Jit’s Lost Comment

I can’t get this comment out of “pending” so I’m publishing it here. The Survey link worked for me. It may work for you.

Engaging in a bit o’ resurrection here because I got an email this morning.

You recently signed the petition “Hold a referendum to scrap the UK’s policy of Net Zero CO2 by 2050″

The Climate Assembly UK brought together 108 people from across the UK. Together they were representative of the wider UK population in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, educational level, where in the UK they live, whether they live in an urban or rural area, and how concerned they are about climate change.

MPs want to know what you and your communities think about the recommendations made by the assembly.

Share your answers via this online survey: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/A464RU/

Please return your responses by Friday 20th November 2020. 

Read more about the Assembly and its recommendations: https://www.ukparliamentweek.org/en/blog/tell-the-climate-assembly-what-your-group-thinks-about-their-recommendations/


  1. Ending the legal infrastructure for the climate mania would be a great victory for the United Kingdom. Good luck with the movement.


  2. Looks like I got dug out of the pending pile.

    In case anyone heard me on the old thread, I won’t repeat my comment about the contents of the actual survey here.

    It’s a pity though that nowhere was there given the opportunity to argue against the premise that Net Zero is nailed on and it’s only up for grabs how we get there. As such, the questions really do not do any justice at all to the scale of changes that will be necessary should we continue to build this ladder to the moon.


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