Another sceptic in the White House

Donald Trump has fired Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, and appointed Mike Pompeo, formerly the head of the CIA.

Pompeo has a background in the army and in industry, and entered politics in 2010 as Congressman for Kansas. Apparently he is opposed to the Paris Agreement and to wind power.   He said that Obama’s suggestion that climate change is a top-tier national security threat was “ignorant, dangerous and absolutely unbelievable.”

Poor Megan Darby of Climate Home seems upset by this news.  As well as being a climate sceptic, Pompeo has also been linked to the evil Koch Brothers.



  1. I’m in two minds about this, given that Tillerson seems to be the only one to have given us support over the Russian nerve agent. I don’t think that the Russians have interfered as much as the losing sides in Western democracies would have liked but having suggested it, I bet it will now be very common. Trump is playing a silly game with the ‘my enemy’s, enemy is my friend’. Russia is sliding back towards its old format.


  2. From comments made by Trump this morning concerning the Tillerson dismissal, there were simply too many policy differences. Tillerson’s whole experience is globalist. Trump is more America first. This change has been ‘inevitable’ since November, and the NoKo meeting set the timing.


  3. I heard that Tillerson was fired by tweet. If confirmed it hardly builds confidence in Trump’s team building abilities. Looks like the hawks are gathering and the White House scrap heap grows apace.


  4. Turns out the former Sec. of State, Tillerson, was making up his own secret foreign policy, trying to help the #1 enemy of the West, Iran.
    The damage Obama and gang did to the world with their corrupt and dangerous deal making boggles the mind.


  5. AK, a false news story spead by leftist US MSM. Apparently he was recalled from Africa a day early, and was told upon arrival in DC Monday PM. The tweet was Tuesday am. And Tillerson also said he spoke with POTUS as AF1 was on the way to San Diego, concerning transition details, such as not formally leaving as SoS until end of the month, but handing off all management duties now. Apparently better handled than Comey, but Comey had leaked and the immediate firing was IMO justified.


  6. ACK ACK, another viewpoint is that the former CEO of Exxon, aged 65 or so, probably struggled with being a subordinate to a POTUS who did not allow him a free hand – unlike say Kissinger and Nixon, or Dean Acheson and Truman.


  7. Is anyone checking how the hysterics – Grant Foster, that moronic rabbit guy, Dr Jeffie Harvey, Bob “slap head” Ward – are coping with this enormity?


  8. Why does a West Point education for a senior diplomat fill me trepidationally? Carrying out Trump’s orders, without question, is worrisome.


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