Perhaps the thing most common­ly misunderstood by pollsters, mainstream journalists and other trotsko-izquierdistas is the difference between short-term noise (green) and their own feb­rile delusions of political relevance (blue). This animation shows how the same straw-poll data that first re­vealed the unstoppable electoral momentum of the next President of These United States (red) can instead be used to “cherrypick” short time periods showing apparent plateaux… simply by choosing the right endpoints.

Ever find it paradoxical how six consecutive periods of “stagnation” can somehow add up to a juggernaut of approval the likes of which we haven’t seen in a generation?  No, of course you don’t—for the same reason that you weren’t remotely surprised when The Revolution finally took place on November 8, 2016. To wit: you belong to the roughly 51 percent of the electorate that isn’t insane, says cognitive science.

Kidz Korner: The Science Behind the GIF!

The concept of the Escalator Graph, a standard tool in pejorative psychology, was first proposed by Bob Lacatena.

The concept of pretending to know why people view the world differently from you—while religiously refusing to engage with them, empathize with them or ask them—was first proposed by retraction-prone “intellectual” Stephan Lewandowsky (plenty more infographical GIFs where that came from). Lewandowsky’s methods were further vulgarized by his bastard son and epigone (/’epəˌgōn/) John Cook, in defiance of the naysayers who didn’t believe it was possible to dumb them down any more.


  1. What lifestyle changes do we need to adopt in order to stop Trump’s figures passing an arbitrarily worrying threshold, Brad? What can we do, in the home (at rest or standing/moving around) or in the outside world? Democracy isn’t going to help much, that much is already established. It has got us in this pickle to start with.


  2. Ne stressez pas, the science says his figures are logarithmic so I’m sure they’ll ‘logarithm out’ over time. My science degree wasn’t in mathematics, unhappily, so I have no idea what any of that means, thus allowing me, happily, to trust without question whatever a majority of mathematologists tell me and still call myself a skeptic with a straight face.


  3. Yes, and I’d love to share them with you but they’re not actually mine. I’d have to check with the people I borrowed them from.


  4. No problem. As requested, something Kitchener-based:
    Uncle Donald wants you
    I trust we’re now in kitchen sync.

    Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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  5. Interesting. Makes me wish I was still able to comment at that excellent blog.


  6. Sort of, but it’s not a department in its own right—it comes under the purview of the School of Punitive and Pejorative Psychology.


  7. Brad Keyes says:12 Nov 16 at 1:10 am

    “Sorry: the people of whom I borrowed them off.”

    You “borrowed them off”? You pervert!!


  8. Ian Woolley says: 12 Nov 16 at 12:28 am

    “What lifestyle changes do we need to adopt in order to stop Trump’s figures passing an arbitrarily worrying threshold, Brad?”

    Glenfiddich, already works for me! Ask Brad about his Sentient, thus non-Kosher, Bagels tho!
    I thought the yeast was only sentient up to baking, when such got to ‘rest in peace’!


  9. Brad Keyes says: 12 Nov 16 at 1:07 am

    “Yes, and I’d love to share them with you but they’re not actually mine. I’d have to check with the people I borrowed them from.”

    I should never attempt to improve perfection! But I are engineer!! Many times hasty correction is not the answer; ‘retrofit seems better in all ways’!!
    “I’d have to check with the people, store, I borrowed them from.”


  10. If you want to see some great pictures from Marrakesh, check out the official reporting website here:, click on the dates for the next day’s show.

    See women with fake moustaches, seeking gender equality, lots of pictures of shoes and feet, loads of gravy train pictures…..

    In praise of solar power:

    An eco-brain:

    When they heard the election result:

    One of my favourites, women with cardboard moustaches:

    Great fun, but on a more serious note see just how much of a gravy train this is and check out the links to all the other conferences throughout the year. This stuff is on-going all the time, out of public view.

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  11. Dennis:

    See women with fake moustaches, seeking gender equality

    Huh? Why would feminists need [snipped—Brad, you’ve been warned about this genre of comment. It might be welcome under other people’s posts, but not mine.]


  12. “If you want to see some great pictures from Marrakesh, check out the official reporting website here:”

    Good God Brad,

    Just who is this dennisambler, SOROS advocate that infected I hab many fine pitchforks, und, well oiled torches; plus neighbors skilled in the operation of such! Can we take care of this atrocity NOW??


  13. “If you want to see some great pictures from Marrakesh, check out the official reporting website here:”
    Indeed! But photos one km outside from Marrakesh\Medina will revile the abject poverty\desolation of that part of planet Earth, where many try to survive but fail! Just What has this blog to offer?

    [Reply: an outlet tolerant to the entire spectrum of viewpoints, from skepticism [Dennis] to rampant, throbbing denial [me]. 🙂 —BK]

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  14. Thanks for the links, Dennis. There are indeed a peculiarly large number of shoe photos.

    Some non-shoe pix:

    Three civil society actors* ‘express their concerns that a climate denier in the White House is a “death sentence” for grassroots movements and the Global South’:

    Captain Planet battles a man in a pig mask:

    One of Friends of the Earth’s eighteen or more delegates bores everyone witless during a ‘Facilitative Dialogue on Enhancing Ambition and Support’:

    (Eighteen delegates is nothing. WWF has at least 38, Greenpeace at least 48. The largest NGO delegation I’ve found is that of the International Emissions Trading Association, with 88 people. Such conferences are no doubt excellent places to sell carbon indulgences.)

    *In the run-up to COP22, something called a ‘civil society pole’ was taken on a world tour during which it ‘supported a hundred civil society actors’. I’d love to see a photo of that but suspect that the pole didn’t actually exist – that ‘pole’ is daft jargon (something to do with a big tent?) or a translation error. Anyone have any idea what it might mean?


  15. VINNY
    I think “Civil Society Pole” is simply modern Binarythink for everything that isn’t government. In their world, there ‘s a governing pole of governmental, supra-governmental and intergovernmental organisations, and another end consisting of NGOs (or Nether Governmental Orifices) which represent the official opposition.

    Thus this from the website of the Moroccan Embassy to New Delhi:

    “On Thursday February 11, 2016, His Majesty King Mohammed VI appointed Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar as the chair of the COP22 Steering Committee… Besides Mezouar, the committee will be composed of … Driss El Yazami (in charge of civil society pole), Faouzi Lekjaa (in charge of financial pole), Samira Sitaïl (in charge of communication pole), Abdeslam Bikrate (in charge of logistics and security pole), Said Mouline (in charge of public/private partnership pole) and Mohammed Benyahia (in charge of side-events pole).”

    All those poles does make it sound more like a Marquee, which is fair enough in Morocco.


  16. Ah! Thanks, Geoff. That (sort of) makes sense.

    Given that the ultimate aim of COP22 is for stakeholders to build on the scaffolding erected by COP21, it’s a shame there isn’t a scaffolding pole. Or even a stakeholder’s pole.

    Though the poles are perhaps not so much sticks as spheres (or blobs).

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  17. “it’s a shame there isn’t a scaffolding pole. Or even a stakeholder’s pole. Though the poles are perhaps not so much sticks as spheres (or blobs).”

    But there is a stakeholder’s pole. It’s called a stake—perfect for threading together a kebob of grisly, unidentifiable blobs to be shoved down the public’s oesophagus in toto (or totem).


  18. All the shoe pics are a nice confession of what it’s all about: sabotaging the industrial metabolism of the developed world. (EDIT: the thing that upsets me enough to blog about it, though, is that they’re willing to sabotage science to do it.)

    Fewer non-shoe pix, please! Anyway, without modern petrochemistry, these hippies may find themselves wearing literal sabots again.


  19. Captain Planet battles a man in a pig mask?

    Why on God’s…?

    Have these people got something against cops, Jews, or did they just forget to add the bear?


  20. Brad:

    “from skepticism [Dennis] to rampant, throbbing denial [me]”

    I deny that I am a skeptic. I also deny that I am a denier, I am a “rejector”…..


  21. Brad Keyes says: 13 Nov 16 at 8:30 am

    “Thanks Gary. Alas, however, my account was also suspended indefinitely (hanged, I guess, is the word) by the moderators at Monolog Macht Frei” – – – -But from there:

    “But The Constipation is a government initiative, not some fly-by-night garage blog. With the entire intellectual and financial might of a modern state behind them, you’d expect them to be a bit smarter.”

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  22. It is truly amazing to watch the mainstream media in the USA try to rationalize Trump’s triumph. The New York Times promised its readers to be more objective in the future and then immediately began the attempt to smear the president elect and his voters. Your post here points to the real problem, an inability to transcend one’s own prejudices and question one’s own assumptions.

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  23. thanks for the NYT link Paul – extract –
    “”That is to report America and the world honestly, without fear or favor, striving always to understand and reflect all political perspectives and life experiences in the stories that we bring to you.”

    Mr Trump’s victory has been meant with widespread protests across America.

    Thouands of marchers took to the streets of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago on Saturday night as protests continued. At least 25 cities have seen major anti-Trump demonstrations in the five days since the controversial businessman’s shock election victory.”

    they will never “report honestly” or revert back to the “fundamental mission of Times journalism”

    maybe i’m wrong but reporting on Thouands of marchers seems sloppy in a number of ways (what about the nillions that stayed at home happy to except the vote & get on with things)


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