Thunberg Fun

At last. The first sign that we might be at the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning, or something. H/t Guido Fawkes.

Watch the audience. Some are laughing, and some are trying hard not to.


  1. With so much to worry about with climate change, Greta’s body has literally wasted away.


  2. LOL. For a modern comedian, he’s good. The woman in the white spotted black dress doesn’t seem too amused when he targets sweet little Greta, but good comedy takes no prisoners and parodies all people equally.


  3. You lot think that’s funny? What are you? Climate deniers? Here’s funny:

    That video recently won a climate change comedy competition organised by a leading scientific university, so it’s not just funny, it’s officially scientifically funny.

    Synopsis: An American bloke pretending to be Al Gore says that ‘97% of the world’s scientists agree that climate change is the greatest problem facing our nation’ then interviews people on the street to see if they agree with the alleged 97%. They don’t. The end.

    CU Boulder’s 2019 Comedy & Climate Change Video Competition was run by Inside the Greenhouse, a project that’s part of CSTPR, the science and policy centre founded by (but no longer run by) Roger Pielke Jr. The project supports ‘creative framing and storytelling’ that ‘catalyzes creative climate communication and builds capacity among CU Boulder undergraduate and graduate students in particular’.

    I can see why the video won. Saying that 97% of scientists agree that climate change is America’s greatest problem is very creative framing. Well done!

    (Second place went to an embarrassing video by framer extraordinaire Adam Corner. A cartoon by John Cook about ‘giving the FLICC’ to climate deniers got an honourable mention.)

    Orphaned footnote:

    Last year Will Franken’s Wikipedia article – which had been there since 2006 – was deleted when, after a lot of prompting, four people voted to delete it versus two voting to keep. It took three votes to get to the right answer. How very EU.


  4. Following ClimateGate, Climate Scientists admitted they had a communication problem.

    Young Greta has shown the Hockey Teamsters that they don’t have to lie about not knowing anything about science at all. Just communicate better, not attempt to answer any questions, and ditch the silly beards.


  5. That’s at Comedy Unleashed, which I first learned about at last year’s Battle of Ideas in the company of Joani Walsh, a big fan who knows all the organisers and was doing a remarkable triangulation between them and some radical feminists at BoI to talk about the transgender issue. Andrew Doyle aka Titania McGrath is headlining on 11 June. As they say:

    London’s free-thinking standup comedy club. No self-censorship. No treading on eggshells. If it’s funny… it’s funny.

    You’ll even find standup comics mocking #PeoplesVote elitists. Shocking I know. They deserve support.


  6. Update on her sailing trip across the Atlantic: on arrival the complete crew will FLY back to Europe and a new crew will be flown in to New York.


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