Oldies and Luvvies

The Guardian is plugging a new climate hysteria film made by Liberatum “a British cultural diplomacy organisation,” starring:

Artist Marina Abramovic, Oscar nominated Actor Mark Ruffalo, the legendary Cher, globally loved broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough, linguist and legendary philosopher Noam Chomsky, top diplomat and former head of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Christiana Figueres, environmentalist Bill McKibben, economist Jeffrey Sachs, scientist James Anderson (Harvard), novelist Ian McEwan, photographer Michel Comte, entrepreneur and conservationist Susan Rockefeller, atmospheric scientist Kerry Emanuel (MIT), fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood and Elizabeth YeampierreAttorney & Environmental Justice Leader of African and Indigenous ancestry.

(Link to Guardian video page)

The trailer shows legendary Cher (age 70), legendary philosopher Noam Chomsky (88), Ian McEwan (68), David Attenborough (90) and Mark Ruffalo, plus a cast of nine billion extras faffing about in the background looking miserable.

Here’s the script of the trailer so you don’t have to watch it.

Donald Trump: I’m not a big believer in man-made climate change.

Cher: I can’t understand why there are a group of people who just discount it completely. I just think: “Where’s your brain, you know, how can our brains be so different, how can you not notice all the things that are changing and just go : “No, there’s no, there’s nothing happening, everything is the same, there’s no climate change, there’s no nothing, and we don’t care about those things”? I think a group of people are doing more and another group of people are in denial, and I’m not sure there is hope. I think it would plunge us into some sort of American dark ages and, and I believe the country will never be the same again. And I know that seems radical and dramatic, but it’s what I believe.

Noam Chomsky: There are two threats that dominate everything else; annihilation through nuclear war and the other wasn’t recognised until really the nineteen seventies – the effect of the human use of fossil fuels and other actions including industrial meat production and others is leading to a rapid increase in carbon dioxide in the environment which is changing, which is warming the environment at a rate not seen in the historical record.

Ian McEwan: The Paris agreements really did achieve something substantial, and the bilateral arrangements now between China and the US and the, er, agreements that were shored up in early September between Obama and President Xi Jinping, er, these are the two most, you know, powerful polluting countries in the world. If they make a bilateral agreement it is really significant, and again, I know people are weary of politicians and they’re weary of what governments do, and there is a demotic kind of crowd-pleasing instinct among some politicians just to deny the whole thing, experts are to be hated, er, and in fact we’re seeing simply because life in China in the cities is getting impossible, er, a massive move against coal-burning there. Self interest, (chuckles) as I said before, self interest and actually interest in profit is going to drive this as much as idealism.

David Attenborough: In the short time that I’ve been making television programmes the population of the world has tripled. Three times as many people on earth as there were sixty years ago. And they all need places to live, food to eat, schools for children, erm, we all need that, erm, and all those things need space, and where does it come from? It comes from the natural world. We know that the seas are warming up and acidifying, and there’s less and less space to grow food, er, and there are more and more people. So all those things mean that the world in which I grew up will be transformed.

Mark Ruffalo: The only people who are willing to act are the people on the front line who are directly in harm’s way, right? That’s what got me into this, living in what would soon be a drilling field where they’re going to poison the water of my community. That’s what activated me. Yes, I believed in these things, yes I was sympathetic to them, and yes I, I, I don’t want to see, you know, people of colour being just inindated [sic] by water, by water and floods or drought or whatever misery that’s coming down the line towards us, right? But at the end of the day, unless there’s action it doesn’t mean a goddam thing, and so I’m sick of my own voice in it. And so when I look around and I see what things are happening, what things are really happening, are in the places where people’s lives are on the line, and those are the people who are going to begin this revolution that has to take place. It’s literally a revolution, it’s a political, economic, historical, er, cultural revolution that we’re talking about.

The film is made by Liberatum 


Liberatum stands apart for its hip quotient and boundary-crossing ambition.” – The New York Times

The G-20 of culture” – Vogue

Manages to persuade the great and the good of the arts to turn up and perform.” – Wallpaper.

Legendary” – The Guardian

Liberatum connects the world’s finest minds, leading cultural figures, visionaries, pioneers and acclaimed creative leaders of our time through inspiring, global multidisciplinary festivals, important summits, original programming, innovative content, new creative collaborations and illuminating artistic celebrations. Liberatum creates and presents compelling and original cultural programmes and content, and fascinating creative collaborations with leading cultural minds worldwide. Liberatum collaborates with world renowned brands for its global programming, special events, original content creation and multidisciplinary festivals. 

The film is directed by Liberatum founder Pablo Ganguli (age 33) and artist Tomas Auksas, who also helped write the Guardian article. Ganguli has a Wikipaedia article. Auksas has a tumblr site with pictures of kittens and an instagram site with pictures not of kittens. I was going to finish with the detailed account of their private life at Wikipaedia, but a Cliscep colleague suggested I could be accused of homophobia, and suggested that I  “focus on the puke-inducing self-puffery and narcissism of the two of them” instead. Done.

Celebrities Celebrating Climate Catastrophe Concern – it worked so well for Hillary…


  1. Lots of parentheses in your first block-quote, Geoff, but I couldn’t help notice they forgot to put a “(sic)” after the word “scientist” in one or two places.

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  2. Plenty more sic puns where that came from. You just have to rummage around in the sic bag and be willing to get a bit of sic on your hands.

    (I count four, five sics at least.)

    What’s the big deal anyway? So it’s a bodily fluid—as natural and (yes) healthy as earwax, smegma or pus, in its own way. No less (or more) beautiful than any of them, just different.

    Anyway Geoff, this post is fully sic, bro. What sic-inducing sycophancy will you let sic the blogs of war on next? I’m sic and tired of these people.

    As I said on the weekend, when they incinerated the dead tyrant:

    Sic Semper Fidelis.


  3. There’s a Racing Identity™ in Sydney by the name Gai Waterhouse and for whatever reason, people seem to either love her or loathe her.

    The Chaser, Australia’s newspaper of record Onion, once ran the headline



  4. “legendary philosopher Noam Chomsky”

    Yeah, I’m familiar with the tales about him being a philosopher. Give me an actual philosopher over a mythical one any day.


  5. I’m not sure we can trust the Guardian at the moment. Like Putin’s weird advisor, it seems to be playing with people in a deliberate attempt to sow confusion. A few days before it published the parody article about turning alt-right from watching youtube videos, written by… anonymous. Who are ‘Liberatum’? Anybody ever heard of them before? No. They’re made up. It’s actually quite funny when you realise this.

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  6. Interesting that there is only a part of a single sentence in David Attenborough’s short piece (“We know that the seas are warming up and acidifying”) that I would disagree with or would wish to modify. I also find it odd that he implies the changes are to occur in the future, rather than having already happened.

    I note that the sic jokes suggest the tone of the last thread continues.

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  7. Actors, artists, journalists and comedians used to say what the down trodden wanted said but were too insignificant or afraid to voice. What happened to these people such that they neither reflect the wider public nor understand them one bit? Why are the newly rich always attracted to the ‘let them eat cake’ school of thought? Across the western world there are revolutions at the ballot box and funnily enough, none of them seem to be demanding more action on climate change. How confusing the real world is for luvvies.


  8. Alan, indeed. And what struck me about David Attenborough’s comments was that they were almost entirely about population growth and the challenges that poses, while the Guardian’s headline is:
    “David Attenborough on climate change: ‘The world will be transformed’ ”

    Today’s Guardian headline, by the notorious John Vidal, says that Trees may increase air pollution on city streets. It is allegedly based on a new NICE report on pollution in cities. Oddly, the rest of the media don’t have that story.


  9. A link appeared on uclimate headed “@Google: Nicolas Cage to star in climate change disaster movie The Guardian” tee hee. Out of the mouths of babes and search bots.


    “Nicolas Cage is to take the lead in a new sci-fi movie depicting a world ravaged by climate change. The film, called The Humanity Project, takes place in 2030, when much of the midwest of America has been rendered uninhabitable. The government agency of the title exiles people felt to be unproductive and banishes them to a colony, New Eden. Cage plays a caseworker seeking to appeal the exile of a single mother (Sarah Lind) and her son (Jakob Davies). ”

    So it will be about 2018/9 before it comes out at the cinema and about 11 years from being the ‘truth’. How do warmists expect to be taken seriously? I bet you can guess which side of society I’d deem ‘unproductive’.

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  10. The legendary take to the big screen in order to gravely inform us of the mythological. My humble Encyclopaedia of Myths and Legends can’t compete with this. It’s a whole new genre. Legendary figures now inform us directly of a mythology which involves the deeds of the human race instead of us (human race) reading about the deeds of legendary figures in a mythological context.

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  11. Jaime,

    I know; it’s fantastic, isn’t it?

    Sometimes I envy grownups who still believe in fairy tales.

    Sometimes I think: if only I were the kind of person who could just smoke the opium, let my skeptical cortex go offline, sit back and enjoy the Odyssey. Curse my Homerphobia!


  12. The script that Geoff has transcribed is from the trailer at the link to the Guardian page.

    The embedded video at the top of the page comes from their youtube channel and is a bit different. If anything it is even more incoherent.

    “Everything that we’re experiencing today is from the emissions of 20 years ago.”

    “blah blah blah blah blah.”

    “I don’t want to sound pessimistic but the future is very very dark.”

    “By the end of the century that means there will only be one billion people left, out of seven billion.”

    “We are paralysing ourselves with pessimism.”

    I’m inclined to agree with Ian – the whole thing is a spoof. I mean. Just look at Ganguli’s (sic) web page. An artist, impresario, curator, entrepreneur, producer, director and founder of the global cultural diplomacy organisation and multimedia brand, Liberatum, Pablo Ganguli has been described as a man possessing many talents.


  13. It’s probably worth repeating for David Attenborough’s benefit if no-one else’s that you could give every person currently living about an acre of land in Australia and still have Tasmania and a chunk of Queensland left over.

    Added to which I blogged two or three years ago on a Guardian article in which somebody (and I could find out who if I could be bothered looking through my back posts) who appeared to know what he was talking about posited that South Sudan had the potential to feed the whole of sub-Saharan Africa given the political will and some relatively inexpensive technology. (Australia’s redundant desalination plants, perhaps, plus a few hundred kilometres of water pipe).

    And not forgetting the beneficial effects of CO2 on crop yields!

    No, Sir David, we are not short of space, either for living or for exploiting for food or raw materials; the seas are not about to boil any time soon, nor are they going to turn acid, nor are they threatening to submerge New York or London or even Tuvalu.

    When is somebody going to take the likes of Cher (or Emma or Vivienne or Leonardo) by the hand and show them unequivocally that the garbage they have been fed is just that? Politcians might take a bit longer since there is tax revenue involved but we shouldn’t give up on them just yet.


  14. I just got an email from someone at liberatum.org

    It just said
    “How can we contact you? Thanks”

    I am wondering whether/how to reply.
    Suggestions welcome.


  15. Shirly one of them is a shaman, a soothsayer, or has vibrating vodoo crystals (don’t you?) and thus has no need of you supplying an e-mail address. The fact that they needed to ask suggests it’s a hoax or has more nefarious intent. Checked your bank balance or computer security lately?


  16. I think you’re going to get an offer you can’t refuse Paul. I think you may be about to become one of our “finest minds”

    I looked forward to a glammed-up pic of you squeezed in between Alan Yentob & Tracy Emin at the first Liberatum Nottingham – Culture, Design & Fancy Handbags Festival 🙂

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  17. Ganguli? Is this he?


    “Ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie watcha,
    Ging gang goo, ging gang goo. Ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie watcha,
    Ging gang goo, ging gang goo.

    Hayla, oh hayla shayla, hayla shayla, shayla, oooooooh,
    Hayla, oh hayla shayla, hayla shayla, shayla, oooh.
    Shally wally, shally wally, shally wally, shally wally,
    Oompah, oompah, oompah, oompah.”

    (Stick it up yer Joompah!)


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