Ben Pile’s new video on Youtube

brings Cliscep back on target. This one is a bullseye, hammering the point Ben has been making tirelessly for years at Climate Resistance: that action on climate change is a political dogma with no democratic mandate. He ends describing the Green Alliance (and by implication the rest of the Green Blob and all the main parties that support them) as “..dangerous and corrupt ideologues.”


  1. It’s very good. I congratulated him on it earlier; how it makes it crystal clear that politicians, big businesses and ‘civil society’ organisations have conspired (yes, conspired) to exclude the public from the debate on climate change and what, supposedly is to be done about it. The public have deliberately been denied a democratic say on policies which will profoundly affect their lives.

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  2. Green Alliance has a blog called Inside Track at
    Green Alliance says: “We host Inside Track as a home for debate on UK environmental policy and politics.” I’ve checked the last eight posts and not one of them has a comment.

    I’ve left a comment at
    It hasn’t appeared yet. If it does, we might be able to start the debate they say they want.


  3. Jamie,

    Is not the public’s opportunity to have a say on all policy matters at the ballot box? Voting for parties that reject the CACC nonsense is the answer but the big question then is which party does so?. As an UK resident you should be aware that we had such an opportunity in 2015, with UKIP rejecting the hypothesis. Unfortunately UKIP appeared not to appreciate how damaging Green Blob policies would (and will) be. Ukip has now been surrendered to the way too far right BNP but we have another opportunity forthcoming, with Nigel’s Reform Party, but I suspect that the CACC issue is way down Reform’s list of priorities.

    During the 2015 election abolishing our money-wasting Energy and Climate Change department was Number 53 on Nigel’s list and repealing the our ridiculous Climate Change Act was Number 78. I have no reason to believe that he has changed his position (despite my best efforts to influence him). Even so, he will still have my support next year.


  4. Pete, sadly I am now 100% convinced that Farage is controlled opposition. Standing down in the GE was the last straw for me, but he’s said a lot since which confirms my opinion. I would never vote for any party headed by Farage. I do think that David Kurten’s Heritage Party is the genuine article though and the only realistic option at the moment to oppose climate change madness at the ballot box.


  5. Hi Geoff, don’t hold your breath – I commented over two weeks ago on their blog post about ending subsidies on heating (ie green alliance wanting the government to 20% VAT on domestic gas heating and hotwater)

    (they got between £550-600,000 from the European Climate Foundation for political activities, this year)


    At least your comment is in moderation. Mine just didn’t appear, and when I tried again they snapped: “You’ve already said that.”

    With a staff of thirty-odd, and far less views than Cliscep, you’d think they could afford round-the-clock moderation, or at least pay for a few bots. Oh, and their blog “was highly commended in the ‘Green & Eco’ category at the UK Blog Awards 2017.”

    I had a look at their financing too. Their income for 2019 was £1.9 million, of which 73% came from trusts and foundations, 11% from NGOs, and just 1% from individual donations. 57% of their expenditure went on “Political leadership,” 21% on “Low carbon energy,” and just 5% on “Natural environment.” How do you spend money on “Political Leadership?” Answer: buy politicians.

    If people knew that these unaccountable bodies take money off Greenpeace, WWF, the National Trust etc., in order to spend most of it on politicians, and only 5% on the environment, there’d be an uproar. I wonder if Panorama would be interested in doing a programme about it?


  7. Green Alliance’s Emily Coats…

    …complained that the jury that found the Ratcliffe-on-Soar eco-protesters guilty of aggravated trespass were ‘fucking average people’.

    Or perhaps she meant that the jury *was* ‘fucking average people’.

    It’s hard to tell which because that was the entirety of the prancing Oxford graduate’s comment – ‘fucking average people’ – although as the convicted protesters were mostly rather posh it’s easier to assume that she was commenting on the inherent crassness of the jury rather than the crassness of its judgment, especially as she deleted the comment quite quickly.

    (A few months later, the Ratcliffe-on-Soar defendants were cleared on appeal. Were the appeal judges fucking average people or were they fucking average people? I suspect the latter.)

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  8. Ben pegs it:
    He has shown clearly that the climate movement is inherently fascistic and anti-democratic.


  9. I haven’t seen this yet and haven’t got time now, since we’re having twenty people round to celebrate Kate Burley’s retirement.

    It’s Ben Pile debating with Extinction Rebellion’s Roger Hallam for an hour. Should be fun.

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  10. Yep, also just saw Ben had done this. Congratulations too to Darren Grimes for setting this up and moderating it. Not watched either, as yet.


  11. Another excellent short video from Ben

    This one is on the false claim that the Climate Assembly recommended a reduction in meat consumption, as relayed by the BBC as the mouthpiece of DEFRA. I’m full of admiration for the professional job Ben has done on these videos, but I wonder how thye play with people who aren’t already aware of the arguments? Any ideas?

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  12. The new vid is excellent indeed. As Ben notes the values being promoted, including ‘eat less meat’, are ideological, not science or reason based.


  13. There is a real reason why one might consider reducing or stopping personal consumption of mass produced meat and dairy, most especially industrially produced pork and chicken. That reason is legitimate animal welfare concerns. Preventing climate change is not a valid reason to stop eating meat. Ideology always trumps compassion with these fanatics. In fact, I often wonder whether they have any capacity at all for genuine empathy and compassion, so obsessed are they with signalling their virtue. They don’t really care much about human or animal lives; it’s all about saving the planet.

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  14. Slick vid.

    Gummer already made me give up eating meat – about 30 years ago when I saw him feeding a hamburger to his daughter to prove it was BSE free. It seemed to me entirely normal back then to eat bits of dead animal. I couldn’t stomach it now.

    However, the smell of grilling bacon………………..


  15. I’m thinking of giving up eating devil’s gonads (AKA Brussels Sprouts). ‘She who must be listened to’ will have other ideas.


  16. It’s not about meat it’s about democracy. Ben on the discussion with Roger Hallam video 12’30”:

    “I think Citizens’ Assemblies are to democracy what the Soviet Union show trials were to justice. They’re just performances.”

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  17. Of course they are performances, scripted ones at that. But so is much of our governance, parliament, especially question times, is an enactment, playing to audiences, dancing to a tune not of our composing. And as for local government…. performances by amateur dramatics mostly with scripts of the loudest.

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