Calling Climato-sceptiques, Ex-Prats and Francophiles

The second weekly bulletin of the Collectif des Climato-réalistes is up, with English translation, at
English-speaking members are welcome to join the collective. There’s no entrance fee.
You can follow all the news about the run up to the Paris COP21 conference at “Changement Climatique”
improve your French conversation skills reading the many lively threads, and sign the petition in support of Philippe Verdier, the French TV weatherman who’s been silenced by the state TV channel atésident-de-france-télévisions-pour-que-philippe-verdier-soit-confirmé-dans-son-emploi-à-france-télévisions


  1. Philippe Verdier isn’t even a sceptic he’s a lukewarmer with Malthusian tendencies (he believes population growth is a major problem) however he is being hounded out of his job for having called the IPCC for its alarmism.

    France is currently going through a fairly continuous propaganda campaign in the run up to the COP21. Here is a link to a recent documentary shown on France 5 . It is interesting that there aren’t any comments supporting the programme!


  2. If ex-prats isn’t a mistake then it isn’t exactly a friendly or sensible term. If the energy runs out in the UK as seems all too likely then many more of us will need to emigrate (or return in my case). Hopefully Hollande, Royale and the other dinosaurs will be nothing but a bad memory by then. I believe I was more socialist than not and definitely anti-Sarkozy until I saw the TV debate between them where she came across as sheer batshit crazy.

    I’m gratified to read that a third of French are sceptical though I wonder where the figure came from. I’d guess that at least another third don’t give a flying toss in any event.


  3. Thanks Richard. I’ll be having a lot more to say about the French media campaign.

    Sorry. “Ex-prat” is just my feeble joke. I’m one myself.
    Royale is political toast since her unsuccessful bid for the presidency in 2007. She’s a nuclear weapon planted at the heart of the French socialist party, however. After the failure of COP21 and the rout of the socialist party in regional elections in December there’ll be ructions. Royale and the Ecology party (who are basically Femen with their kit on) will be looking for scapegoats.

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  4. French weatherman Philippe Verdier has been officially sacked for writing a lukewarmist book. You can see his video with English subtitles here
    It’s worth making a fuss about this at every media outlet where freedom of speech is discussed, I think. There’s an embarrassing (to me) overlap between leftwing free speech campaigners and leftwing climate activists/censors. Will they be embarrassed to have this pointed out to them?


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