn’t.  Sophia’s revelation, in dismal doggerel, runs:

How would she feel if her land were depleted?
      Her food disappeared? Her home overheated?
            And what was to say that she wouldn’t be next?
                  She’d already noticed weird weather effects



So she leads a convoy to protest at City Hall about CO2 emissions. City bigwigs ignore her until she “kicks off a tantrum to save the whole world”, wielding her banner “Action Now!” Millions take up her message worldwide:

And there was Sophia, a MINIATURE furore,
Telling the multitudes how they could do more.
Cooperative action could turn this high tide.
They had strength in numbers and right on their side.

Co-author Megan Herbert mentions turning her research “into sparkling prose” but the above quatrains have the sparkle of a dead warthog.

The book’s last panel shows Sophia being put through on the phone to a US President (not, I assume, President Trump), much like Greta browbeats UN and EC leaders. The end-notes (described as “meticulously researched and peer-reviewed”) are a litany of porkies, ranging from the grand dying-polar-bear fiction to a claim that the Syrian civil war, allegedly caused by global warming, has led to “millions of climate refugees seeking safety elsewhere.” [iii]

The Tantrum book’s morass of pap and crap has hauled in further prizes and citations. The book’s blurb boasts that last year it won a  Moonbeam Award for “exemplary children’s books”. I checked this with some difficulty. It turns out that the Moonbeam mob crowned no fewer than 159 kids’ books and e-books with prizes. Mann’s  effort featured 116th on the list. It came in third with a Bronze Medal in the Environmental Issues category,  behind a book about a jaguar (Gold) and a seal (Silver). Other winning Moonbeam books included “F is for Feminist” which won gold in the category Mind-Body-Spirit/Self Esteem. Written “for feminists of all ages” , the cover depicts a feminist who is aged about four.

Mann has lately been on sabbatical in Australia, of all places. A fortnight ago Reuters quoted him thus:

“It is conceivable that much of Australia simply becomes too hot and dry for human habitation,” said Mann.

“In that case, yes, unfortunately we could well see Australians join the ranks of the world’s climate refugees.”

Climate refugees, or environmental migrants, are people forced to abandon their homes due to change in climate patterns or extreme weather events.

 “It’s possible to grow the economy, create jobs, and preserve the environment at the same time. These are things that all Australians could embrace,” Mann said.

They just need a government that’s willing to act on their behalf rather than on behalf of a handful of coal barons.

As blogger Eric Worrall points out, Australia’s climate refugees have actually been southerners fleeing to sunny Queensland to escape their grey skies and obscene power bills.

Mann’s further absurdities include the assertion that beyond a mere 0.5degC more warming

things start to look quite bad on planet Earth. We bid goodbye to the world’s coral reefs, see massive inundation of many of our most populated coastal cities displacing millions, and must withstand ever more extreme and damaging superstorms, floods, droughts, heat waves and wildfires.

To avert this Brueghel-like hell-scene nothing less than a “world-war type mobilization” will suffice to combat fossil fuels, he opined last July. Two months later he was challenged (with five other colleagues) to a New York debate with three sceptic scientists David Legates, Willie Soon and Patrick Michaels. His response:

All of the noise right now from the climate change denial machine, the bots & trolls, the calls for fake “debates,” etc. Ignore it all. Deniers are desperate for oxygen in a mainstream media environment that is thankfully is no longer giving it to them. Report. block. Don’t engage.[iv]

Mann makes about 500 media appearances a year, spouting guff like that. (His opposite numbers on the sceptic side would be lucky to get ten chances a year to inject some sanity). Mann’s media fame then translates into prizes, medals and awards for climate communication.[v] In 2018, Mann won  the Climate Communication Prize from the American Geophysical Union (a token $US1000), which mentioned his Tantrum book among the accolades. The prize started in 2011 to promote “the importance of promoting scientific literacy, clarity of message, and efforts to foster respect and understanding of science-based values as they relate to the implications of climate change.”

Earlier in 2018, he won the $US5000 Public Engagement with Science Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, and in 2017 he collected the $US15,000 Stephen H. Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication. And there was another award from the Geoscience Teachers’ Association.

Mann likes to be portrayed as a plucky underdog battling detractors financed by “coal barons” and suchlike. He has bravely testified to Congress, “knowing that such appearances will bring him under withering, partisan-fuelled attacks.” (Sceptic scientists like Judith Curry and Roy Spencer give testimony there without preening as martyrs). Mann’s AGU citation called him

an unflinching and courageous defender of the principles of free and open scientific investigation and the urgency of combating misinformation with the scientific facts of climate change. He has done so at great personal cost, persevering through terrifying death threats, organized smear campaigns, and protracted lawsuits.

Wait! Stop it there! The reality is that the well-funded Mann himself launched the “protracted lawsuits” against critics Dr Tim Ball and Mark Steyn and National Review nine years ago. Mann ever since has bounced the cases around the North American legal system at million-dollar legal costs and untold stress to Ball and Steyn. Ball last year finally won in court when Mann missed deadlines for promised production of his climate data. The case against Steyn (who is counter-suing) lingers unresolved.  It’s all looking similar to the Jarndyce & Jarndyce lawsuit in Dickens’ Bleak House.

Mann likes to claim his critics are paid liars or worse. When he tried this on conservative columnist Andrew Bolt in 2014, Bolt threatened to sue and Mann made a grudging backdown. Undeterred, Mann last October tweeted that another of his critics, statistician Steve McIntyre, was “a professional liar/denier-for-hire” and Mann again had to immediately tone down  the libellous imputations through another tweet.

Whatever other praise Mann might merit,  if any, it’s not for defending “free and open” scientific debate on climate. In advocacy against fossil fuel emissions, Mann stands at the pinnacle, worldwide. Warmists should remember, you are judged by the company you keep.

Tony Thomas’s hilarious history, The West: An insider’s tale – A romping reporter in Perth’s innocent ’60s is available from Boffins Books, Perth, the Royal WA Historical Society (Nedlands) and online here


[i] Mann’s now-disparaged “Hockey Stick” reconstruction of 1000-year past temperatures gave the warming scare a kick-along in the IPCC 2001 report. Mann’s graph also managed to erase the Medieval Warming and the recent Little Ice Age. Steyn published a  book, “A Disgrace to the Profession” , comprising nothing but rejections of Mann’s research and methods by Mann’s own warmist colleagues.

[ii] Mann in 2012 filed suit against conservative columnist Mark Steyn and others. “It is one thing to engage in discussion about debatable topics,” Mann’s attorneys wrote in his complaint. “It is quite another to attempt to discredit consistently validated scientific research through the professional and personal defamation of a Nobel prize recipient.”

[iii] “With the polar bear’s survival at risk as a result of climate change, it was declared a threatened species by the US  in 2008…We can still save the polar bear  if we reduce our use of fossil fuels sufficiently.” The reality is that polar bear populations have quadrupled since 2011 notwithstanding rising emissions.

[iv] Mann did take part in a climate debate a year earlier, at the University of Charleston.

[v] The mutual back-scratching involved with climate prizes is documented here


  1. There’s a rhyming problem in the second quatrain you quote. I think it should be:

    And there was Sophia, a MINIATURE furore,
    Telling the multitudes how they could do MORI.
    Cooperative action could turn this high tide.
    They had strength in numbers and right on their side.

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  2. I mentioned under Geoff’s Climate Assembly post that Mann is on the advisory board of an Extinction Rebellion linkled group: https://www.theclimatemobilization.org/advisory-board

    “The Climate Mobilization” is a group set up by Extinction Rebellion’s ‘Director of Fundraising’, Margaret Klein Salamon. On the advisory board is Michael Mann and long time activists such as Gustav Speth, founder of the massively wealthy and influential US NGO’s, World Resources Institute and Natural Resources Defense Council. He is also a former UN Development Programme Director.”

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  3. Next the Manniac will win a prize for civil liberties and for the promotion of free speech.
    Perhaps Mann’s next book can be about a woke rich little girl whose tantrums get her excused from school for as long as she wants. And how since she doesn’t go to school, her ignorance let’s her be used by bad grownups who want her to have temper tantrums because it makes them richer. And about her parents who figure out how to make millions writing books about her tantrums. And how her tantrums about airplanes get rich people to give her rides on special luxury yachts.
    And about how her tantrums force poor girls in Africa to work in dangerous conditions mining rare minerals. All so the angry girl won’t have another tantrum.

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  4. Here’s another Mannism[1]:

    “We have seen a sobering example of the importance of these feedback mechanisms here in Australia where I am currently on sabbatical. In the catastrophic fires that have engulfed the continent (which were exacerbated and amplified by unprecedented heat and drought made possibly by climate change), roughly twice as much carbon escaped into the atmosphere as was produced by all of fossil fuel burning in Australia over the last year.”

    Well doh — so what?

    All those nasty Co2 molecules that managed to ‘escape’ from their prisons in plant-dom were only a short time ago free living souls in the atmosphere. A short ime, in this case, ranges from a few days to maybe a few years, it is certainly much less time than would be needed to turn them into ‘fossil’. So however much Co2 escaped it was no more than a perturbation, a blip, in the annual natural carbon dioxide flux, and thus can have no effect whatsoever on climate change.



  5. Kakatoa, the magnificently self-confident dimwit Jane Caro will also be speaking at that Climate Emergency Summit in Melbourne. I hope they put up a video of her talk. Caro is always good for a few daft arguments and crazy quotes.

    A self-penned profile:

    Jane Caro has a low boredom threshold and so wears many hats;* including author, novelist, lecturer, mentor, social commentator, columnist, workshop facilitator, speaker, broadcaster and award winning advertising writer. The common thread running through her career is a delight in words and a talent for using them to connect with other people.

    That delight in words certainly connected Caro with a lot of other people after last year’s Australian federal election. While at a party where ‘the drinks flowed like wine’ (wot?), she tweeted that Oz was fucked, with ‘the planet not far behind’, that she wished she lived in New Zealand and that she was going to get drunk and ‘stick two rude fingers up at all the truculent turds who have decided to turn backwards’. She woke up to find people on Twitter calling her names and telling her to move to New Zealand. This was very wrong, she said. When she called her political opponents truculent turds this was merely vigorous disagreement; when those opponents called her a bitch and told her to move to New Zealand, that was spreading hate.

    I vigorously disagree
    You are a truculent turd
    He spreads hate

    (That doesn’t quite work. Improvements welcomed.)

    She later blamed her vigorous disagreement on her fear of climate change.

    Another example: Caro is fond of saying that before she and her husband bought a posh hobby farm in NSW her family had been ‘urban since the 12th century’. Why would anyone make such a claim? And based on what? And why? Wot? Why? How? Why? Wot? Aaargh!

    Also, Caro often gets simple facts wrong. She has, for example, said that a forest near her hobby farm is the only temperate rainforest in the southern hemisphere. Er, no. Many, many times no.

    But she’s a plucky old trout who is never short of words, hence presumably her invitation to speak at Melbourne’s Climate Emergency Summit.

    (With, amongst many others, Margaret Klein, the globetrotting climate-pledge Ponzi-schemer. Perhaps more on her later. If I can be arsed. Which is unlikely.)

    *Does your delight in words not extend to punctuation, Ms Many-Hats? Why the semicolon?

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  6. Tony – thanks for the link to –

    “Undeterred, Mann last October tweeted that another of his critics, statistician Steve McIntyre, was “a professional liar/denier-for-hire” and Mann again had to immediately tone down the libellous imputations through another tweet.”
    & from WUWT – “Here is the twitter thread for anyone who’s interested.M

    What pathetic bunch the 97% are, step outside the magic circle & poof your gone.


  7. The book looks preachy, and one thing a book should never be, even if it’s aimed at 5-8-year-old children, is preachy.

    I wrote quite a few picture book texts back in the day. Alas, none were ever published. This was in the era when you could still write directly to a publisher, so they could tell you to naff off themselves, before they realised that they were being inundated with cr@p from wannabes and closed the submissions depts.

    Anyway, I’ll just dust off my long-disused picture book plot generator…

    OK, I’ve got one. The book is called “HOW DARE YOU!” (all caps important). First spread is a slight girl sitting alone outside a school holding a sign labelled “Copyrighted content.” The girl has no resemblance to anyone we know. “HOW DARE YOU!” she shouts, then softer, “How dare you threaten the walrus by emitting so much carbon pollution?”

    Up wiggles a walrus, and explains how happy he is ‘cos humans no longer massacre his folk to collect their tusks to carve into dinky little decorations, and boil up their bodies to make lamp oil, ‘cos we have hydrocarbons for that now.

    “HOW DARE YOU!” yells our heroine, “cause people to catch malaria because, etc etc…”

    Up flies a mosquito who explains that she’s not infected with Plasmodium falciparum, thanks to modern living standards and livestock farming… and how she loves CO2 ‘cos she follows trails of it to her victims. Then she bites our hero, who being nice, has to just watch as her blood is sucked.

    And so on and so forth, from animal to animal, until the page is full of ’em. The last to arrive is a tiger.

    Then the other animals edge off shot so our heroine and the tiger are sitting together, alone.

    Then the last page is the sleeping tiger, alone, and a discarded sign with the legend “Copyrighted content” and maybe a gratuitous blood splat.

    THE END.

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  8. How about a topical children’s book about the appearance and spread of a strain of Mannovirus that spreads worldwide infecting little girls. This causes their hair to plat, them to become afraid of air transport, and to challenge everyone in sight with choruses of “How dare you”. Currently there is no cure and the disease is highly infectious. Depriving the world of fossil fuels is not a remedy but is widely promoted as a cure.

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  9. Climate Science has a feedback deficiency, but still gets cash back from deprived Taxpayers.

    Recently, Climate Scientists have bet their financial futures on the Computer Modelled rise and success of Schiff.

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  10. see Guardian has – “If there’s a silver lining in the clouds of choking smoke it’s that this may be a tipping point
    Michael Mann”

    “Here and around the world these fires appear to be pushing us toward a tipping point in public consciousness, a mass recognition that we must act.
    But there has always been a disconnect between what the public knows and what their elected leaders choose to do. Ruling political parties in Australia, the US and Britain are particularly intransigent, their denial driven by ties to fossil-fuel interests and bolstered by the Murdoch media’s steady drumbeat of denial.”

    Mann say’s – “Ruling political parties in Australia,the US and Britain are particularly intransigent” !!!
    does he realise the ruling parties are voted for by the people?

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