Climate propaganda in Australian schools


Tony Thomas, who writes regularly for the magazine Quadrant Online, has been looking into the brainwashing and recruitment to political activism of Australian schoolchildren*. His latest investigation is into blatant attempts at political manipulation of children by the Australian Academy of Science.  You can read his full article, Under the hood on Science Academy’s climate schooling, at Jo Nova’s blog.

In their material provided to schools, the academy blatantly recruits children into climate activism.  They are encouraged to become Climate Change Champions and told that they should “appreciate the need to lobby at all levels of government to ignite and lead change – even if it is unpopular with the voters.” The aim is to “Encourage students to engage with a local MP or councillor about science policy, environmental concerns and action.” Students are asked leading political questions such as “Who will you vote for when it comes to science policy?” and the following classroom activity is suggested: “In pairs, write a short speech, advocating for a change in policy or practice at a national level, to address global warming.”

The science aspects of the material are particularly irresponsible and stupid. In a section on “Experts” and “some scientific points of view”, who is presented? None other than science denialist and conspiracy theorist Naomi Oreskes, alongside Al Gore and other climate alarmists. As Tony says, “Oreskes should be the front-running joke with her fiction about a mass climate extinction of kittens and puppies in 2023″.

You can read all of Tony’s detailed piece at his own blog or Jo Nova’s.

* Here are some more pieces by Thomas in 2015 on how climate is handled, or pushed at, Australian Schools:

March of the Climate Cult Kiddies

Those Climate Cult Kiddies: Part II

Merchants of Doubt — insidious propaganda in schools

Oxfam running climate propaganda into classrooms

See also John Shade’s blog, which specialises in this topic.


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