Does it matter if climate sceptics rarely get invited on tv? Yes it does. Just look at what they’re missing. Newest videos on top. (Our Youtube channel is here.)

Cox all the way down

When he visited Australia in 2012 Dr ‘Doctor’ Ben Goldacre, chum of Professor ‘Professor’ Brian Cox, stated ‘I’d rather slam my cock in the door than debate climate change’. Slamming cocks in doors isn’t pretty, but slamming Cox indoors would be hugely enjoyable. Here, in the August 15th edition of ABC’s Q&A, fellow panellist Malcolm Roberts has a good go, but as usual the audience doesn’t believe a word he’s saying.

Watch the program in full here.





► Dr Benny Peiser at the Spiked conference on ‘the new intolerance’

Bumping into Director of GWPF Benny Peiser at the Spiked conference on campus censorship, we corralled him into a corner to ask a few questions…




► The COP21 media ratchet

The few weeks before any international environmental COP meeting are notable for the combined media confection of a public mood of anxiety and willingness to accept harsher environmental strictures. There is no co-ordination to it, but each article, news item and magazine feature plays a knowing part in attempting to manage an individual’s attitude to climate policy. The overall media effect suggests ‘things are bad – things are very bad; these chaps are at least trying to do something about it’.

This video is an attempt to capture the cement being slapped between the building blocks of that mood.

However, this is a truly international process. We want to capture the global cement festival. Which means we need a lot of help. From everywhere.

If you have any clips/audio/articles that you think can be classed as another brick in the international we’re-doomed-I-shouldn’t-wonder-­wall, either tweet them using the hashtag #copratchet or please email

Hopefully we can make a short film that allows us to see the overall wall in context so that we can scuttle round the side of it and still have enough enthusiasm left to care about land and animals in the real world.

One other thing – another notable feature of COP meetings is that the we-must-do-something foundations of the wall inevitably loosen after a deal is not agreed upon, causing months of word-battles and recriminations, followed by a period of disorientation and then re-orientation. Being completists, we’ll have to put this in too.





► A conversation between lay persons – a template for the kind of stuff we should see more of in the mainstream media

Ian talks with his friend, Vern Griffiths, about ‘conspiricist ideation’, CO2 as plant food, the Hockey Stick and Steve McIntyre, and the growing authoritarianism of the left. (55 mins)



(1) Around 40 minutes in one mobile phone lost charge and we forgot to keep the good microphone going, so both video and audio quality suffer, but not too much. Of course, what we could have benefitted from is Koch money to do this in a studio with professional camera equipment. We don’t have those connections, alas.

(2) It’s not Sahal, with an ‘a’, it’s Sahel with an ‘e’. And the Sahel is the bit south of the Sahara, which is growing because the desert of the Sahara is greening.

(3) ‘It’s bollocks!’ (24.37) Is the missing heat in the oceans? I’ll put some useful links in here as I find them.


  1. Galloping Gish! the sheer credulity of these two astonishes– the efforts of the cultural left to politically frame the subject have exactly the same impact on the science as the serial embrace of crank alternatives to radiative forcing by pseudo-spetics such as these:

    None- the only conspiracy afoot seems to be the one to keep skeptics from enrolling in undergraduate courses in atmospheric science.


  2. Come on, it wasn’t that galloping. Should’ve been a lot more galloping, in fact.

    You say the cultural left has no impact on ‘the science’ and I would agree. But then, I don’t think the climate debate is really concerned with what’s found out by graduates of courses in atmospheric science, so there never was going to be an argument between us.


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