Michigan Dams Collapse

Mid Michigan is suffering through some historic flooding after the Edenville and Sanford dams failed after heavy rains. Lake Sanford has been drained into downtown Midland causing the evacuation of thousands. Someone caught some video of one of the dams breaking.

Here’s another video which nicely summarizes the situation.

I live in Bay City which is on the Saginaw river through which all this water will eventually flow into Lake Huron. A part of the city called Essexville near the mouth of the river may see a rise of six feet above flood level when it is expected to crest on Friday.

Bay City has a River Walk trail with a side walk along the downtown river front. Today I took a bicycle ride to take a look at it. The water level was high (I’ve seen it higher). I saw some kids riding their bikes through a short stretch with almost a foot of water.


  1. I live upstream from you in Midland. We evacuated all the way to Suttons Bay. We are much better off than 10K of our neighbours. I’m passing time watching the sewage pump outage map, contemplating returning home to whatever mess awaits. Lake Michigan is lovely here in the sunshine. Although the levels are high, there is no danger of it draining into nearby towns.

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  2. When I first heard of the tragedy, and saw the reactionaries rush to blame “climate change” for the failure, my curiosity was engaged.
    So bit of sleuthing shows that the dam had lost its operating permit over safety concerns in 2018. The dam operator lowered the reservoir level to increase safety. The state of Michigan Attorney General successfully sued to force the reservoir to be increased because greens claimed that a freshwater mussel was being damaged by the increased river flow. So once again of course the fact driven news loses out to green/climate bs.

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